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Flu Season: Tips on Staying Healthy and Keeping Your Brand Top-of-Mind

This flu season has been no joke. At home, we’re in the midst of what experts are calling one of the worst flu seasons in decades, with 19 million Americans impacted so far. Those warnings paired with the arrival of the coronavirus state-side, and it’s no surprise people are scrambling to get late-season flu shots and figure out how to stay protected from whatever virus is lurking.

The good news? Despite the in-your-face headlines, staying healthy this winter doesn’t mean putting yourself on cold-weather lockdown. By integrating some basic precautions, you can curb your risk—and your customers and employees’ risk—of getting sick this season.

#1. Meet Your New BFF: Travel-Sized Soap Sheets

Aside from washing your hands and getting vaccinated, there are other measures you can take to keep germs under control and reduce your risk of getting sick. If you work in a shared environment or go out in public, it’s especially important to frequently disinfect your hands after touching items in common-use areas such as breakrooms, bathrooms, retail stores, elevators, cafeterias and more.

Finding hand-sanitizer (branded or not-branded) is nearly impossible at the moment if you need it shipped ASAP. Our favorite alternative? These Carry-On Compliant Soap Sheets which can be carried in your purse or briefcase for germ-protection all day long.

image of our soap sheets in their case

Choose blue or clear and brand these hand sheets with your logo —you can hand them out around the office to encourage others to maintain a healthy work environment. Or, send your clients a care package with them tucked inside. No doubt you’ll get a “thank you” call, especially in this climate!

#2. Grab Some Tissues and Antibacterial Wipes

The coronavirus is usually spread through the air via coughs and sneezes, by personal contact, and by touching infected surfaces—so keeping tissues and antibacterial wipes handy is imperative to keep germs at bay. Be sure to have lots of tissues and antibacterial wipes laying around your workplace so employees and clients can easily access them.

Leave a few packs on the front desk, in the break room, in the hallways, on each desk, and in other high-traffic areas to encourage others to disinfect their hands and cover their cough. Our Tissue Packs are perfect for desks, tables, and bathroom counters, and they are customizable with your logo in full color—so you can show you care and stay on brand.

Another item perfect to hand out to everyone in your office, or to clients who pass through, are these adorable Mini Tissue Packets. Plus, these non-alcohol based Hand Sanitizer Wet Wipes should be lying around as well—they’re great at killing germs without drying out your hands, and they work well for surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and desks.

#3. Keep the Chill Away

If you or your customers live in a colder state, staying healthy means staying warm. Decrease your chance of getting a cold by properly protecting yourself from the snow and rain. Keeping your chest, head, and feet warm is the best way to shield yourself from sickness-inducing weather.

Bundle up with one of our warm scarves—each one comes in a variety of colors that will match any outfit for multiple occasions. Add your business’ logo and take advantage of campaigning your brand when the clouds and rain roll in!

This acrylic Two-Tone Pom Beanie is a fashionable and functional addition to your commute ensemble, and perfect for snowy weekend adventures. The leatherette patch is a great place to add your logo and a modern way to show off your brand. Our Embroidered Knit Beanie will also do the trick—choose from nine colors, and embroider your company’s name on the front for a perfect combination of promotion and function.

Even the smallest measures of prevention can be impactful when you want to steer clear of sickness. Make sure you cover all your bases with these anti-cold-and-flu products to help keep you, your clients, and your employees safe this season!

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Why Blue Light Glasses Should Be Included in Your Promo Gifts this Year

Blue light glasses have been getting a lot of attention recently, and with good reason. Between work and leisure on our devices, adults spend a lot of time in front of screens – in fact, it’s an average of 11 hours a day.

A Hidden Danger

We already know other types of light put us at risk for certain diseases or conditions; for example, UV light can increase the likelihood of cataracts or glaucoma. But what about blue light?

For starters, blue light contributes to digital eye strain. One reason for this is we naturally blink less when looking at a computer or other types of screens. The effects are likely familiar, including tell-tale signs such as dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision. Even more concerning is the fact that continued exposure to the blue light emitted from our screens – whether that’s a TV, our phones, or another device – is suspected to play a role in macular degeneration, which can increase vision loss.

