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Bake Us Happy: Raising Autism Awareness with Julia’s Cookies

One cookie at a time, this inspiring 20-year-old baker is getting the word out about Autism

We’ve always believed advertising can change the world. Over and over we’ve seen the impact of a well-placed, well-printed, well-positioned premium or the whirlwind that can stir from an “outside the box” guerilla campaign. For today’s consumers, it’s all about the experience – one that typically begins with something that’s meaningful to them in some way.

At ePromos, we’ve long been focused on masterfully creating and delivering that meaningful experience at all touchpoints, from branding to purchasing, warehousing to delivering. We’ve been able to understand and deliver on the mission as a whole, often creating campaigns that have the power to drive movements forward – because, often, all it takes to move the needle is the slightest push.

A recent example truly inspired all of us at ePromos. For more than three decades, ePromos EVP Jeff Pinsky has been involved with an incredible organization, Community Mainstreaming. This Long Island-based charity builds and maintains group homes for adults with developmental disabilities throughout the area – adults with Down Syndrome, Autism, learning disabilities and developmental hurdles – and this time, their new partnership to raise Autism Awareness is outstanding.

Though capable, competent and enthusiastic, these residents are, often, overlooked by mainstream society – and Community Mainstreaming seeks to change that for good. The group helps participants learn basic job skills and helps them find work at local libraries, markets, bakeries and more, so they can contribute to the community and better their own lives.

Mainstreaming and Maximizing Talent

One recent participant was 20-year-old Julia. Julia was placed with Community Mainstreaming partner Coffeed, a locally-owned coffee shop and bakery so she could better explore her passion for baking. Quickly, Julia’s time at Coffeed became the highlight of her week – and, with guidance from her mother Arlene and her colleagues and peers at Coffeed, Julia took charge of a massive fundraiser that, already, is making serious waves.

Julia's Cookies

Creating a Cookie Movement

Together with her peers at Coffeed, Julia is in the process of baking 5,000 to 10,000 dozen cookies to raise money for National Autism Month – Julia was diagnosed with autism at age two. These cookies are, now, on sale at In March while still in pre-sale mode, the team sold 12,000 cookies—and, now, even before the end of the month of April, they’ve raised upward of $250,000 in profits.

“We’ve always been a huge supporter of this organization – but we saw this as an opportunity to add extreme value, thanks to our expertise with packaging, fulfillment, creative and design,” says Jeff Pinsky, ePromos Executive Vice President. “Our impact in these areas would go far beyond money and time.”

Immediately, ePromos and partner vendors joined the cause. Ruckus Media, an ePromos partner, built the Shopify site to sell Julia’s cookies, and partner TekWeld provided stunning custom cookie boxes at cost. Mid-Nite Snax is providing all packaging, fulfillment and preparing shipments for free, saving Julia’s team upwards of $20,000.

“The fundamental idea was not to treat this like a fundraiser but treat “Julia’s Bakery” as if it were our most important customer,” says Pinsky. “We leveraged ePromos full service infrastructure to deliver a true white glove experience for the buyers and donors. We wanted to deliver a better experience than similarly priced high perceived e-tailers and gift basket companies with a full two-thirds of the money going directly to the charities.”

ePromos was also quick to continue its commitment – the company has worked with Community Mainstreaming for more than 20 years. ePromos’ Maria Tosti created all packaging as well as the website layout and design, and the team supported Julia with vendor management and order processing. This added support helped streamline the sales and transaction processes, helping Julia’s team maximize their revenues while creating a level of professionalism that separated their fundraiser from other, more established campaigns.

“Our value is the strength of our strategic partnerships that go way beyond traditional promotional products and services. Most companies in our space sell products and are focused on individual transactions. A big part of ePromos’ 360-degree approach to our customer experience takes us well beyond traditional promotional services,” Pinsky explains. “We handle ideation, design, production, warehousing, kitting, fulfillment, distribution and packaging, which sets us apart in our industry. We can execute on both an intimate or an enterprise scale, very simply, while always controlling costs as well as quality. ”

Now up and running at full speed, Julia’s fundraiser has already generated significant buzz from outlets such as ASI,  NY1, New Fork City and more. Cookies are limited – and they’re delicious! Order yours now at, and choose from oatmeal or chocolate chip, all shipped fresh in beautiful, professional packaging—with all proceeds benefiting Community Mainstreaming and NEXT for Autism.

