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5 Year-Round Products That Shine a Spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness

Because the Pink Ribbon Deserves More Than a Month…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and since day one, we’ve been all-in on supporting this critical global cause, a cause that, for many of us at ePromos, hits a little too close to home.

While we’re proud to dig in and get the word out in October, this is a cause that’s too big to limit to a single month. One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, and another 330,000 cases will be discovered this year alone – it’s staggering, it’s scary and it’s something we want front-and-center 365 days of the year, not just in October.

This year, our goal is to start the conversation and keep it going. To do that, we’ve rounded up five beat-breast-cancer-inspired products to help boost awareness. With these products you can show you’re committed to the cause, in October and every day.

These powerhouse products paired with our upcoming #ePromosCares campaigns are the first steps in the right direction – a direction we hope you’ll be part of to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the ongoing battle against this wide-spread disease.

Our Port & Company Custom V Neck T-shirt in Pink


Pink shouldn’t be reserved just for October. Show your support, and your staff’s support, year-round with a Port & Company V-Neck Custom T-Shirt. Print your “Kick Breast Cancer’s Butt” message on one side, and encourage your team to don their tee, share shirts with clients and, of course, snap plenty of pics for social media – bonus points for a custom hashtag to track your year-long efforts.


Our Mood Custom Changing Umbrella with Ribbons“When it rains, it pours” – too often, the old adage is true. But with this pattern-changing umbrella, you’re sending a new message: “When it rains, we step up and show our support for breast cancer survivors and their families”. When this Mood Color Changing Custom Umbrella gets wet it turns from pink to pink ribbons – definitely a rainy-day convo-starter.

In reality, October is actually a drier month for most, so really, this umbrella is better suited as a spring or even summer premium (April showers, anyone?). And besides, who doesn’t love getting an umbrella? You always need one and never seem to have one when that first drop hits. Be the solution and spread the word – it’s the ultimate win/win.


Our Full Color SPF Lip Balm Tub with 100 piecesWe love snagging a great lip balm and, again, this is hands down a year-round essential. Between dry winter lips and burned summer lips, there’s always a big need for some serious soothing – exactly what this SPF 15 Lip Balm Tub delivers.

While you can brand and distribute these lip balms in a million different ways, we love leaving them out in waiting rooms, reception areas or other high-traffic spots, where your branded balms can do double duty. Think about it – people see the bright pink tub and know your company is part of the fight. Then they grab a balm and take it to-go, for a constant reminder of your brand and your breast cancer awareness message.


Our MopToppers Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Stylus/PenAnother consummate convo-starter: MopToppers® Breast Cancer Awareness Custom Stylus Pens, Designed to jot down notes on any touch screen, these “pens” are as cute as they are cutting-edge. And – BONUS – the “mop top” on these pens doubles as a screen cleaner, perfect for smartphones, tablets and computer screens.



Our Bling Awareness Custom Can CoolersBLING AWARENESS

Perfect for gift bags or other promotional giveaways, these soft, lightweight Custom Can Coolers keep drinks extra cold with an added layer of bling that gets noticed. Layer on your message and show of support and you’re good to go, and good to sip, any day of the year.

Got a great product or premium you want to share? Post it to Instagram with #ePromosCares and we’ll share it on our feed.

Looking for some outside-the-box ideas? Click here for a campaign we loved which helped raise awareness and understanding of Breast Cancer.


5 Captivating Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Cruise Line

According to Project Time Off, Americans may be finally rounding the bend on vacation culture – meaning more folks are actually using their vacation time. This is, of course, great news for the travel industry. In particular: cruise lines.

With yearly revenue estimates of nearly $40 billion, cruises are a sizable vertical with even bigger growth potential; especially when you consider that a quarter of Americans have ever gone on one.

5 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Cruise LineIf you’re looking to capture more of the vacation crowd with your cruise line or ship, it’s important to understand how people decide which cruises to book. According to data from Google, folks are basing their decisions less and less on brand name, and more on ports and destinations. That’s a win for small and mid-size cruise lines, as customers appear to be more concerned with where they’re going, and less so with who is taking them there.

This shift in consumer behavior can be a huge benefit, but it requires brands to do more digital legwork to ensure their packages are visible to potential vacationers. Below, we discuss our five best marketing tips for growing your customer base – both new and repeat cruisers – through an array of digital strategies, millennial-focused voyages, and loyalty programs.

