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Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year: Classic and Cozy for Promos

Each year, Pantone names a “color of the year,” which encapsulates the year’s trends, political state, emerging technology, and more – and this year was quite a year.

With an eye on new beginnings and an end to what, for many, was a crazy year, Pantone’s vice president, Laurie Pressman, said her team honed in on colors that provided a sense of familiarity, reassurance, and hope for the future. And where they landed? Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, 19-4052 Classic Blue.

As a serene, classic tone, this hue is super easy on the eyes and super familiar – the perfect shade to make us feel cozy and soothe any end-of-year uncertainties. And, with that goal in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our faves in this on-trend shade. Go peacefully into the new year with any one of them…

For Your Clients

Block-out any storms that 2020 may bring with this great pattern-changing umbrella. When the umbrella gets wet, blue raindrops appear on the top. Our customers love this item – and with an umbrella, you really can’t go wrong.

Another great option – promote the fact that you’re in the know by introducing Pantone’s 2020 color with a custom candy item (request all blue, to make your statement pop)

For the Earth

In 2019, we saw a huge emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices, sustainability, and the benefits of green living – trends that will surely trickle over into 2020 and hopefully into decades to come.

Reusable straws are perfect for reducing waste and keeping those plastic straws out of our oceans and landfills. Choose from six vibrant colors (our favorite is blue, of course), and tote them along to dinner or on a coffee date in their convenient carrying case.

If you want to take your eco-conscious practices even further, consider these Triple Insulated Wine Tumblers. Drinking wine and saving the world? Yes, PLEASE. Its triple-insulated design keeps any beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, and its spill-resistant lid will ensure no beverage takes a tumble at your next party. Brand yours in the classic blue hue and sit back knowing recipients will be showcasing your company all season.

For the Office

Taking notes and writing task lists at work can be overwhelming – except when you’ve got a peaceful classic blue pen in hand. Give your employees, clients and friends the gift of tranquility this year with this a promotional pen. Extra points for one with a stylus or laser – double the function, double the fun (and increase the chances it will be their favorite).

Emphasize privacy with a webcam cover that fits most desktop computers, laptops, or TVs. Bonus: not only do they protect privacy, they also shield webcams from dust, dirt, and other damaging elements. Many available in a classic blue, they provide the ultimate peace of mind on every level.

On the Go

Let’s face it – if our phones die, we panic. Never run the risk of a dead battery with our powerbanks and chargers. Perfect for commuting, road trips, or even as a back-up during a power outage, this lithium-ion rechargeable power bank will always come to the rescue when your clients need a charge. Its space-conscious design also makes it convenient to take along in a purse, backpack, briefcase, or even your pocket!

So, as 2019 comes to a close and we go from Living Coral to Classic Blue, brand your business in Pantone’s color of the year knowing it will be a great one!

Looking for the perfect gift in the perfect color? Get in touch with our expert team to explore Classic Blue premiums – and more.

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A Month of Giving: #ePromosCares

We’re a proud supporter of #GivingTuesday, an annual day of giving projected to raise more than $500 million for charity in 2019. Through our #ePromosCares initiative, we once again named November a “Giving Month” for our team and spearheaded several initiatives to take a company-wide approach to charitable giving.

ePromos Supports Giving Tuesday

The main focus for 2019: The Tanner’s Team Foundation.


The Power of Tanner’s Team


Roughly 11,060 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer in the US each year, putting families in a devastating position as they try to maintain a sense of “normalcy” while battling the financial and emotional strain that comes with these heartbreaking diagnoses.

The Fuls family of Minnesota experienced this traumatic situation firsthand and, after losing their 11-year-old son Tanner to a form of pre-leukemia known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2010, decided to do something about it. They launched the Tanner’s Team Foundation with a clear goal: to alleviate the financial strain placed on families whose children have life-threatening illnesses.

Julie and NateTanner’s Team has directed more than $334,000 in grants to 312 families in 45 Minnesota counties since its inception. One of those families is the Gray family – their son Nate was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 5. His mother, Julie, is part of the ePromos family and we are humbled to be able to give back to this incredible organization this year.

In addition to our fundraiser which generated over $5,000, ePromos has awarded Tanner’s Team $500 in free promotional products as part of our ePromos for Good program. This coming Summer they will be able to use these products to promote their 10th anniversary.


Promotional Products Education Foundation


PPEF ScholorshipsOn December 3, our team contributed a 50% increase over last year to the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) – an industry scholarship fund that helps underprivileged students access a college education. We’re proud to support this industry initiative – PPEF is funded by Promotional Products Association International – and, through our donation, to support tomorrow’s future leaders and innovators.