Once you’ve purchased—or if you’d just like to help get the word out—share your comments, pics and posts with #Juliascookies and help “bake us happy,” as Julia says.

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Updated on April 24, 2019


Our Favorite Examples of Green Marketing Campaigns

The “green” trend or being aware of how we’re slashing through finite natural resources to devastating effects and seeking ways to stop/reverse the damage—is a growing movement. And for good reason. Earth Overshoot Day, the day of the year that marks when humanity has used up more resources than the Earth can replenish that year, fell on August 1 last year—the earliest date yet. Just recently young folks around the globe skipped school to stand up against climate change. More and more businesses are going green, whether through updating manufacturing practices, products, or even the buildings they reside in and customers are noticing.

The green trend only stands to gain traction, as the environmental situation becomes direr and folks become more engaged in the fight against it—which is why all businesses should at least consider green marketing as part of their long-term strategy. Green marketing can wear a few faces, from being about the green initiatives at your business to sustainable/green-friendly products used in promotions and giveaways. If you opt to do something green, be sure you’re doing it authentically. Consumers are wising up and you stand to lose customers if you simply ‘go green’ because it’s on trend, and not because it’s part of your larger business values and beliefs.

If you’re looking to create a promotional product but want to ditch the plastic and go greener, consider our curated list of the top 10 green marketing campaign ideas below. From reusable grocery bags, to stainless steel snack containers, to seeds (is there anything greener than a plant?), we’ve got you covered!

10 Green Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic bags have become a major source of contention concerning the environment. They’re damaging marine life and filling up landfills — check out this list for 10 sobering facts on the problem with single use plastic bags. Be a part of the fight against single use plastic bags by gifting fully customizable reusable grocery bags.

2. Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles

It’s been estimated that in the U.S., 1500 water bottles are used every second. Yikes! Help your customers go green by offering a reusable water bottle. Even better—ditch the plastic altogether with a stainless steel or glass version. These materials are much more easily recycled than reusable plastic versions.

3. Cloth Produce Bags

Ditching plastic bags is awesome, but even if you bring your own totes, chances are you’re still going to end up using plastic bags—cue the produce aisle, rife with cheap, small plastic bags. Cloth bags, made from sustainable materials like cotton, are a fantastic option to completely ditch plastic bags at the grocery store.

4. Bar Soap

Bar soap is a great option for replacing liquid soaps, which usually come in plastic bottles. A bar soap has no need for packaging, and eventually, gets all used up, creating zero waste. Get creative by customizing the soap by imprinting your company logo or name on it.

5. Seeds Packets

Can you go greener than planting seeds? We think not. Seed packets are a cute, earth-friendly promotional gift that customers will love. They make a great gift for adults and are a family-friendly activity to do with kids. From herbs to wildflowers, there’s plenty of seed options out there.

6. Reusable Straws

Straws, like the kind you get in almost every restaurant or fast food chain, are a big problem. The large majority are not recyclable, meaning they end up in landfills. But they’re so small, you may be thinking? Well, nothing is small when you consider that in the U.S. alone, 500 million straws are used daily! That’s a HUGE issue. Luckily folks are catching onto the wonder of reusable straws, made from materials like stainless steel and silicone. These straws are a major environmental win and can easily be branded with your company name or logo to make a great green gift.

7. Bento Lunch Container

Two-Tone Custom Bento Lunch Box with UtensilsFinding ways to package lunches, which are eaten outside of the home (like at school or work), can be tricky if you want to be greener. Plastic baggies have been a long cultural norm for housing sandwiches and snack—but they are not green. Consider gifting a bento style lunch container as a promotional gift, which of course, you can customize with your company colors, logo, or name.

Really want to make an impression? Fill it with snacks and other goodies when handing them out.

8. Mugs

A mug may not seem like the most innovative green gift, but the average coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day! For those drinking those cups in the office using plastic, (or worse, Styrofoam) that’s an incredible amount of waste. A ceramic mug is the perfect solution to enjoy your coffee without the added cup waste. Customize your cup and consider incorporating something ‘green’ into the design to signify the goal of using it in the office as a replacement to paper cups.