Make Your Data Universal

Expanding customer reach in the digital sphere is essential. You likely have one or more personnel managing every aspect of the customer acquisition funnel – from social media to email marketing, analytics, and content strategies. But true power comes from getting these separate channels to communicate with each other.

With the implementation of a universal data hub, your cruise line can gain the ability to collect and aggregate data from all systems into a single database technology.  This will enable enhanced visibility and analysis across multiple systems and accurate marketing attribution – including offline channels! That’s invaluable when considering all the data collected from POS on the cruise ship itself. This newfound digital maturity will also allow previously disparate systems to access data that originated on other systems.

A universal data hub goes beyond commonplace strategies and takes your data maturity to a deeper level and empower stronger, smarter marketing efforts. Think about the benefits of consolidating campaign interactions across all channels at the user level! For example, Carnival Cruise Lines Chief Digital Officer Kathy Mayor spent the past two years hosting their “Choose Fun” campaign, which relies heavily on… you guessed it, digital marketing. We’re talkin’ paid social, display ads, customer testimonials, video on streaming platforms, and traditional TV ads. Combining the impact of each of those pieces alone would be an analytics nightmare. With a data hub in place, this can serve as the source of truth for all reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence related to Choose Fun and other campaigns. This will further empower marketing efforts by elevating beyond broad segmentation, and into dynamic 1-to-1 personalization.

Make Booking a Breeze

According to VWO, travel eCommerce is one of the trickiest online businesses there is, with a whopping 95% of inbound traffic bouncing before completing a purchase. Of course, you can’t expect every visitor to convert – but trends across the industry are disappointing at best. With mobile searchers quick to exit websites due to poor user experience, slow load times, and annoying pop-up ads, employing a strategy for quicker and smoother online processes will put you a cut above the rest.

Here are just a few tried and true UX/CRO tricks that can move customers through the purchase funnel to booking that week-long cruise:

  • On the website:
    • Design for mobile first, desktop second. Mobile design should never be an afterthought, especially when as many as 85% of users book travel activities from their smartphones
    • Limit the number of possible actions a user can take on a given webpage. Choice is nice, but too much can be overwhelming
    • Use scarcity as a tool on last-minute cruises. If you have only a small number of cabins still available, make that metric known to hopeful vacationers to prompt them to purchase
  • In the checkout funnel:
    • Allow for easy editing of fields during the checkout process. Marketers know there’s nothing worse than clicking the back button only to have all previously entered data wiped
    • Employ user-friendly mobile input types. For any field that requires the user to enter a number (credit card, telephone, etc.), make it so the telephone keyword pops up and speeds along the process
    • Use a progress bar. Users are more likely to reach the confirmation page when they know how many more steps it will take to get there

Additionally, make sure your cruise-goers have easy access to customer service, regardless of where they are in the funnel. Think of this as your last-ditch effort to save the sale (or potentially a life-long customer). Offering a number for them to call is a no-brainer, but there should be quicker, more flexible options, too. Think: instant chat, email, the option for customer call-back, and even social media support.

Captivate Millennials

The average cruiser is 46-years-old, down a whopping 20 years from 66-years-old in 2002. If trends continue this way, it’d be foolish not to inch towards the millennial cohort – especially as research shows millennials are poised to outnumber Baby Boomers as early as 2019. Put simply, millennials are aging, there’s a lot of them, and their spending power is only going to increase over the coming years.

Music Festival At Sea Gets a Younger Crowd on CruisesThis, in line with the positive shift of vacation culture (hello, unlimited vacation day packages), means the opportunity is ripe to seize this potential customer base. How? For one, make social media marketing a priority. But beyond that, think about creating millennial-friendly cruise packages.

Carnival, for example, offers short, inexpensive trips to capture twenty-somethings. Think of it as a way for young folks to taste-test cruising. Other cruise lines are offering experiences that cater to a younger crowd, like sky bikes or musical festivals at sea.

Maximize Your Loyalty Program

It’s harder to capture a first-time customer than repeat business. So, for those customers who’ve set sail on your cruise line already, make sure you offer more than just email newsletters to keep them engaged. Maintain interest past the dock with a can’t-be-missed loyalty program.

