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10 Places You Don’t Want to be Without Hand Sanitizer

As public places start to reopen, we all know how important it is to keep our hands clean—and since sinks and handwashing stations aren’t always accessible, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have fast become a must-have, and a recommendation by the CDC .

Our 16 oz. Hand Sanitizer is a Must-Have for All Desks

While we love how most businesses have stepped up cleanliness levels, we still wouldn’t go without our trusty hand sanitizer – and chances are, neither would your clients and customers. By providing branded hand sanitizer, you can help your audience protect themselves from the virus and promote your company every time they scrub up. The new normal should have every desk/home office equipped with an 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle, whether it be at a bank, a law firm, a nail salon or the like.

Aside from stationary bottles, smaller more portable containers will be found in every purse, glove compartment and backpack. For added exposure, consider a carabiner option which can be clipped on to almost anything.

Here are 10 places your clients won’t be seen without it:

1. The ATM

ATMs are a fact of life—and, luckily, these handy machines are everywhere. But, think about how many people use those machines on a daily basis. In a word – gross! Enter branded hand sanitizer for the win.

2. Public Transportation

Ticket machines, handrails, doors and subway seats are crawling with who knows what. Public transportation isn’t the cleanest way to get around but often it’s the most practical. As more people start using public transportation again, it’s going to be crucial to have a bottle (or two…or 200) of hand sanitizer in their bags.

3. Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores are going above and beyond to ensure a sanitary shopping experience. But just think about all the opportunities for germs to be spread in a store. Shopping carts and boxes of cereal are all touched by a few different people before they reach your hands. Another customer might pick up multiple cartons of milk to check the expiration date before adding one to their cart. For peace of mind, hand sanitizer is a crucial grocery shopping companion in 2020.

4. Gyms

Unfortunately, people don’t always wipe down exercise equipment after they finish a workout. In other words, the treadmill touch screen and those 12-pound dumbbells might be crawling with germs…not to mention the doors, sinks, and restrooms your clients will probably use while at the gym. With hand sanitizer in your gym bag, you’re good to go.

5. The Office

There are so many places for germs to spread at the office. Elevator buttons, doorknobs, coffee machines, copiers…the list goes on and on and on. Leave a basket of custom-branded hand sanitizers in the reception area, pop a few in the bathrooms, break rooms and kitchens and leave them in employee hotspots and everyone will “thank you”.

6. The Car

While your car may be spotless—you may be the only person who uses it, even—between Starbucks pitstops, gas station visits and the constant in-and-out throughout the day, you’re likely bringing germs and bacteria into your car, onto your steering wheel and, from there, into your home or office. With some hand sanitizer in your glove compartment (or an 8 oz one in your cupholder), you’re good to go—and good to stay sanitized and safe.

7. Public Playground

Kids don’t have germs at the top of their minds. But their parents do.

Kids are total germ factories who seem to touch everything in their path—especially at a park. With a quick squirt or two of hand sanitizer pre- and post-slide, it’s easy to keep germs at bay.

8. Shopping Malls

Malls are another prime place for germs to spread. Door handles, food court tables and cash registers all come in contact with many different people. Your clients will gladly throw your branded hand sanitizer in their bags so they can keep their hands clean while they shop.

9. Restaurants

As we start dining in restaurants again, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. While we used to pick up menus without thinking twice, we’ll want to wash our hands after doing that now. And that’s not the only thing the whole world is touching. Ketchup bottles? Salt and pepper shakers? Napkin holders? Those surfaces can easily transmit germs between users. It’s going to be key to have hand sanitizer readily available to make eating out a safe experience.

10. Doctors’ Office Waiting Rooms

The last thing we want is to catch (or spread) something while going to see the doctor. But there are so many opportunities to do just that. You often have to use a pen to sign in and there are magazines to flip through as you wait. And your kids can’t NOT touch the toys—no matter how many times you grimace in horror. Hand sanitizer gives everyone an added level of protection while you’re waiting for a check up.

Let’s face it—not only will your client appreciate having hand sanitizer to stay healthy and combat germs and bacteria, but your company will also benefit from this must-have promotion. It’s been hard enough to find hand sanitizer on store shelves, so getting some delivered to their home or office is a quick way to garner mega attention. Layer in your full-color logo and you’ve got a sought-after premium your audience will grab for again and again, every single day.

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Why Your Brand Needs Face Masks to Stay Relevant

For many people, it’s no longer just the phone-wallet-keys check before walking out the door—face masks are now a part of that lineup too. With COVID-19 cases reaching around 3.9 million worldwide, some states, such as New York and Hawaii, now require essential workers and some citizens to wear face coverings when they’re commuting and visiting essential businesses.

Needless to say, the demand for face masks has skyrocketed and it’s nearly impossible to find them in stores or online. As a result, people are putting their DIY skills to the test and fashioning masks out of anything they can find—and for some, wearing a mask has even become a way to express their personal style.

An Opportunity for Businesses

Lele Sadoughi masks with coordinating headbands
Designer Lele Sadoughi creates masks to coordinate well with her stylish headbands.

The rise in demand for face masks has created a lucrative business opportunity for many companies. Even non-medical companies like Disney and fashion brands such as Lele Sadoughi are rolling out limited-edition face masks. Harper’s Bazaar lists 16 Fashion Brands you can shop (retail) to support independent designers, and Forbes reports on brands that have pivoted to join the #millionmaskchallenge. These masks give their customers an opportunity to express their interests and fashion sense through these essential pieces of personal protective gear.