9. Recycled Paper Notebook

While a big part of going green is relying less on natural resources, it’s hard to completely let go of those, like paper. That said, you can use paper and be green by opting for a notebook made from recycled materials.

10. Bamboo Items

Bamboo may be the wunderkind of going green. It grows quickly, uses very little water, and is wonderfully strong. It has promising versatility, too, from fabrics to building materials. Show some bamboo (and Mother Earth) love by gifting folks something made of bamboo, like a t-shirt, baseball cap, pen, or more (we told you it was versatile).

Hopefully these Earth-friendly options have gotten your wheels turning for ways to gift promotional products that are wonderfully green. Looking for more ideas? Check out this piece on 20 Creative Ideas for Earth Day Promotions.

Taking a stand in the fight against climate change, and the disastrous issues that come with it, is something not only for your business to be proud of, but your customers will respect and potentially even support you further because of it.


When Buying Brand Names Brings the Biggest Benefit

What’s in a name? To some customers – everything. A name-brand promotional product can sometimes be the difference between an item that is tossed and an item that is kept, wariness and trust in your company, potential and acquisition. Sometimes it can be what makes or breaks your promotion… and sometimes the brand alternative can accomplish the same goal.

So how do you know which time it is? How do you choose? When does buying name brands matter?

The Value of Name-Brand Promotional Products

Let’s first explore the value of name-brand promotional products. There is no denying people love what they know. The end-game for most companies is to become a household name themselves, so it makes sense to align your brand with a well-known brand. But going beyond that concept, what makes a well-known brand so desirable?

building trust

For some it may be status. For some, quality. People trust brands they’ve had multiple good experiences with, brands that work to make the world a better place, and brands that demonstrate superior customer service.

Often brand-name items are rivaled by brand alternatives that are competitive in both form and function. In these cases, the only major differences are the price points and the perceived value.

Brand-name items tend to have a higher perceived value. Their prices are often higher. They experience discounts and sales less frequently. Their logos are recognizable… coveted even. This value is not just for the customer, but also for you as the advertiser. Name-brand promos can be great conversation pieces, which will lead to even more exposure for your own brand.

Retail and Promo Worlds Collide

The world of promotional products has come a long way in recent years. In our industry there will always be a place for affordable knock-offs and “tchotchkes,” but retail-inspired offerings are on the rise.

People tend to gravitate toward retail-level quality, and now thanks to the availability of top consumer brands, we finally have the power to deliver the latest trends and give your customers what they truly want.

With big box stores such as Toys “R” Us, Brookstone and Sears closing their doors, it’s clear that retail as a whole is evolving. Brands are looking for new ways to market themselves, and the promo industry is the way to go. The brands we all love are learning that we can work together to further success. This natural alliance between promotional products and name-brands allows those brands to live on and extend their reach while allowing us to offer recognizable retail-inspired items your customers will want to keep.

How to Choose Between Brand-Name and Brand-Alternative Promos

To buy, or not to buy, that is the question. Here are some guidelines to help you with that decision:

Set Goals: Before shopping for any promotional products or creating a marketing plan, you have to set goals. Is your goal to reach as many people as possible? How are you defining that reach? Sometimes less is more. Look to your own budget to determine if you can realistically afford to reach your marketing goals with a name-brand promotional item. If you can accomplish the same reach with a high-quality, lower-cost brand alternative, it may be worth your while.

Consider Cost: There are clear benefits to buying brand-names, but the biggest deterrent is almost always cost. Typically speaking, brand-name promotional products incur higher prices than brand-alternative products. Is it because the quality of the product is actually greater? Sometimes. But more often than not, it is simply due to the fact that it is a well-known brand and therefore has a higher perceived value.

Know Your Industry & Audience: Where and to whom you distribute your promos is a huge factor in deciding the type of promo that is most appropriate. If you intend to hand out items at a trade show or as a gift with purchase, you will get a bigger bang for your buck by shopping brand alternatives. If you intend your branded items as reward incentives, name-brands offer much more value. Even among the name-brand items, it’s important to look at demographics like age; younger audiences will value different brands than older audiences especially when it comes to apparel. It’s also important to know the expectations of customers within your industry. For example, clients of businesses like law firms and banks may be more brand-conscious than other industries. Know where you come from, and know where you’re going.