Our Promotional Beach Towel, SKU:2213114As Kathy Moyer at Carnival posits, don’t make customers wait to reap the benefits of their sustained loyalty. Rather than requiring three or more trips to begin to experience loyalty rewards, make them available to customers right away. That may be offering a perk the moment they sign up or the second time they book a cruise with you. Free things, no matter the face value, can be incredibly influential in customer decision-making. Examples of rewards can be simple – such as free bottles of water and a welcoming cocktail to enjoy on the ship. Memory-inducing giveaways are also a great idea, like commemorative pins and customized, branded beach towels to take home.

These types of rewards will be year-round reminders to customers of all the fun they had on the cruise – and encourage them to book another. As rewards increase for more seasoned sailors, the program might offer things like complimentary spa services and private cocktail parties – perks that make customers feel like they’re really getting the special treatment and rewarded for their loyalty.

Enhance Word of Mouth Referrals

There’s no marketing strategy so effective as a reliable word-of-mouth referral. Authentic testimonies can help nudge cruise-goers to book their next trip, but referrals are even more valuable for new customers who have never sailed before.

The magic of this strategy is that it’s a win-win-win for the experienced vacationer, the new customer, and, of course, the cruise line. How does it work for bigger brands? A referral program gains rewards for repeat customers, usually in the way of reduced cost to book their own cruise: $100, $200, and even $400 off their own booking on some lines. In turn, new customers often receive a discount of their own for booking.

And as for the cruise line, so long as they market the referral program well-enough (and include enticing rewards), customers will do a lot of the heavy lifting in spreading the word.

The landscape of the cruise industry is quickly changing as younger crowds venture onboard. Cruise liners can keep and expand this momentum by following suit with customer-centric strategies that utilize the same technology-focus their customers use and expect from other businesses – fantastic website design and UX, social media, and incentives for loyalty.

Call us, the Promo Know-How People to work together to find the right idea to promote your cruise line.


Students Without Mothers: ePromos Gives Back

by Kelly Ellwanger

High school graduation has passed and now you’re looking forward to beginning a new phase of your life in college. Excitement and nerves are among the many emotions experienced at this time. Now imagine going through all of this without a mother’s wisdom and support.

Students without Mothers program hosts a luncheon for 6 of their students heading to college.

Students without Mothers program hosts a luncheon for 6 of their students heading to college.

Students Without Mothers is a non-profit organization which helps high school students without mothers help themselves by empowering them to continue their education. The organization was founded in 2004 by Mary Torrence Williams, whom experienced this situation first hand. After losing her mother at the age of 14, Mary was determined to help others in situations similar to hers. The organization has a scholarship program designed to be life-sustaining, which also provides an opportunity for students to “pay it forward”. Once students are able to do so, the organization asks the individual to help another student in need. Since the organization began in 2004, Students Without Mothers has provided 63 students with a four-year scholarship.

ePromos has recently had the proud opportunity to work in collaboration with Students Without Mothers in giving back to those continuing their education without a mother, preparing 6 students with necessary items to begin their journey through college. This occasion fits in well with the ePromos culture of giving back. Along with this awesome opportunity, ePromos holds #GivingTuesday on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday giving season and inspire people to collaborate in improving their local communities. They also award $500 of Free Promo items, as part of their ePromos for Good program, bi-monthly.

The “Stock the Dorm” Initiative. ePromos was grateful to be a part of it this year.


10 Winning Strategies for Promoting Your Grocery Store

Grocery stores are a staple in any town – a traditional operation that most folks rely on for food and household items, whether a quick midweek pick-up or mega haul for the whole family. But the times, they are a’changing.

Technology has wedged itself into nearly every corner of business, and grocery stores aren’t excluded. It is essential to have a strong marketing strategy in place to promote your store against mounting competition, both locally and online. There are big shifts happening in the market (hello, Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition).

Below, we discuss 10 winning strategies to market your grocery store. These ideas can be applied to any store, whether you are part of a large chain, an independent, local market or a niche, small grocer. As many groceries have seen firsthand, the market competition is stiff, and it’s easy to lose numbers – quickly.

Before Choosing a Promotional Strategy

When devising a marketing strategy for your store, it’s important to define your KPIs:

  • What’s your current baseline?
  • What kind of growth are you looking to get out of your strategy – i.e. how do you define success?
  • What are your goals centered around—revenue? Transactions? Foot traffic? Brand awareness?

