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LEEMAN NYC Custom Cell Phone Wallet with Ring Phone Stand and Holder

We’ve seen a trend here at ePromos since the start of the new year. Our customers often come to us asking for a gift that appeals to everyone. “What is nice enough for executives, yet affordable enough for trade shows?” They ask. “What will people actually use?”

The answer we’ve been giving them is our custom Cell Phone Wallet with Ring Phone Stand and Holder. Here’s the rational: Most people don’t leave their home without their cell phone. And, the majority of people don’t leave home without their wallet (although as Mobile Wallets become more accepted across the globe, the need for carrying a traditional wallet is diminishing). Not only does this piece serve as a wallet, it’s ring also serves as a stand and a great hand grip.


Many only carry their license and business cards , using cash less and keeping credit card info stored in their mobile wallet. If you want your brand to travel everywhere your target audience goes, promotional wallets that attach to any smartphone are a smart promotional product choice.

Some additional questions we’re commonly asked where a cell phone wallet is clearly the answer:

What products will keep my brand close-at-hand for my customers?

Take a look at your phone. You are probably looking at the screen. After all, that’s the “business end” of your smartphone. Now turn your phone over. See all that space? You can put that space to good use and put your brand in the hand of your target audience.

Add your logo, brand messaging or other artwork to this wallet with ring holder and phone stand. A cell phone is prime real estate for advertising your brand.

Will an affordable giveaway be an impressive gift?

For employee recognition, high-end gifts are appropriate; however, if your company has numerous employees, a gift such as this leatherette wallet/holder/phone stand is a more affordable choice. The debossed decoration is subtle, your brand name is there, but it doesn’t intrude on the elegant look of the wallet. This is an ideal giveaway for tradeshows, in the office, for your sales team, or as a party favor!

Which merchandise will appeal to the masses that I can giveaway at an event?

We tell our customers that three-in-one promotional gifts make an interesting giveaway at trade shows, conventions, and other large-scale events. They’re typically affordable enough for large crowds while still being extremely useful.

The ring is handy and the card holder sticks to the back of cell phones, boosting the chances that it will get used and your logo will be seen. People love the convenience of having all their necessities in one place.

What types of gifts look like they are for an executive, yet are affordable?

Made by Leeman™ New York, this stylish, leather-look wallet is great for men and women. Another feature that makes this gift perfect for business partners, CEOs, and top-notch customers is the decoration method that is used for your logo.

Embossing is a printing method that raises the image off the product to give it a 3D effect. The opposite of embossing is debossing. Debossing is the art of stamping or printing, leaving an elegant imprint permanently depressed into the product’s surface. The executive you give this wallet to is sure to be impressed – not only due to its attractiveness, but because this patent-pending product is so unique.

How do I choose the right promotional product for my marketing campaign?

Look to ePromos – we’re the “promo know-how people” and we can help you find the right fit.

Some reasons why we love this product in particular:

Think of the convenience of having 3-gifts-in-1! Customers will have one place for a wallet, a cell phone holder, and a phone stand.

1. The wallet has a single slip pocket to carry customers’ credit card, cash, and driver’s license. You can leave the big wallet at home and carry only one item.
2. The metal ring is a convenient and safe grip that allows users to hold their smartphone more easily. It also prevents the accidental fumble when talking, texting or taking a picture.
3. The ring used to hold the phone with one finger can also serve as a cell phone stand to watch videos, Facetime, Skype or remain hands-free on a phone call.
LEEMAN NYC Custom Cell Phone Wallet w/ Ring Phone StandSKU:10008135


Each soft case is uniquely designed for perfection in form and detail. They look stylish and feel natural to use. Easily attach this little promo to the flat back of any smartphone using the removable adhesive back. And worry not – should recipients wish to remove it, the adhesive is residue-free. It’s small enough (3-5/8”x2.5”) to fit on the back of any smartphone and large enough to highlight your logo right below the metal ring.

Additional imprint locations and/or methods may be available. Ask your Brand Consultant for details. The wallet is available in black, navy blue, red, and tan. Shop now, or call us to talk through ways we can help you to customize a LEEMAN NYC cell phone wallet for your company.