Understand Limitations: Some name-brand promotional products are limited in what they can offer in terms of imprinting. These brands may be new to the industry or simply don’t want to distract from their own logos. Whatever the case may be, you can often find more opportunity for multiple or larger imprint areas in brand-alternative products. It’s important to weigh your options and decide if the name or if the imprint will further your success based on the other factors above.

brand name versus brand alternative

It’s not always an easy or clear-cut decision to buy brand-name or brand-alternative promotional products, but we are here to help you make the right choice for your particular needs. Let us share some of our insight into the worlds of retail and promo with side-by-side comparisons and our vast knowledge of the pros and cons of each. Get in touch today!


Types of Planners & Journals to Get Your Team Organized

The modern workplace has changed leaps and bounds in the past twenty years thanks to the advent of the Internet—with pretty much everything moving forward as digital. Further, workspaces are now literally digital, as remote working surges in popularity around the globe—which only makes staying organized and focused all the more important, as the dynamics of “the office” continue to evolve. Planners are a fantastic way to keep yourself on track but with this everything-digital attitude, one must wonder: does a paper planner have a place in the workplace anymore? A simple response—a resounding “yes”.Promotional Planners and Journals

A paper planner is wonderful for many reasons, not least among which is the fact that it isn’t digital. No dead batteries to charge, Internet shortages to sit through, upgrades to stay on top of, or handing over all your personal information to an app—all that is needed is a simple pen. Additionally, some argue that the act of writing things down help you better remember them.

Paper planners make a great gift to employees, particularly if you’re looking to usher in greater organization, create a reason to jump offline (even if for just a few minutes each day), or encourage employees to be more intentional in how they plan out their days/weeks/months. They can also be a motivating factor in increasing productivity, as the process of writing out plans and continually reviewing them is a great reminder of what’s on your plate.

With that said, planners aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all. People use them in all sorts of different ways, making some features more useful than others, again, depending on personal preference. For some folks, a to-do list is a dream space—the simple joy of crafting a list and slowly ticking it off. For others, having a place to jot down bullets and notes is preferred—great for use in a meeting, conference, or during work calls. For those looking to focus on timing, a calendar or time-based planner is a great tool to strive for efficiency and fitting it all in.

Below, we go over a few of the most popular planner types and offer some recommendations that can be found at ePromos—bonus, they’re all customizable.

Types of Planners

1. Daily planner

This style of planner has a space for each day of the year. It’s great for catching all the little things that make up your day—you can even find ones that list the day out by hours. This is a great style for individuals looking to maximize the hours in the day by being more accountable to them simply from having a space to pen them out. This creates a stronger awareness around daily priority.

On a more practical note, daily planners are a good choice for individuals that prefer more room to write and plan.

2. Weekly planner

A weekly planner is perfect for creating a wider lens than a daily planner, but still ‘staying small’—on point with the tactical needs and priorities of a job. A weekly may not have as much space for detail, but you’ll appreciate being able to look at an entire week all at once, (as opposed to being spread over seven different pages in a daily). It’s also a smart option for managers who may need to keep track of a few schedules at once, or for someone juggling a lot of meetings on a weekly basis. Looking at the entire week all at once helps you to plan for both the busy and slow days spread across the week.

A few options from ePromos:
Weekly Custom Pocket Planner w/ Matching Flat Pen
Executive Vinyl Weekly Custom Pocket Planner
Weekly Wire Bound Custom Planner

3. Monthly planner

Monthly planners allow you to look at the entire month all at once. This is ideal for someone looking to organize themselves more strategically by considering a broad view of time, especially if working towards a project with a deadline that’s months away. This makes it an excellent choice for academics, who need to stay on track for big projects and papers that are coming down the pike, not to mention exams, but who otherwise mostly have a fixed schedule. A monthly planner is the best way to stay on-track from a yearly perspective.