Devise a strategy. Make a planLaying out these foundational pieces before launching new promotions will allow you to track growth and assess what’s working and what isn’t. Successful marketing strategies take time and money: two items no business wants to waste.

So you need a plan – where to begin? First, ask yourself what are the best marketing channels to reach your potential consumer? These questions will vary depending on your location, size, and target audience. For instance, a rural grocery store will likely choose a different path or tactics than an urban one. After all, both are likely aiming for the same goals!

Your plan should include long- and short-term strategies. For instance, you may quickly pull folks in with an amazing sale or deal on some popular products, but once the frenzy is over, will they stay?

Maybe, if you can also work in a longer-term plan, like creating a budding loyalty program that entices shoppers.

Marketing Strategies & Promotional Ideas for Grocery Stores

With all that in mind, we give you our 10 favorite ideas for marketing strategies and promotions, which can address a number of short and long-term goals:

Strategy #1: Social Media Outreach

Your customers are online a lot. Are you? If you are, what message are you sending your customers? AKA, are you… boring? Straightforward? Online but not engaged? Check out these major fast food brands, for instance, who are making a splash on social media. They’re witty, funny, engaging with customers, and staying relevant.

Social media posts might not seem like a big deal, but these small, daily reminders of in-store offerings are a great way to influence customers. As a grocery store, social media is a simple, cost-effective way to advertise what’s going on in your store – special deals, holiday hours, events – or even highlight staff to make customers feel like a part of your shop’s community.

Strategy #2: Get Local

Plastic straws are being banned around the U.S. Farmers markets are popping up in cities and small towns alike. This push towards sustainable, eco-friendly living is making its way into more and more households every day. As a grocery store, you can join the movement by offering local foods in stores, from fruits and veggies, to eggs, meats and cheeses –anything really that fits in your “local” parameter.

Utilize social media to spotlight these local offerings. For instance, is it blueberry season and you’ve just brought out perfectly plump, juicy pints of ‘em? Let your customers know!

Laminated-grocery-toteStrategy #3: Branded, Reusable Shopping Bags

In line with the sustainable movement, offering branded, reusable shopping bags is a must. More folks are ditching paper and plastic bags in favor of these eco-friendly options. Not only does this help the environment, but it helps to get eyes on your business logo when shoppers use their tote in other places around town. Don’t forget – the more bags are used, the less money you spend on plastic or brown bags.

Keep your grocery bags at check-out lanes where customers can easily see and buy them. You may also consider adding an incentive for folks using them, like these stores are already doing.

Strategy #4: Offer Tastings

Are tastings samples? Essentially, yes. But we aren’t talking about the generic table set-up where a disinterested employee hawks cheese cubes between texting. Make these offerings feel more like an event. Create an attractive set-up. Make sure your employee is friendly, engaged, and put together (fresh uniform, no stains, ironed, etc.).

Host tastings them at the same times each week, or at the same time of the day, so that customers can plan their shopping trip around them. Have a fun theme and offer a greater variety of items than just one jar of salsa or type of cracker. Promote the events on your social media accounts to help get the word out, too. People love free stuff, even if it’s just a few bites of food – and will likely pick up the milk and cereal they just ran out of while they’re there to sample, too.

cooking demo with kidsStrategy #5: In-store Events

Tastings are a great way to introduce new products to customers, but how about revving up that spirit with an actual event? Maybe a cooking demo, “kiddie kitchen,” or a grouping of samples that coincide with an upcoming holiday or cultural event. Drawing folks into your store will mean you’ll not only improve foot traffic but capture unexpected/unintended sales from customers.

If you don’t have a lot of space in-store, try partnering with a local event space! You’ll get double the exposure in promotions and have the chance to align your business with another to help communicate your business’ vibe and values outside of the traditional storefront.

Strategy #6: Offer In-store Fruit and Beverages

Let’s face it, grocery shopping can feel like a chore. Don’t be offended – we’re all super busy these days!

Counter this by creating an atmosphere folks want to be in. Besides the obvious (clean, organized, with friendly and helpful employees), consider wowing your customers with a little treat. There’s already a bunch of stores doing the fruit thing, which, frankly, is pretty great for parents. And stores like Target and Whole Foods allow customers to buy their own meal or snack.

How about a small cup of tea or coffee for adults? The beverage will slow them down, allowing them more time to scan the aisles – which translates to buying more items.