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Connect at Trade Shows with Promo Products

Mining for new prospects is often the most important goal of trade shows. One of the benefits of exhibiting at an event is you get face-to-face interaction. You can dive in to understand your prospects’ business and what’s in their pipeline from a marketing/events standpoint. As part of those conversations, and even before them, you’ll need a good tactic to initially get attendees to stop at your booth.

Building brand awareness is an important part of trade show exhibiting. So how to do that? One answer is with promotional products, that can help you remain top-of-mind with prospects and loyal customers alike. Did you know that according to PPAI, approximately 82% of people have a more favorable impression of a brand after they receive a promotional item?

Remember, you won’t be the only company handing out freebies at your show. That’s why you want your giveaways to stand out – you want to be the go-to booth for the best promotions. Think about gifts that are:

1) useful;

2) uniquely timeless;

3) space-saving; and,

4) won’t bust your budget.

Stocking your booth with giveaways that are useful is vital. Free gifts draw people to any booth, but practical gifts, those giveaways your audience will actually use, allow your sales team to easily pitch the usefulness of your company’s products and services. According to ASI, 91% of people in the US keep USB Flash Drives because they are useful.

In the US, 91% keep USB drives because they are useful


Outfitting your exhibit with useful gifts, ones that are not the latest gimmick, offer a long shelf life to your giveaways. Go ahead and order the maximum quantity to save money in the long run! Items like bags, cellphone wallets, hand sanitizers, microfiber cleaning cloths and can coolers will always fulfill whatever promotional need you may have in the future. These enduring products are relevant for all seasons of the year.

Choose a product that will easily tie into any of your company’s promotional themes or marketing campaigns. As an example, if your company’s industry is hotel/tourism –  luggage, luggage tags and business card holders easily fall in line with that theme. Depending on your organization’s unique branding or selling points, you’ll find a number of timeless promotional products to fit the bill.


Each trade show venue gives a vendor a pre-determined amount of booth space. This acreage is valuable! Small space-saving promo products utilize your surface area in an efficient and organized manner. After all, you came to the trade show to sell, not just give away branded merchandise.

Compact promotional products use an appropriate amount of space without distracting from the content that matters most to your company! Our favorites this year: Webcam Covers and Popsockets. With so many people having multiple smartphone devices, these items will surely get used and your brand will be in your customer’s face – literally. Other space-saving swag includes travel-friendly option such as pens, carabiners, note pads, and key chains.


Trade shows are valuable because they give you face-to-face time with your prospects and customers. Impressive, budget-conscious products that capture the right person’s attention are pure gold! ePromos offers a huge selection of  items under $1 that are great staples to use any time.

Tried and True

Now that we’ve discussed the ways trade show items can be classified, let’s explore some options that fall into these categories. Not only are all the items featured below useful, timeless, space-saving and budget conscious, they are also tried and recommended by our customers.


Bags are a great conversation starter because everyone, and we mean everyone at a trade show, will need a bag to carry all the swag they are collecting. Not only are our custom tote bags a fun way to say, “Thanks for stopping by!”,  but you can ensure your company’s information finds its way back to the attendees’ offices by pre-stuffing the bags with promotional literature.

The tote bag we’ve chosen to highlight is a durable, non-woven bag that comes in colors to match your branding: yellow, burgundy, navy, black, orange, purple, red, reflex blue, white, lime green, pink, hunter green and light “Carolina” blue. We guarantee you will get the most out of your trade show investment when you showcase your brand on the front of a tote bag! Budget-conscious price: as low as $1.15!

Non-Woven Custom Tote Bag

*****Love the Tote Bags, very strong and durable. Right color and very useful. Great hand-out bag. Probably will order again when needed. Evelyn L. from Hartselle, AL


Can Coolers

From industry expos, to commercial shows, to corporate events, any kind of promotional incentive is a proven traffic booster for your trade show booth. However, can coolers are fun giveaways that trade show attendees will bring to the next tailgating party or home to a family member. Either way, your brand becomes memorable. And, brand recognition is the name of the game!

This lightweight can cooler is a great insulator with laminated open cell foam. It folds flat for easy storage in a pocket or purse and can be inexpensively mailed to prospects. Choose from 22 colors: black, brown, camouflage, fuchsia, green, hot pink, khaki, light green, navy, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, burnt orange, turquoise, yellow, burgundy, white, light blue and gray. Budget-conscious price: as low as 55 cents!