A few cool options from ePromos:
Monthly Custom Pocket Planner
Classic Custom Monthly Planner
Monthly Desk Appointment Custom Planner

4. Desk diary

Desk diaries, also called “productivity weapons” are a great way to get on track for those who feel the burden of having too much to fit into a single day (all too relatable for most of us). With the ability to write out daily/weekly/monthly (depending on the interval you select) it can be not only a great tool for planning, but for evaluating how your time is being spent. It allows you to see what chewed up more time than originally projected, and search for ways to become more efficient in a bid to make your workday more productive.

A few options from ePromos:
Daily Wire Bound Custom Desk Diary
Soft Sewn Weekly Custom Desk Diary
Monthly Desk Custom Appointment Custom Planner

While a paper planner may be regarded as nostalgic at first glance, it’s still a trusty way to stay organized and even increase productivity when used faithfully. Giving them out to employees is a great way to benefit your organization. As mentioned above, consider them not only for their planning purposes, but the usefulness of reflecting on them at regular intervals, comparing them alongside personal/company outcomes and deliverables. ePromos offers a wide range of every kind of planner mentioned above, with the ability for customization, like adding a company name or logo—be sure to check them out!


The Best High-End Promotional Water Bottles

Branded water bottles have long been a go-to for diverse companies looking to make an everyday statement. Not only are these premiums universal – who doesn’t love an easy-to-carry bottle that keeps drinks cool? – but they’re affordable, durable and leave a lasting impression on the recipient and everyone who spots them sporting their branded bottle.

But that is just the beginning. More recently, the category has had a serious moment – thanks to a rise in high-end water bottles. Instagram and the boom in wellness culture has pushed brands like S’well® into the spotlight, making luxury water bottles a must-have among trendsetters, tastemakers and everyday sippers alike. Now a true accessory with major cache, your clients are, no doubt, investing in – or, simply, coveting – premium water bottles. And that opens up an even bigger opportunity for your brand.


The Benefits of Premium Promotional Water Bottles

Your job, then? Take a page from the premium water bottle playbook and brand your own collection of Insta-worthy pieces. Again, these bottles are incredibly useful, incredibly durable and designed to go the distance – that means long-lasting branding that’s constantly on display, as bottles adorn customers’ desks, locker rooms, cars and conference rooms.

Not only that, but you’ll be giving a nod to your the greater good – specifically, the environment. Every time your client fills up, they’re skipping paper or plastic cups – and that adds up to a major landfill reduction over time. All in all, it’s a great message for your brand. By simply being associated with this must-have item, you’ll create increased awareness and more positivity – and that’s powerful.

And that brand ripple effect doesn’t just stop with the recipient and the people they encounter mid-sip. Given the popularity of luxury water bottles, there’s a good chance your stylish premium will make its way to social media, generating even more attention – and more engagement for your brand.

To maximize sharing, consider adding a note asking recipients to tag your brand on Facebook or Instagram, for a chance to win another unique premium. Given the popularity of these bottles, that added exposure could translate to significant earned media.

The Best Branded Water Bottles

If you’re considering branding your own high-end water bottles, it’s important to weigh the benefits and final “look and feel” of each, so you can choose the right product for your business. While tons of options exist, most fall into four main categories:

Insulated Water Bottles

Your clients are, no doubt, constantly on the move – and they need a premium water bottle that keeps up. For most, that means an insulated bottle that keeps drinks cooler, longer.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Many insulated bottles are, also, stainless steel. Given their finish, these bottles have a sleek, chic appearance that makes them easy to carry, easy to slip into a bag and easy to drink from, even on the move – they’re also incredibly durable.

Better still, because these bottles are so on-trend, your customers will no doubt want to show theirs off, and that will likely mean added eyeballs and added engagement.

Branded Water Bottles

Some of the top brands in the market are putting their names, logos and messaging on premium water bottles. Take advantage of this major trend wave by promoting your business with these bottles.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles inherently look and feel high end because of their delicate nature. Also, because glass doesn’t absorb taste or odor, these bottles tend to look and feel cleaner and fresher longer.