While research is still being conducted on blue light and its long-term effects, it’s a good idea to limit your use of screens. If you can’t cut screen time, consider grabbing a pair of light-blocking glasses to help protect your eyes.

Blue Light Blockers to the Rescue

Blue light glasses have actually been around for quite some time, but they’re making a resurgence as part of a popular lifestyle trend. This makes them a perfect promotional gift – right at the marriage of fashion and function.

As the full benefits of light-blocking glasses are being explored, research shows that blue light glasses can be especially helpful at night, because blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm. Looking at a screen in the final hour before bed, from watching TV to enjoying a book on an e-reader, has been shown to diminish both sleep quality and duration, as well as making it harder to fall asleep in the first place.

Some studies indicate the reason blue light has this effect is because it prevents our bodies from making melatonin, which naturally helps us get better, more restful sleep. Other research shows the verdict on blue light is still out. Regardless, scientists agree that exposure to blue light at the wrong times of day can be disruptive. Fortunately, light-blocking glasses in the evening can help.

Who Can Wear Them?

Blue light glasses don’t require a prescription, and they don’t include a magnifying component like over-the-counter reading glasses do. For contact-wearers, consider that while blue light glasses can be worn at the same time as contacts, a prescription pair of blue light-blocking contacts is also an option.

Gifting Glasses in 2020

Want 2020 vision on one of the best promo gifts to give this year? Blue light glasses are a top trend and a great choice for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a screen. Give digital eye strain a rest this year with a fashionable pair of blue light-blocking glasses.

Gifting glasses not your thing?

Light up your next event with this promotional Cool Gear® water bottle! A party in a bottle! This Cool Gear Pop Lights Custom Water Bottle features 8 rotating color light modes, and will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to conserve batteries.

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Wireless Charging Is Only Getting Hotter: Why this Enduring Trend Makes an Ideal...

Looking for the next trend in promotional wireless charging? Consider the distinctive aesthetic of a logo-illuminated wireless charging station.

wireless charging pad being used to charge two devices

The global wireless charging market is poised for continued growth, with expectations to hit over $20 billion within the next three years. This helps explain why Mashable touted the move to rechargeable lithium ion batteries as “one of the great advancements of the 21st century.” Yet the most compelling reason for why wireless charging accessories are the perfect promo item in 2020 is simply how practical they are.

Read on to learn why wireless charging devices are still at the top of our list for best promo items in the new year.

What Makes Wireless Charging a Top Pick?

While there’s certainly a time and place for just-for-fun promo products, an item that has functional use can really boost your brand power. Practical branded gifts tend to stick around a little longer for consumers, which means more overall impressions and more value for your dollar.

As connected as we are to our devices, the way we stay charged is an important consideration. This is good news for brands, because it most likely means recipients will give their promo items plenty of use. In fact, data from ASI on promotional power banks shows a lifetime of 900 impressions or more. You can expect most consumers to use their wireless chargers about once a week for a year (with 40% of consumers extending useage beyond the two-year mark).

Functional promo products leave consumers happier, too. Wireless chargers are a high-quality item that solve a major annoyance – they can be a lifesaver for busy professionals, travelers, or anyone frequenting a space where access to outlets is limited. The Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad is an excellent pick because it’s slim and lightweight, making it portable and easy to use in almost any environment.

Even better, with the ability to work universally across devices, almost any recipient will benefit from the convenience of a wireless charging pad. As a result, every time someone needs to power up their phone or tablet, they’ll be thinking of your brand.

All Eyes on the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad

There are plenty of excellent wireless charging devices to choose from, but the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad has grabbed our attention in the new year with its unique presentation of brand info.

Picture your laser-engraved logo illuminated at the center of this sleek wireless charging pad. The bright backlight naturally draws the eye right to your logo or company name against the all-black surface of this trendy tech accessory. The light intensity varies across it for an attention-grabbing effect that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The duo feature enables users to easily charge two devices at once, adding maximum value and efficiency to this product.

A Security Boost Worth Noting

A lesser-known benefit of wireless charging devices is the heightened security they afford users. While a compromised charging cable isn’t common, it does happen. When people share cables, especially in public areas (such as charging stations at restaurants, coffee shops, or airports), the risk increases.