Budget Folding Custom Can Cooler SKU:8837812

*****Great quality product for a great price. The print is crisp and clean, and it fits a can perfectly. Austin L. from Lincoln, NE


Cell Phone Wallets

People don’t go anywhere without their cellphones. Most of us believe we couldn’t live without them. So, what’s the perfect giveaway? A Custom Wallet for Cell Phones.

This slim, silicone pocket attaches to the outside of any mobile device and is perfect for storing a driver’s license, credit cards, hotel key, business cards and cash. These tiny tools will be taken everywhere, which means more visibility for your brand. Just imagine how many times a day your logo will be seen, the possibilities with a cell phone wallet are endless.

This wallet adheres to the back of a cellphone with a strong adhesive that won’t leave marks or residue after being removed. Match your logo to our blue, black, gray, white, lime, orange, pink purple, red, yellow, burgundy, green and navy wallets. Budget-conscious price: as low as 99 cents!

Silicone Adhesive Custom Wallets for Cell Phones SKU:10003951

*****Our clients loved these silicone adhesive wallets for their cellphones. They were very good quality. Worth the money, they were a good value. Cristina J. from Evans, GA


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Few promotional products are so small, yet so beloved. Our lightweight, inexpensive and attractive cloths will clean every delicate screen made today. Not only are they great for electronic screens, they’ll clean glasses and sunglasses too! Your logo will be visible on the brightly-colored cloth through the clear storage pouch.

This customer favorite is available in 8 colors: khaki, lime, burgundy, green, gray, orange, red and blue.  This practical accessory will give you the advantage of a little extra something and reinforce your brand. Microfiber cloths are not just a trade show-only investment. Stock your whole office with them and hand them out to new hires. Budget-conscious price: as low as 65 cents!

Microfiber Custom Cleaning Cloth w/ Pouch SKU:10008241

*****For our target audience, this cleaning cloth is the best choice for our budget. The pouch looks professional and easily fits in a pocket to remind them of our company later. Christopher K. Breckenridge, MN


Hand Sanitizer Spray

Tradeshows involve an insurmountable amount of handshaking. Your giveaway will be used right away at the event, giving your brand immediate credibility. This bestseller promotes overall health along with your business. You can put your full-color logo on the container and wrap the graphics all the way around this hand sanitizer spray.

Sanitizing sprays are more convenient than other sanitizer products such as hand wipes. This spray has .27 ounces of lightly-scented disinfectant effective at eliminating over 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The container, made of durable plastic, easily fits in a pocket or purse and has a convenient pocket clip. Budget-conscious price: as low as 85 cents!

Full Color Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray - .27 oz. SKU:8837815

*****This product exceeded our expectations. The scent was nice, and the product size was just right. You fit our logo and desired wording perfectly. Bess G. from Loma Linda, CA


We hope you found these recommendations useful for solidifying existing affiliations. If you need more ideas or inspiration, contact one of ePromos Brand Consultants. Don’t forget, we are “the promo know-how people”!


ASI Orlando 2018: Trade Show Floor Trends

We’re back from ASI Orlando, the first show of the new year. It was fun walking this show, as there’s always a high-level of energy in the crowd. Marketers are eager to identify new trends and talk 2017 success stories with their partners. That’s probably the case with many trade shows, but being since this one took place January 2-5, 2018, everyone had resolutions fresh in their minds.

For me, in particular, this meant getting a feel for what trends would be big this season, and making that trend come to life for our avid readers. We’ll briefly explore some of the findings from the show today, and follow up in greater detail when we summarize our findings from the PPAI Expo show in Las Vegas, later this quarter.

Most-Seen Color on the floor:

Pantone’s color of the year, ultra violet, which was featured in the New York Times, as a color which “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”. Duly noted.

Custom Packaging:

Whether you’re a new company trying to break through the clutter, or an established business thanking your customers, presentation is everything.