Strategy #7: Offer Delivery

Sorry to bring this up again, but grocery shopping can be a nuisance many, especially in an age when people can buy groceries and everything else online. You and your staff must address the question: why not groceries? What will entice customers to continue to visit your store when they can find the same products on Amazon?

So many stores are already offering delivery as an option. Are you? If not, why? You can offer customers a great convenience – one they’ll gladly pay for, too. Whether you offer this service yourself or link up with a company like Instacart, your customers will appreciate having the option. Just make sure you promote it!

Strategy #8: Create a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a fantastic way to earn repeat customers who will remain loyal to your store despite surrounding competition. You can forge relationships with these folks by offering an undeniably great loyalty program.

What will yours offer? The basic perks include exclusive, coupons, and even swag like that branded reusable grocery bag we mentioned. Maybe they save 10% on every purchase, receive a free food item each month or receive some other perk for referrals.

Everyone must buy groceries. Adding little bonuses for those who regularly shop at your store is a great way to bring folks in and keep them there.

Strategy #9: Build an Email List

Getting the chance to speak and engage with your customers outside of the store is a huge company win. This can be accomplished with social media, as mentioned above, but also on a more intimate scale using an email list.

It’s a great way to share social media-esque items in longer form (but not too long). You can email out recipes, cooking tips, highlight popular vendors you sell (including local farms!), list your weekly specials, and of course, offer coupons.

Email is a great way to replace the traditional weekly newspaper inserts, which most don’t receive anymore.

Strategy #10: Digitize Coupons

People still love deals, even if they’re no longer scouring newspaper inserts to clip coupons. Instead, digitize your coupons so they can be found and retrieved with a simple finger swipe on a smartphone. Having a few coupons to use just may make the difference between whether they pick up their groceries at your store or the one across town.

From joining healthy movements, like farm fresh food and reusable bags, to marrying your brick and mortar with technology via social media and email, the field is ripe for innovative strategies to promote your grocery store. We hope these marketing tips have got your wheels turning – and soon enough, customers flowing in the door!


4 Reasons Why Wireless Chargers are the Ultimate Promotional Must-Have

Wireless-chargerChances are you’ve heard at least some buzz surrounding the latest generation of wireless QI chargers. Not only are these go-to chargers increasingly portable and versatile, but given their sleek look and wireless charging capabilities, consumers are scooping up these must-haves for home, office and on-the-go use.

So, what does all of this mean for your business? It’s simple — by branding and distributing this summer’s “it” product (and our August “Product of the Month”), you’ll be able to close out the season with a bang. Because, from where we sit, these chargers pack a more powerful punch than virtually any other branded premium in the marketplace. Here’s why:

#1. You CAN’T have just one…

Consider these chargers the Pringles® of the marketing world — you can’t have just one. We’re seeing consumers pop wireless chargers into convenient and high-traffic spots from their own bedsides, desks and cars to conference rooms, waiting rooms and reception areas. By having a wireless charger within arm’s reach at all times, your customers never have to worry about a low battery or being phone-less when they’re out pounding the pavement. And, for your business, that means more opportunities to be front-and-center, delivering a high-value service when customers need it most.

#2. You’re constantly engaging

Science Alert recommends consumers “plug in your phone whenever you can,” since smart phone batteries “are much happier if you charge them occasionally throughout the day…” It’s good advice and another good reason for your business to brand these wireless chargers. Think about it: consumers charging their phones throughout the day means constant, ongoing exposure to your brand and your brand message. Every time she “plugs in” she’ll catch a glimpse of your branding, deepening the relationship and tying you back to serious value — you did get her phone back up to 100%, after all.

Taking this a step further… think about that consistent interaction versus traditional digital and mail pieces. The average consumer spends two seconds with an email — it’s no contest. Even with a direct mail piece which, on average, has a 17-day lifespan, pales in comparison.

#3. There’s an expanded audience built in

Traditional phone chargers are one-notes — you can charge your phone but, likely, nothing else. Not so with our wireless QI chargers which can fuel iPhone® 8, iPhone X and most Samsung® cell phones, plus virtually any device with a compatible adapter. This instantly makes these chargers the perfect addition to any office or high-traffic setting — again, think waiting rooms, break rooms and reception areas. In other words, places lots of other people frequent — and places lots of other people will see your brand messaging.