The Cupboard


The Dorit & Ben J. Genet Cupboard is a kosher food pantry serving seniors and families in need in Broward County, Florida. One of the unique features of The Cupboard is the ability for Goodman Family Services clients to freely select kosher food items they want, rather than to be given food items they did not chose.“Shopping is arranged by appointment to maintain the highest levels of privacy and volunteers make deliveries to home-bound seniors and Holocaust survivors,” said GJFS Chief Executive Officer Jacob Schreiber. ePromos donated over $250 in kosher canned goods to The Cupboard on December 3, 2019. #KosherCupboard

The Movember Foundation


ePromos also made a donation to The Movember Foundation – because we believe not only in their powerful message surrounding men’s health but, at the same time, we believe fundraising and awareness-building can be fun!

We created an internal challenge at ePromos – who could grow the greatest ‘stach while raising awareness for men’s health in the process. Much fun for such a worthy cause! Here were the rules:

Rules of Movember

Great job, gentlemen – and thank you to everyone who participated and supported our month of giving.



Helping Families Cope with Childhood Cancer: Julie’s Story

Julie Gray is an Order Resolution Specialist for ePromos. Learn more about her journey as the mom of a cancer survivor and the ways we’re honoring Tanner’s Team Foundation this month via our ePromos for Good and #ePromos Cares programs.

Early Warnings

In March of 2013, Julie Gray’s son, Nate, started waking up in the middle of the night with stomachaches. For most parents of young children, this would be nothing out of the ordinary, but Julie was immediately on alert. “As a baby – really since the first week he was born – Nate slept through the night, so this was unusual,” she explains. In a matter of days, the Grays added a handful of new symptoms to the list: their five-year-old seemed exhausted, was barely eating and wasn’t acting like himself.

Thinking it was a virus, Julie and her husband, Tano tried OTC remedies and gave Nate’s symptoms time to pass, but nothing seemed to work. Instead, they wound up in the ER. After a follow-up phone call to Nate’s pediatrician, it was suggested he immediately be admitted to the hospital for additional tests.

The results of those tests sent the family to the oncology department of Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, nearly two hours from where they live in St. Cloud. “We were so sleep deprived at that point and still expecting some sort of viral situation,” Julie recalls, “so it took me a minute to really process what the doctors were saying: There was a chance our five-year-old had cancer.”

Road to Recovery

After a biopsy, the Grays learned Nate had lymphoma. According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, Hodgkin’s lymphoma accounts for approximately 6 percent of all childhood cancers, while non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma comprises an additional 5%. Nate’s oncologist, Dr. Sencer, described the family’s situation like this, “We’re down in this game by 27 points, but we didn’t know what game we were playing, and now we do. And we’re going to win.”

Nate’s medical team opted for a strictly chemotherapy-based protocol, with treatment administered between Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and a satellite clinic in St. Cloud. Over the next several months, Nate endured more than 15 chemo treatments, a spinal tap, blood transfusions, a daily regimen of pills and installation of a port-a-cath, among other interventions.

An Outpouring of Support

“During this process of Nate’s illness and recovery,” Julie recounts, “we received a lot of help.” Support came in many forms, including a fundraiser benefit put on by ePromos, the Grays’ church, her husband’s job and a GoFundMe campaign, as well as from friends, neighbors and strangers across their entire community. One significant local organization that jumped in as a resource for the Grays was Tanner’s Team Foundation. The nonprofit was created in 2011 to provide financial assistance to families in Central Minnesota with children who have a life-threatening illness. The foundation honors Tanner Fuls, who passed away in 2010 from Myelodysplastic Syndrome at 11 years old.

“Because of how much we were traveling between St. Cloud and Children’s, there was a lot of wear and tear on our family van,” Julie says. “In response, Tanner’s Team supplied us with new tires.” Tanner’s father also attended the ePromos benefit, which took place at the Eagles Club in St. Cloud and raised funds with karaoke, a spaghetti dinner and a silent auction.

“In June of 2014, after Nate’s last dose of treatment, we found out everything came back clear,” Julie explains. “There were no levels of concern, and we only needed six-month follow-up appointments. Currently we’re at yearly blood checks.”

Nate is now 12 years old and thriving. He loves tabletop gaming, gaming on his PS4 and playing soccer (especially goalkeeper). “He has good grades and is sociable,” Julie shares, “which I think stems from his life-changing experience. He’s a born salesman – who genuinely wants to learn about people, what they do and how things work.”