Upscale Design:

Two decorating methods, which can be combined, stood out to me as game changers. The Spectrum printing, shown in the stars below as a tone-on-tone, and the Chisel method, where the imprint is cut out, revealing the actual color of the bottle. Full Color Basecamp Tundra Custom Water Bottles - 20 oz. SKU:10006973

Cell Phone Accessories:

Still hot! In 2015 we talked a lot about this, with the focus being on selfie sticks. One of our partners did great with these selfie lights as a giveaway to promote a concert. It was a huge hit. Even more the craze? PopSockets®Cell Phone Custom Selfie Ring Light SKU:10008332

Chip on Board (COB) Lighting:

in lanterns, flashlights and key rings. Significantly brighter, less expensive and lasts longer, this technology is slowly replacing traditional LED.


Pocket Aluminum COB Promo Flashlight w/ StrapSKU:10007737



They were everywhere! The Craft Beer industry has been increasing, as are visits and experiences around microbreweries. I loved this bottle in particular because it had a drink-easy access cap on the top. Great not only for retail, but also as a giveaway for trips to the beach, tailgating and company events. The 64 oz. holds a six-pack.

Stainless Steel Custom Vacuum Growler - 64 oz.SKU:10008329


Augmented Reality:

(technology that superimposes a CGI on a user’s view of the real world): You’d be surprised how many of our partners are dabbling in this. Think of what this means for the future of sales pitches for ad agencies!

Don’t forget, we’re the Promo Know-How People. Call us to bring your ideas to life.


Fidget Flip Stick Custom Stress Reliever

Our Fidget Flip Stick Stress Reliever

Our Fidget Flip Stick Custom Stress Reliever

Move over fidget spinners and fidget cubes, and make room for the latest craze in skill toys. The fidget flip stick, rolling stick, tabletop recreation,  wood roller, decompression rod…whatever you call this amazing new fidget amusement doesn’t matter. What matters is your business needs this new desktop toy that will challenge the child in all of us. You need to fit this trade show giveaway into your marketing budget. Branded fidget flip sticks are magical (not in the mystical sense) in that they will charm customers to your booth or exhibit.

The design is simple, but there are endless possibilities that will test your creativity and dexterity. Beginners can simply tip over the toy, let it flip and catch it with their fingers. Playing with this rollover toy is not only fun, but can sharpen your focus whether you are playing alone or with friends.

This simple handheld wooden toy was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus. Now, it is testing the dexterity of fast-fingered flippers everywhere.

Stress Relief!

As with other fidget toys, the fidget stick may help with concentration and imagination. The player gently touches the stick to move it into a somersault. This simple play method coupled with the smooth mechanics of the design helps to alleviate stress and decrease anxiety. Office workers, business owners, field workers, doctors, engineers and even students benefit from this fidget toy because it have a calming effect on the player. These gadgets will bring a unique attraction to any trade show, desktop or coffee table because they are played with individually or with friends for great entertainment.

Similar to other fidget diversions, a flip stick will fit into the palm of your hand. They are portable because they easily fit in a pocket or purse. They are small enough to be discreet, therefore they can be taken out to play at a desk.

Do you need a conversation starter at a trade show? People tend to wonder what in the world you’re playing with, and when you show them some tricks, it’s instant bonding.

If you want to improve hand-eye coordination for your sports team, the spinning stick will help out. Your team will have a great time while improving their hand-eye coordination, focus and dexterity. Set up the team brackets because these fidget toys are great for a bit of friendly competition, too.

If you want to have a crew-building event, one game is passing the fidget toy from one person to the next. Remember, playing with the stick is very therapeutic, as long as you don’t get too competitive. The games will be filled with concentration and laughter.

How to use:
1. Place your fidget toy, upright, on a hard, flat surface
2. Gently tip it over and watch it flip
3. Continue to watch it flip over and over again

Practice makes perfect. Once you get the hang of it, you can get creative and start inventing your own unique tricks!

There are different skill levels for the fidget flip stick: basic, advanced and expert. The fidget roller stick is designed to automatically flip upright every time it tips over. If you tip it with a bit more force, you can flip it twice. Try flipping it twice with one hand and stopping it at the standing position with the opposite hand. If you tip it hard enough, it will flip around many times over until it hits an obstacle, slows down to an upright stand or falls off the desk.