Like any technology, wireless charging isn’t totally hacker-proof, but using a wireless charging pad rather than a cord can lower the risk of identity theft or other security disasters.

Want more details about the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad? Take a look here.

Bring a Glow to 2020

Are you seeking out other light-up promo products this year? In addition to the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad, make a statement with illuminated logo items such as this sleek Illuminated Light Up Logo Stylus, or a Light Up Logo Double Wall Water Bottle.

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10 Promotional Product Trends Defining the New Decade

Straight off the Floor of PPAI’s 2020 EXPO

Earlier this month at ASI Orlando, we got a glimpse of some buzz-worthy promotional products making their debut. This included everything from 100% recycled clothing to a sticker that tells you when it’s time to re-apply sunscreen. I mean, seriously—isn’t it so wonderful to live in the 21st century? That was the first trade show of the year, and we left Orlando pumped to see what PPAI’s 2020 show in Las Vegas had in store for us. Needless to say, it was one for the books.

2020 PPAI Expo Product Trends

We noticed a few parallels between 2019 and 2020 trends and we’re hoping this constancy may help steer brands towards the right promotional products–if it’s already making a splash in multiple spots, likely you’re onto a branded premium with serious staying power. Without further ado, here are the top ten:

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is the new wave, and vendors demonstrated incredible out-of-the-box thinking with their eco-friendly items at this year’s show.

RainAlertz Umbrella Now uses paper vs. Plastic sleeves which read "We Care"

Most notable in our minds was the change from using a plastic umbrella sleeve to a kraft paper gift sleeve on all RainAlertz ™ umbrellas. One side of the sleeve will read “We Care”. The change will be officially rolled out on all stock by February 1, 2020 and we’re thrilled to be sourcing a brand that shares our same values. #ePromosCares

Another trend everyone’s talking about? Wheat plastic. It’s made with the husk of wheat plants which is typically tossed after harvesting. People are all over this because the husk is now being recycled and refashioned into a form of plastic that is more biodegradable.

Useful items such as wheat utensil sets, are a great alternative to plastic flatware – and perfect to travel with or even leave in the office. Pair it with this 16 oz. travel mug and you’re golden.

Wheat Utensils Kit

Our 2018 and 2019 trends featured the Basecamp® brand specifically because of their efforts to give back a portion of proceeds to wounded veterans. This year, “Sustainability” and “Give-Back” seem to go hand-in-hand, as even more companies are putting an emphasis on social responsibility. One company in particular we’re digging: Miir. Mimimalistic in design, yet functional, sustainable (and gorgeous!), every Miir item comes with a unique Give Code ™ . Recipients are able to use the code to see which exact initiative – whether it be for clean-water, strong communities or healthy environments – the sale of that item helped to support.

Miir products

As your clients catch on to this widespread idea of living a more sustainable lifestyle, they’ll be searching for ways to make the transition in their own lives—and with these branded promotional products, you’ll be able to deliver.

2. Wireless Tech Does Double-Duty

Wires are so 2019. Gone are the days of untangling our headphones and tripping over our phone chargers. It seems every item in the tech world is wireless and created to perform two functions at once—and we’re so on board.

Examples? Think water bottles with built-in speakers and chargers. Mouse pads that double as chargers, with a spot for your pen, of course. And this is just the beginning. Wireless tech is it.

3. AirPod® Everything

When was the last time you saw someone pass you on the street that didn’t have an AirPod in at least one ear? Now, brands are taking advantage of this trend and capitalizing on its popularity. Imprint your logo on one of these cases or phone holders (with a spot for the pods) and you’re sure to catch the eyes of the “tech-inspired”.

Custom Airpod holders

4. Inverted Umbrellas

Inverted umbrellas

Scratching your head? Don’t. They’re the newest innovation in the rain gear sphere, and they’re now available in a pocket size version. The inverted design is wind-resistant so you can finally stop worrying about broken umbrellas on particularly windy days. How you ask? Because inverted umbrellas close away from you (as opposed to down, which you are accustomed to) so they keep all the rain inside and prevent you from getting wet.

5. Wellness & Self-Care

The wellness and self-care trends have been emerging over the last few years and now they’re making their way into the promotional product space. Now, cosmetic, athletic and health food companies have more the opportunities to reach their customers than ever before.