Giving Back

In honor of Julie, Nate and the Gray family, as well as Tanner Fuls and all the families in Minnesota with children who have faced or are facing life-threatening illnesses, we created a month-long fundraiser to support Tanner’s Team Foundation. This #ePromosCares campaign launched November 1, 2019, as local and national efforts ramped up for #GivingTuesday. It ran for one month, and we raised over $5,000 – doubling our goal. In addition, we also provided $500 worth of promotional products for the foundation’s upcoming 10th Anniversary Walk/Run event next summer through our ePromos for Good initiative.

Julie shares, “These events are not something I would have been able to be a part of when our family was going through treatment – it was too raw and too new. To be able to go back now and help families who are just starting this process means a lot.”

You can view our Tanner’s Team Foundation campaign here, or learn more about ePromos for Good here.


40 Years of Fun: Happy Anniversary Rubik’s Cube

One of our most whimsical promotional items is celebrating four decades of brain-teasing excitement in the new year. That’s right – the iconic Rubik’s® cube puzzle, a beloved relic from our childhoods, has been entertaining (and often frustrating!) users for half a lifetime now.

World Record Rubik’s

The original 3”x3” cube has – wait for it – more than 43 quintillion possible solutions. If that isn’t impressive enough on its own, it turns out that each of those winning combinations can be achieved in just 20 moves or less. Out of practice? We’ve got your covered – see our tips below.

Long before fidget spinners and sensory boxes, Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and architect, invented the mechanical math puzzle. His work was complete by 1974, but it would take another six years to gain wide release. Once it did, the Rubik’s Cube became an instant sensation.

It became so ubiquitous, in fact, that professional-level competitions for solving the Rubik’s Cube are held each year around the world. These events celebrate speed, accuracy, and even the ability to solve the puzzle in extreme conditions, such as while blindfolded.

At the 2018 Cube for Cambodia competition, Australian speedcuber Feliks Zemdegs broke the world record by solving the puzzle in a lightening quick 4.22 seconds. Thanks in part to his jaw-dropping speed, he’s also the only speedcuber to ever win the World Cube Association World Championship twice.

Secrets for Solving

You don’t have to solve the puzzle in less than 5 seconds flat, but you may want a few tips for the next time you pick one up and start messing around. Keep the following in mind:

• The center tiles are part of the puzzle’s core, and they can’t move relatively to each other. This means these squares are already “solved” – instead, your goal is to bring the corner and edge pieces to the corresponding color center tile.
• Lighter colors like yellow and white are easier to recognize, so if you’re going for speed, start with these.
• A beginner’s method to solving the puzzle divides the cube into layers and then applying a given algorithm that keeps the correctly placed pieces where they need to be as you go. For a step-by-step tutorial, take a look.

New Twists on a Cherished Classic

In addition to creating the original 3”x3” cube we most often associate with Rubik’s name, Ernő Rubik is also responsible for mechanical puzzles: Rubik’s Magic (Classic and Master Edition) and Rubik’s Snake. His inventions paved the way for other similarly-styled complex puzzles, the most difficult of which is thought to be the Pentamix – a 9-layered Megaminx dodecahedron-shaped twisty puzzle.

Promo Puzzles

We love a useful item as much as the next person, but not every promo gift has to be function-first.A Rubik’s Cube created with your custom logo is a playful way to send off clients or customers with something to remember you by.




Looking for something that evokes the spirit of this iconic puzzle while also adding value? Consider a Rubik’s wireless speaker, spinner, or mini-highlighter set for even more fun.



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Top Trends of 2019

A Year in Review: 2019’s Greatest Promo Hits

The promotional products industry often sees trends come and go pretty quickly, but every so often there are a few greatest hits that keep on playing. We’ve taken a look back at some of our most popular products and categories to give you the top trends of 2019. These babies are here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future).

Check out 2019’s Top 5 Trends:

1) Technology

In our world of ever-growing innovations, it’s no wonder the technology category is number one on our list. Technology has been a trend for several years running, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. In addition to the usual tech items like USBs and power banks, think wireless everything! Chargers, headphones, speakers – you name it – your customers want it wireless.

Also part of the technology scene, though slightly newer, is smart home tech. From outlet plugs and power strips to doorbells and security kits, this level of technology has become readily available to the public at an affordable rate. Smart home technology proves to be a sound investment for your marketing plan in the coming years.

2) Cause Marketing & Sustainability

Customers like to see a brand giving back. Now more than ever, give-back programs, cause marketing and sustainable practices can make or break a sale. In fact, many consumers actively seek and choose brands with clear sustainability credentials.

What does this mean for marketing? It means stepping up your game in green initiatives or giving back to the community. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, and we’ve seen a substantial uptick in brands doing so throughout the year. As far as products, reusable straws have been huge sellers as well as many other alternatives to single-use plastic.