Test our skill with these beginner tricks:
• Single flip
• Double flip
• Flip it from one hand to another
• Spin it on its side and stop at the center
• Flip from one person to another
• See how many flips you can make it do across the desk.
• Now faster!

The flip stick is constructed with quality wood and has silicone ends. The dimensions are 3.5” x .8” x .8” with an imprint area of 2” x .5”. Your logo will stand out against the bright white background and the rounded contour emphasizes your brand. The fidget stick has a hollow center and has extra solid material at both ends, acting as weights. The end pieces come in five bright and bold colors: red (akai), blue (aoi), yellow (kiiroi), white (shiroi) and black (kuroi).

Branded fidget flip sticks are perfect for all your customers. Or, you can hand out these budget-friendly giveaways at a tradeshow, convention, conference or education fair. These fidgeting devices will certainly make a long-lasting impression on everyone! Take a look. You won’t be disappointed.


How To Keep Your Webcam Covered | ePromos

Webcams revolutionized the way we communicate. Now, you can hold a business meeting with someone overseas from the comfort of your office. The technology is so useful that almost every computer ships with a camera built in.

But webcams also pose a security risk. Since they’re everywhere, they present a tempting target to hackers who might want to spy on your business. If they get access, they could take pictures of you, your business, or even your family. Creepy, we know! But we have a stylish solution that helps to keep you secure.

Now, maybe you saw that picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s computer with tape over the camera. In fact, you might already use a post-it note or sticker on your own webcam. Unfortunately, these low-tech solutions don’t last very long. If you’re not careful, the tape will wear out and fall off your camera. Over time, they’ll also leave a sticky residue that’s difficult to clean.

ePromos’ webcam covers are a sophisticated alternative. Our webcam covers are some of the thinnest on the market but still provide maximum protection.

Security Slide-Action Webcam Cover

It’s User-Friendly

At ePromos, we chose our webcam covers carefully, only selecting options that were user friendly. This promotional slide-action camera cover is so easy to install, anyone can do it!
1. Simply remove the tape that is covering the strong adhesive strip.
2. Position the cover over the webcam.
3. Press down firmly for a few seconds.
4. Slide open or closed with on simple finger movement.

Whenever you’re not using your camera, simply slide the cover closed and enjoy the peace of mind security brings. The plastic protects your office or home from prying eyes. Whenever you want to video chat with someone, slide open the cover and you’re ready to go!

Protects Your Camera Lens

Unlike a sticker or tape, the slide-action cover never comes in contact with your webcam’s lens. This means that, when you’re ready to use it, your webcam is as clean and scratch free as the day you bought it. In fact, an additional benefit of the webcam cover is to protect the camera lens from scratches. Made of high-grade durable plastic, these covers can last the life of your laptop or PC.

Ultra-thin hardware

Despite the slide-action design, these webcam covers feature an ultra-slim profile. This means that most people who use one can still close their laptop without any issues. The sleek design also makes them a perfect to cover the camera on your tablet and smart TV. The design even works with some cell phones!

Note: If a laptop does not close completely it can damage the screen. If the webcam cover prevents your laptop from closing, do not attempt to force the shell to close.

The Perfect Promotional Giveaway

These promotional camera covers are useful and affordable. More importantly, they offer the priceless gift of security. Perfect for tablets, laptops, desktops, or smart TV’s, they can be the perfect giveaway. Whether you’re at a tech conference, trade show, or have a booth at a college campus, everyone will love these webcam covers.

At ePromos, you can customize these slide-action covers with your company logo or name. Then, when your customers use them, your name appears directly above their screen. Your logo’s literally in their face, but they’ll love you for it because you gave them security and peace of mind.

Product Specifications

The approximate size of our webcam cover is 1.5”x5/8” and is available in gray, black or white. The imprint area is ¾”x1/4”, highlighting your one-color logo that is pad printed onto the webcam cover. Ask your Brand Consultant for more details.


Make an Impression with Executive Gift Ideas from ePromos

What do you get the person who has everything? At ePromos, our collection of executive gifts is sure to please everyone. Any time of the year is a great time to deliver a unique and tasteful gift to VIPs. Popular suggestions this year are gifts with Bluetooth technology or exceptional laptop accessories. We have something for any exec, no matter how expensive their tastes. From bluetooth devices to premium accessories, we’ve got you covered. No matter what event you’re purchasing these gifts for, you’ll find something they’ll love at ePromos.