Our pick, all bottles considered? April’s Product of the Month: this Stainless Vacuum Tumbler. Available in five colors including a fun and on-trend teal, this 20-ounce tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a powder coated finish and dual wall vacuum seal construction. And, with a flip-top lid and straw, it’s easy for your customers to sip anywhere, anytime. To us, this one’s the best of the bunch, combining premium branding real estate with the benefits of an insulated bottle and sleekness of stainless steel. Best of all, this tumbler is on sale and starts at just $7.99 per piece.

Our Stainless Vaccuum Tumbler

Get in touch to learn more about April’s Product of the Month and other premium water bottle options.

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7 Reasons Umbrellas are a Year-Round Promotional Product Favorite

When you’re searching for a corporate gift with functional, stylish staying power, consider an umbrella – 45% of consumers own one – and with good reason. Umbrellas are useful year-round, can be given to recipients of any age and gender, and have dozens of options when you’re looking for the best match to represent your brand, occasion, or event.

Here are 7 reasons why a custom promotional umbrella should top your list of go-to employee gifts or giveaways.

1.Umbrellas are useful and convenientStromberg heathered strap

Personalized umbrellas show off your business name or logo as part of a thoughtful, functional gift with maximum versatility. Whether you’re trying to stay dry during New Orleans’ rainy season or seeking a little spot of shade in sunny Phoenix, an umbrella is useful anywhere in the country.

We like to stay in tune with how the weather is going to impact our day. With the convenience of an app just a tap away, we check the forecast an average of three times per day. Stay dry with a fashion umbrella that makes a statement or choose an umbrella which offers an app that will tell recipients whether or not it will rain!

2.Custom umbrellas are unique

Umbrellas are a unique promotional product that get a lot of mileage and are warmly received by just about everyone, from your youngest hires to your most veteran employees. There’s also so much diversity among umbrella styles and functions that even somebody who already has a couple of umbrellas can always use one more. Everyone uses umbrellas, so you really can’t go wrong when choosing this as your promo gift.

3.Promotional umbrellas are long-lasting

Inverted Umbrella with C Shape Handle

Our Inverted Umbrella with c-shaped handle makes for easy carrying.

Umbrellas have excellent staying power, with an average life cycle of 14 months. Among Baby Boomers, it’s even longer – 59% keep promotional umbrellas for two years or more. And hey, if one gets left behind somewhere, someone else will come right along and adopt it.

Go for special features that make your umbrella stand out, such as a built-in flashlight, a C-shaped handle for hands-free capability, or a chair clip.

Fifty-eight percent of consumers report umbrella quality is the primary reason for hanging onto it.

4.Umbrellas show off your logo and branding

Customizable umbrellas are a big, blank canvas making it a perfect walking advertisement for your business. There’s ample room to show off your logo and messaging, and there’s an infinite number of possibilities when it’s time to select colors that match or complement your brand (even if your logo is an umbrella).

5.A lot of marketing coverage

Would you pay someone to walk around all day with a billboard for your business? When you use umbrellas as promotional gifts, you don’t have to. With so much use, it should come as no surprise that custom umbrellas generate an average of 1,100 impressions over their lifetime. When you need an effective promotional item, an umbrella is an ideal pick.

6.Personalized umbrellas are great gifts and giveaways

There are plenty of cool, fun, and interesting promotional items to give away, but it can be tricky to find a universal crowd-pleaser. People are happy to receive something as functional as an umbrella, especially when it’s stylish or comes with cool features. Because they’re so practical, they rarely get tossed in the bottom of a drawer and forgotten.

7.Promotional umbrellas come in different styles for any occasion

Our Telescopic Classic Umbrella

Our Telescopic Umbrella is a classic and comes in 18 different colors.

While it’s true any old umbrella can keep you at least somewhat dry, they aren’t created equal. When you’re searching for the best umbrella to represent your brand, there are lots of choices.

Opt for a classic umbrella that prioritizes utility,function and affordability, especially if you’re serving employees all over the country. If you’re creating gifts for a specific demographic, take a look at golf umbrellas or patio table umbrellas. If you’re looking for a gift that’s on trend this year, go for an inversion umbrella , which not only looks awesome but is cleverly designed to keep people dry as they get in and out of the car.

Umbrellas are an ideal year-round promotional product that keeps your name top of mind every time it’s overhead. Thinking about spreading sunny smiles with a custom promotional umbrella? Start here.

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