At ASI Orlando, we discovered the “Sunburn Alert Sticker” which, when applied with sunscreen on the body, changes color to let you know it’s time to reapply. Crazy, right?

Some additional trends in the wellness space, which were a bit more “outside the box” than traditional wellness are Blue Light Reduction Eyeglasses, which help the wearer reduce eye fatigue and blurry vision caused by staring at computer screens for oh-so-long. Also popular are lip balm and sunscreen duos, rashguards and fitness bands. Yes, please.

6. Camo Makes a Comeback

camo sweatshirt

Another huge trend that’s trickling its way into diverse product design is Camo. We’ve seen it pop up in unexpected places, such as on water bottles, coasters, stress balls, pens, and more, and not just in traditional green and brown tones—think pink, jewel or muted tones. The trend is only getting bigger, and this is a wonderful opportunity for companies to promote their business while staying on-brand.

7. Total Transparency…

Got nothing to hide? Then you’re ready for the clear bag trend, which is yet again, huge. Last year we saw an explosion of trendy clear bags to cater to the many clear bag policies at stadiums and schools. New for this year? Mesh. Some schools are now allowing students to carry these mesh see-through bags in addition to clear, which poses as a wonderful promo opportunity for brands targeting student, millennial and Gen Z audiences.

mesh and clear bags

8. All Things Travel

As the shift from valuing “things” to valuing “experiences” increases, so do all things travel when it comes to promotional gifts. Everything from travel cocktail sets to packing cubes to updated garment bags are hot this year. One brand in particular that caught our eye? Osprey®. Known for their “All Mighty” Guarantee, “Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge—whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday.”

Founded in 1974 when owner Mike Pfotenhauer began hand-sewing made-to-order backpacks for the hikers and travelers that would pass by his home in Santa Cruz, Osprey continues to provide some of the most comfortable, best-fitting backpacks out there. And now, they’re brandable. Stay tuned for more on this trend…

9. Outdoor

Koozie cooler fanny pack

Everything from blankets and flannels to hammocks and packing sets are making waves this year. Something so simple, yet sparked our interest in this category? This Koozie® Can Cooler/Fanny Pack. Not only have fanny packs come back into style recently, but this particular one takes the trend to the next level: it has an attached cooler! Hunting, fishing, tailgating, you name it. This is a winner.

10. Tie Dye and all Things Retro

The past few decades have brought on some very memorable trends, many of which are still very much alive in 2020. Tie Dye is everywhere. Scrunchies have made a comeback, as have cropped Champion® sweatshirts and the classic Puma® zip-up (an updated version is available as well!) Even old-school games like Jenga® and Corn Hole are back in trend, as 70% of millennials are reviving table top games. Fun!

Finding the right product is only half the battle. Contact us, the Promo Know-How People, to promote your brand in a meaningful way this year.

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First Look: Top Promotional Product Picks of 2020

We’re back from the first trade-show of 2020, ASI Orlando. Always an exciting two days in our $25 billion industry, we eagerly sifted through the aisles filled with the always seen, always loved promos to bring you a first look at some of the buzz-worthy showstopper’s we’re banking on this year. Listed in no particular order, here are some of our favorites:

Sunburn Alert

This is a must-have for all brands. Apply sunscreen to both skin and sticker. Sticker will change color when it’s time to re-apply. Works all day. Ingenious.

The Attention Grabber

Lit up logos caught our eye with this 22 oz. bottle, which lights up a laser-engraved logo when lifted. Wow factor guaranteed.


A best seller across all industries, these screen-cleaning cuties are sure to brighten up your day. New to the line are the thumbs-up version and the “glitzy” version. We couldn’t resist the lipstick.
Glitzy Moptoppers

The Lead-less Pencil that Keeps Going and Going…

Made from aluminum, this puppy can write for up to 10 miles! That certainly makes for a good conversation starter. If only Ernest Hemingway could see us now…

Picasso Aluminum pencil

The Ultimate Ice Breaker

Trade show badge ribbons. Customize responsibly.
Trade Show Badge Ribbons.

The Garment/Duffle

Practical perfection, this KAPSTON™ item is a traveling professional’s dream.

OrigAudio™, The Signature Collection.