With this added versatility, then, it’s easy to expand your reach with no added investment or engagement. It’s a win/win — your brand gets massive exposure without a massive incremental investment. And who knows? That client-of-a-client juicing up their phone on your wireless charger could drive a lucrative partnership in the not-too-distant future.

#4. They’re the hottest item on the market…

When Apple® rolled out QI charging for its iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the demand spiked and countless consumers were introduced to these powerhouse chargers for the very first time. The end result: you couldn’t miss the wireless QI chargers at CES this year, with consumers, media and tech influencers vying to get their hands on the latest and greatest. In short, everyone wants one of these chargers, and, with our custom branding opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to be the business that delivers.

So, there you have it! Check out our Qi Wireless Custom Phone Charging Pad and call us to start planning your next campaign now!




How to Increase Employee Productivity with Branded Gifts

Branded gifts are a win-win – most folks are flattered to receive a gift, and it’s a great way to get your brand out there. Many companies tend to focus on giveaways and gifts for customers, but employees can be some of your most loyal mouthpieces – and in some cases, lifelong customers, too. They’ve got a firsthand inside scoop on your company. If it’s a great place to work, trust and believe they’ll be more than happy to let friends and family know about what the company is up to, and what it offers to the public.

Employee branded gifts can and should be given throughout the year, not just in December. After all, employees work tirelessly year-round. A small, thoughtful gift every few months is a great way to let them know that you not only notice all the hard work, but really are grateful for it. But perhaps the most favorable perk of employee gift-giving is that it can improve productivity: The elusive albatross every company is always after, no matter how good their numbers are.

Here are a few tips for the types of custom gifts you can give to help increase employee productivity and motivation in the workplace:

Gifts Designed to Make Employees Work Faster

The workplace may not be a race, but speed still matters. As workloads increase, folks are often left struggling to fit everything they need to do in a single day. When they can’t keep up, it’s not only frustrating, but can actually be demoralizing.

Help your employees work faster by giving them logo branded gifts intended to increase their speed, such as:


  • Mobile keyboards — Typing on phones and iPads can be slooooow (not to mention rife with typos). A mobile keyboard is a great way to speed things up, especially when employees are traveling or constantly on-the-go.
  • Portable chargers — Nothing stalls productivity quicker than a dead battery or phone. Ensure your employees can always plug in with the gift of a portable charger, which allows them to charge up anytime, anywhere.
  • Mints and gum – Known to stimulate the brain, popping a mint or chewing a stick of gum can help to improve alertness, memory, and attention spans. Keep a few bowls around the office so your employees can help themselves throughout the day to avoid the midday slump.

 Gifts Designed to Make Employees Work Smarter

The adage “work smarter, not harder” can be quite helpful in the workplace. After all, you don’t want your employees over-extending themselves daily to fulfill their to-do list. Instead, help them work smarter by gifting them items to stay better organized and on top of their game.

A few ideas:

  • Custom planners – Organizational tools like these are a fantastic way to keep employees on track. Staff can lay out their tasks in a multitude of ways: daily, weekly, and even monthly. Planners also offer them space for creativity and brainstorming, as well as encourage activities like goal setting to help rise to the expectations of their current role.
  • Laptop sleeves and briefcases – Gifting your employees branded protective gear is an easy way to pad electronics against the wear and tear that comes with commuting and travel. Not only does it extend the longevity of devices, but it also encourages staff to take their work with them, minimizing time lost that could have been spent on deliverables.
  • Workshops and classes – The gift of knowledge will last longer than any physical item you can give an employee. Bring in experts for workshops or have your department or team sign up for an online course that they can participate in together.

Gifts Designed to Make Employees Stay Focused

Countless studies question whether the advent of the Internet is causing our attention spans to shrink. It might not be all bad news, but employees’ ability to maintain focus the entire workday remains a concern for many corporations.

Below, we offer some tips for increasing productivity with gifts that’ll help your staff stay focused:

  • On-site yoga or medication classes – Consider bringing in a yoga instructor or guided meditation expert once a week/month to help reset busy minds. Staff will relish in the opportunity for some self-care mid-workday, and you’ll reap the benefits of centered minds. Build excitement around the class by gifting branded yoga mats, yoga pants or water bottles – convenient items that can be used to enhance the experience.
  • Computer glasses — Most professionals spend eight+ hours in front of a computer screen for work. Eye strain, red eyes, and blurry vision are all common side effects of this. Lots of folks swear by glasses designed to counter these effects, which can literally hinder focus and dampen productivity.
  • Coffee mugs – Mugs are a staple in any office, because, hello, caffeine. There’s almost nothing like an afternoon coffee pick-me-up to help folks refresh and refocus for the second half of the workday. Take coffee breaks up a notch with branded insulated mugs, perfect for keeping coffee hot for hours.