3) Unique Prints & Materials

One of the trends we’ve noticed since the beginning of the year has stayed surprisingly consistent enough to make it onto our list of Top 2019 Trends: unique prints and materials.

We’ve seen a ton of camo, animal and marble prints as well as iridescent items and rainbow patterns. These eye-catching products have done well all year, and we believe they’ll continue to be strong.

4) Casual Workwear

This year we’ve seen performance wear take off in the workplace. More and more companies are in favor of a business casual dress code over formal. There has been such a shift in office space itself with more businesses adopting remote employees, coworking spaces, open-office concepts and even work-from-home options. With so many changes to how and where we work, it’s no wonder this flexibility has crossed into workwear.

Casual workwear is now more popular than ever. Items such as a simple polo shirt have become the new norm. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee…and a comfortable employee is a happy one!

5) Safety

We saw it early in 2019, and we’ve seen it throughout the year…Safety is a rising trend consumers crave. Items such as safety whistles and combination locks as well as emergency kits and flashlights have been popular promotional products this entire year.

In addition to traditional safety items, clear bags have continued to do well. Many stadiums require clear bags for sporting, concerts and other events, so they have become a popular retail product. This trend has migrated over to the promotional products industry as well as schools and universities. Clear backpacks and even fanny packs have been a big hit this year.

Check back for more industry trends and updates in January when we take our first look at the new products for 2020!

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A Wireless Charging Pad: The Perfect Promo for Forward Thinkers

Wireless charging is one of 2019’s biggest tech trends, offering go-anywhere ease and convenience that’s hard to beat. It’s becoming so ubiquitous, in fact, the global wireless charging market is predicted to top $20 billion by 2023.

Tell us more.

The option to wirelessly charge a device may seem like a minor luxury, but the tech provides an efficient, streamlined solution to a familiar problem that touches everyone who carries a phone, tablet, or smartwatch – where (and when, and how) we’ll charge it.

One major factor contributing to this product’s explosive growth has been the standardization of wireless charging technology via Qi (as well as the adoption of Qi by major tech giants like Apple® and Samsung®). Qi-enabled pads, mats, stands, and other items continue to gain presence in the market. As the number of devices that support universal wireless charging increase, it’s clear this trend has staying power.

Are you thinking about wireless charging as a promotional gift or giveaway? Our Soft-Touch Wireless Charging Pad makes a perfect promo for busy, tech-savvy professionals. Its buttery matte finish and ultra-sleek design add aesthetic appeal and sophistication for any environment – from an office desk to a conference table to a travel work bag. At two to three hours to reach full charge, the pad quickly and conveniently charges any Qi-enabled device (including iPhone® 8 and above, Samsung Galaxy® S6, S7 & S8 + more). Available in black or white, it fits in just about anywhere.

Why Choose a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging devices make particularly great promotional gifts because of their variability in size and design. For instance, a small charging dock can be easily tucked into a day bag or suitcase, while a sleek charging pad or mat makes for an elegant permanent fixture on a work desk or in a home office. You can also go for an ultra-modern take with a light-up version or opt for a more refined and luxe faux leather option. And wireless charging capability bundled with other technology creates the ultimate must-have item, such as this 2-in-1 Bluetooth® speaker with wireless charging pad.
The promotional value of these devices is worth paying attention to as well. According to ASI’s 2019 Global Advertising Study, power banks (including wireless charging stations), are a popular go-to. Thirty-three percent of consumers own at least one promotional power bank, and they’re fortunately an item that works well in duplicate – you really can’t have too many. One for the office, one or more for home, one for travel – the more accessible they are, the more charging convenience they provide.

ASI research also shows promotional power banks are kept for an average of 12 months, though 40% of consumers continue to use theirs for two years or more. During this lifetime, they’re used an average of once per week. At this rate, they typically offer around 900 impressions, which means a $20 item costs just two cents per impression.

Perhaps most significantly, gifting a wireless charging device indicates you’re aware of current product trends and are thinking meaningfully about what your employees, clients, conference attendees, or other consumers will derive maximum use from. For an upgraded gift, consider pairing our wireless charging pad with a set of wireless earbuds or a promotional car changing station.

Get all the details about our Soft-Touch Wireless Promotional Charging Pad:

• Made of durable Plastic
• Qi-enabled and compatible
• Charges Qi enabled devices
• Output: 10W
• Auto phone/device recognition
• LED indicator
• Charging time 2-3 hours depending on phone type
• USB cord included
• Available in black or white

The future is here, and it’s wireless charging. Give the perfect promo gift this year for savvy clients and employees who are thinking forward when it comes to modern tech trends.

Get in touch to learn more about ePromos branded Soft Touch Wireless Charging Pads and to start your order now.