The whole line is so spectacular it was hard to choose a favorite or decide which would be the biggest hit. Our guess: either the flask or the games kit, equipped with playing cards, dice and dominoes.

Custom Drink Coasters

Entertainment built in. So simple, yet so brilliant, this field goal, with mini football “flickers”, is just one idea to get your juices flowing. Available in 4″ round or square the possibilities are endless. Customize both sides so players know how to thank you.
built in field goal and mini flick footballs

District Apparel

District ® Re-Tee ™ hits home for us since we’ve been talking sustainability non-stop. These comfy tee’s are made from 100% recycled materials and reclaimed fabrics and are never re-dyed.

How District Re-Tee's are made

A Snacker’s Dream

Encourage healthy snacking with this “prep & chill” cooler. Comes with 6 containers and an ice pack, this is the ultimate lunch box. Added bonus: There’s a mesh side pocket for a reusable water bottle. Enjoy!
the ultimate lunch box with containers and an ice box

Last but not least: Custom shoes.

Well, because you can.

There you have it. A fresh look at some of the hottest new and notable promotional products for 2020.

Love these items and can’t wait to have them? Get in touch. We’re proud to be your trusted partner for all things promo. Stay tuned for takeaways from our next big show, the PPAI Expo, in Las Vegas next week. It will be fun to compare them to 2019 trends.

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4 Ways January’s Product of the Month Will Keep Your Clients’ Resolutions on...

With 2020 approaching faster than expected, we’re all starting to think about New Year’s resolutions to focus on. Some ideas topping our list are living a more eco-conscious lifestyle and reducing our plastic waste – two resolutions that just so happen to perfectly coincide with January’s Product of the month: the Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw!

Not only are these reusable straws the perfect incentive to get going with green living, but they also encourage other resolutions that may top the list, such as seeking additional social connections, improving one’s health, saving money, and more.

The wire brush included with the straw makes cleaning a breeze, and the handy carrying case protects it from germs no matter where you take it. Plus, the removable silicone tip makes every sip a comfortable sip for any beverage of your choosing. And the best part? It’s completely collapsible, so it takes up minimal space.

You can even adorn the carrying case with your company’s name or logo. Since everyone needs a straw at some point, it’s the perfect promo product to get your brand out there.

Keep reading to see how these straws can be your tokens of motivation in the new year!

For the Person Who Wants to be More Eco-Conscious

In 2019, the green living trend exploded as people (and even businesses) adopted more sustainable practices that focused on less: producing less waste and garbage, creating fewer carbon emissions, minimizing material possessions, and more.

Although this trend took off quickly and may seem like a fad, we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. If you’re looking to live a more mindful lifestyle in 2020, these stainless-steel straws are perfect to kickstart your efforts to create less plastic waste.

Next time you dine out with your coworkers and order an iced coffee, make sure you’ve got this reusable straw in tow so you can sip and save the world at the same time.

For the Person Who Wants to Drink More Water

Since most of us are constantly on the go, we don’t always remember to sip on H2O between errands and obligations – and some of us forget our water bottle entirely. However, this straw is so practical and on-trend you won’t be able to leave the house without a full cup. You’ll be sipping on and refilling your water more than ever before. Cheers to a resolution you can (finally…) keep!

For the Person Who Wants to Make New Friends

Let us repeat – reusable steel straws are IN! Along with cloth grocery bags, rinse-and-repeat-use straws are popular sustainable items quickly becoming essentials for many.

If you’re looking to strike up more conversations in 2020, get yourself a reusable straw – who knows, you might meet someone at the gym, in the grocery line, or at work who has one too! Or even better, you may inspire someone else to take up the eco-friendly trend. Who knew that something as simple as a straw could broaden your network?

For the Person Who Wants to Save Money

Using plastic straws every day is not only wasting plastic and causing pollution but also wasting your money. Although straws don’t cost much, it can add up quickly, and every cent counts when you’re trying to be a better money manager.

And since stainless steel straws are reusable, it makes sense to invest in something that’ll provide long term value and return (rather than a plastic straw you’ll throw away).

So whether your clients want to save the world with each sip, amp-up their H2O intake, or make some new friends in 2020, our Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw will  help them kick their resolutions into gear. Every little action and effort counts! Happy Gifting!

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