Gifts Designed to Boost Employee Loyalty

Employee turnover is painful. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and a drain on productivity, which is why companies are so keen to build employee loyalty. Employee loyalty helps cultivate an environment that makes people want to be there. Loyalty also increases productivity, efficiency, and generally makes the office a more pleasant place to be.

Here are some gifts to promote employee loyalty:

  • Fleece jackets – Offices are notorious for always being cold, no matter the temperatures outside. Gift a branded fleece to help employees stay warm year-round. They’ll appreciate the thought – and how it stops the shivers.
  • Awards – People like to be recognized for their efforts, and employees are no exception. Your business might consider ways to regularly and publicly commend staff for a job well done to improve sentiment and light a fire under the rest of the team. An easy way to acknowledge individuals is with custom plaques, awards, or trophies.
  • Food – There’s something about free food in the workplace that creates a buzz around the office. Key into that by gifting employees snacks, like chocolate, popcorn, cheese and crackers, and more. These little snack breaks are a great way to build comradery and really connect with team members, as they leave behind the stress of projects and meetings for a few minutes. Giving employees the opportunity to create emotional connections in the workplace will boost their appreciation, dedication, and love for the job.

Creative Ways to Present Gifts & Giveaways to Your Employees

Now that you’ve got tips for faster, smarter, more focused and loyal employees, we offer our last bit of advice: how to present these gifts. Sure, you can always just leave them on an employee’s desk, but where’s the fun in that? Attaching a memory to the gift and presenting it in a professional way will make it that much more meaningful.

Company Retreat

Whether your company does an annual retreat or on-site, workday event, these respites from the daily grind offer the perfect opportunity to present employees with gifts. Consider earmarking some time during the retreat for an “awards ceremony”, a la the Oscars, to give employees their gifts. Superlatives like “Most Helpful Teammate,” “Always on Time,” “Idea Guru” all individualize key players and show them you notice all that they do.

Easier still than an awards ceremony, all employees will be excited to receive a swag bag with generous branded products from the company. Small tokens of appreciation will tighten the bond between employer and employee, which lends itself to a more productive workforce.

Birthdays or Work Anniversaries

work-birthday-celebrationRemember how fun celebrating milestones was as a kid? Cake, balloons, gifts – all items designed to make it the best day ever. As adults, we rarely celebrate birthdays, let alone work anniversaries. Presenting your employee with a gift on his or her birthday may be the only gift they receive that year – let that sink in for a minute, and you’ll quickly realize how significant it could be for someone.

Work anniversaries hardly garner a “congrats,” unless it’s something big, like a 10-year milestone. But as a savvy employer, you know better than to wait until then! Taking the time to remember, acknowledge, and bestow a gift to an employee for these celebrations will make them feel like a million bucks, and proud to be part of your team.

Evaluation Reviews

Whether annual or quarterly, reviews can be nerve wracking for even the best employee. While earning a stellar review can feel like a gift unto itself, receiving something for a job well done elevates the experience. It also gives employees a memento to commemorate his or her performance. A box of chocolates, fun new desk accessory or other corporate gift can serve as a reminder that you see how hard they’re working, and thank them for it.

Mid or End of Busy Season/Project

Every job has its busy season. These hectic times are usually unavoidable and can lead to skipped lunches, late hours, and chaotic days (and sometimes even weekends). They inevitably drain employees. As their manager, keep the momentum going by gifting employees something midway through, or at the end of a project to celebrate all their hard work.

By now, we hope we’ve pumped you with loads of ideas on what to gift employees, and how to do so, all for the sake of increasing productivity for your company. Remember, a little goes a long way – it doesn’t have to be cash, and it doesn’t have to be exclusively gifted during the holidays. Branded corporate gifts given throughout the year are a cost-effective way to keep employees motivated and engaged – and of course, productive!

Call us now, the Promo-Know How People and we’ll work together to get you setup with employees gifts that are right for your business.