Commemorate Special Occasions

Your company can celebrate any special occasion with a commemorative gift for employees. We can’t think of a better way to recognize a business anniversary. Celebrate your employees’ years of service and thank them for their contributions. Our gift options are perfect for making a milestone memorable, while also fitting into the budget.

JournalBook® Power Gift Set

Here is one of the finest journal sets that features a highly visible imprint area for your brand. This set is the perfect gift idea for commemorating an event, anniversary or birthday. The journal has 80 sheets of lined paper with a ribbon page marker to keep their place. An accordion pocket on the sleeve gives them plenty of room to store loose paper. The matching ball point pen will help them record their thoughts with premium black ink. The gift set also includes a power bank made of sturdy aluminum and packed with 2,200 mAh of power. This way, they can keep their phone or tablet topped off if they prefer taking notes digitally.

Reward Your Top Performers

Give your employees something special to reward a job well done. These physical reminders will show them how much you appreciate their work for years to come. The premium quality of our executive gifts make them unforgettable momentos.

Wooden Bluetooth Speaker 

The natural wood construction gives these Native Wooden Bluetooth speakers warm, earthy tones. Two 3-Watt audio speakers fill any room with high-quality sound. This unit easily connects to a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other device from up to 33 feet away. There is also a built-in music control on the speaker set. This gift includes a micro USB to USB charging cable and an auxiliary cable. Coworkers can enjoy up to three hours of music at maximum volume on a single charge.

Thank Loyal Employees

When you need to thank employees, we’ll help you find a unique gift that sets you apart from every other employer. These rewards are an easy way to encourage employees throughout the year. Let them know they are valuable to your company! Executive gifts are also great for a leadership team. Thoughtful executive gifts keep employees motivated and strengthen teamwork. A positive impact on your business deserves thanks.

Stainless Steel Copper Insulated Tumbler 

Employees will appreciate the 30-ounce mega capacity of this insulated tumbler. You’ll appreciate the company’s logo getting mega brand exposure. The first thing one notices is the sleek spinning geometric design. Next, you’ll see the tumbler has an easy-to-sip, snap-on lid. The stainless-steel liner and copper insulation keep beverages hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Annual Award Ceremonies

Let’s not forget executive gifts are perfectly-suited for annual awards. Get customized gifts for any occasion, including Sales Associate of the Year and Employee of the Month. Reward outside the box thinking with an “Innovator” prize for an inventive suggestion from a talented team member.

True Wireless Earbuds and PowerCase

Here is a must-have for every traveler. They are the perfect award for top performers. Simply sync the wireless earbuds and connect via Bluetooth. The carrying case also doubles as a charging station. And once the case charges, it is usable as a portable charger for the earbuds. The case is capable of charging the earbuds from 0 to 100% twice on one charge. Bluetooth working range is 33 feet. Playback time at full volume is two hours. Charging time is 1/2-hour for the earbuds and 2 hours for the PowerCase. Charging cable and small/medium ear tips included.

Impress new prospects or loyal clients

When making a good impression matters, get them something unforgettable. Every business has partners, prospects, or clients they want to impress. Our executive gifts will exceed their expectations, but not your budget.

Kenneth Cole® Computer Backpack 

Get the best brand exposure by gifting this to business associates. This computer backpack has multiple large compartments. The main compartment, with a padded sleeve, holds most 15.6” laptops. There is also a padded pocket for an iPad or tablet. Everyone will appreciate the front zippered pocket with soft lining, sized to hold a smartphone. Additional pockets and slots are ideal for holding other business accessories and keys. Plus, there are two exterior mesh pockets for water bottles. Adjustable, padded backpack straps and carry handles. Kenneth Cole® branding and lining complete the details.

ePromos handles any unique executive company gifts – we’re a one stop shop for all your corporate gifting needs. Executive gifts create an exciting and effective marketing campaign. They have far more longevity than any other form of advertising. Whatever the executive type gift you need, you will find them right here! Not sure where to start? Not a problem! Our team of experienced brand consultants will help you find the perfect executive giveaway.