Since face masks are a part of of what we’ll get to know as our new normal, selling them to your customers is one of the best ways to increase revenue and stay relevant during these volatile times. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of our reusable masks and mask accessories you can customize for your business.

Masks that Make a Statement

Our Colored Canvas Face Masks Shown In Peach, Cornflower and Mint-to-be

This Colored Canvas Face Mask is perfect for fashion and lifestyle brands to customize during the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes in 27 eye-catching colors, which will appeal to consumers looking for a more retro-feel alternative to the generic-looking medical face masks. These masks are made from canvas and only filter large particles, so they’re best for users who only need to wear masks during essential errands and in areas in which they can practice social distancing. You can also imprint these vividly-colored masks with your company’s logo or an uplifting message to make an even stronger brand statement.

Our Full Color Adjustable Face Mask
Our Full Color Adjustable Tripe-Layer Face Mask

Another wonderful option for fashion and lifestyle brands is the Adjustable Triple-Layer Face Mask – the entire surface area of this mask can be customized with full color, so you have the opportunity to get creative with the backdrop of your logo.

For those who have to wear masks for prolonged periods of time, comfort is critical. This mask is has three ear holes which allows this mask to fit nearly all face sizes comfortably. It’s constructed with two layers of polyester and one layer of filtering foam. Another option we’re loving? This full color mask with a step & repeat logo – you can’t go wrong!

Simple Yet Stylish Reusable Masks

If your business targets people who work in more professional environments, such as banks or corporate offices, your customers may be looking for masks that are stylish, but not flashy.

Our 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask with Adjustable Straps

One of our more traditional-looking masks is the 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask w/Adjustable Straps. These masks are washable, come in black and grey, and have toggle to adjust the ear loops for comfort and fit.

Another classic option is this USA made 100% cotton mask, which comes in black, navy and red. It’s sold in packages of 25 and can be purchased with or without a logo.

There are so many reusable mask options, some more fashion-forward than others. Still not sure what’s right for your brand? See the full-line here.

Mask Accessories

Our Ear Saver Mask Holder

If you wear a face mask on a daily basis, you know the straps can tug on your ears and make your head hurt after a while. Luckily, there are mask-wearing accessories popping up left and right that are designed to increase comfortability.

This Ear Saver Face Mask Holder will take the weight off the wearer’s ears, and instead distribute it across a small plastic piece that sits on the back of the head. This piece can be customized with your company’s logo and is a great little treasure to send out to your employees and clients.

Mask Buddy Pro Headband with buttons
Our Mask Buddy Pro Headband with Buttons

Another useful option great for both men and women are these Mask Buddy Pro Non-Slip Headbands with buttons. Also made in the USA, the entire headband can be imprinted so branding can be as busy or as understand as you’d like. Too thin for your taste? Here’s a thicker headband option that’s available as well.

Looking to add disposable masks to the mix as well? It’s always a good idea to have them on-hand and they pair well with these accessories.

When your logo is front and center, make sure it's on brand.

All in all, the important thing to remember is that when your logo is front and center, make sure it’s on brand. We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can walk you through the many options you have for healthcare and branding.


Why You Should Tell Your Customers to #KeepThePen

As many owners, executives, and managers prepare for various phases of reopening their businesses across the country, they want, above all, to do whatever they can to keep employees, families, and customers safe and protected.

Why You Should Initiate #KeepThePen At Your Business

In an effort to prioritize safety, you may be implementing safe social distancing practices into your facility, creating new plans for disinfecting high-contact touch points, recommending masks, or limiting hours of operation. These are good ideas. Another good idea as sweet and simple as a pen.

Continued Safety During a Global Pandemic

It’s currently believed that SARS-CoV-2 primarily gets transmitted on a person-to-person basis. This means it’s possible for a person to come into contact with the virus and be infected simply by touching a contaminated surface. This could be things we come in contact with all day long, such as door handles, a countertop, or a pen.


What does this mean for your business? As states begin to implement various timelines for reopening, we all need to think about how we do business and in what ways we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19—both among our employees and customers, as well as throughout the general public. We can start by examining the various touchpoints we share with customers and clients in the course of a day. Those touchpoints may be disease vectors, but the good news is that with a bit of creativity and flexibility, we can reduce the risk inherent in those touchpoints. One of the most common touchpoints, no matter what business you happen to be in, is the ubiquitous office pen. For many businesses, handing over a pen to a customer to sign a check, an invoice, a contract, or complete some other type of document is an action that takes place many times a day. If you could keep a customer from unwittingly transmitting a virus to someone else (whether an employee or a future customer or client) with just one simple change to your business practices, wouldn’t that be a worthwhile change to make? We know most people think so, and we do too. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about promoting a #KeepThePen initiative. The action is simple, but the impact could be profound. All you have to do is tell each customer to, “Keep the pen!” They walk away with a new, unused pen that’s branded to your business, and one potentially high-germ point of contact is eliminated.

What’s in a Pen?

Any old pen can be pocketed on the way out the door, but to leave your mark (pun certainly intended), it helps to opt for a branded pen that writes beautifully, is ergonomically designed, and that shows off your brand name, logo, or colors in a way that’s memorable. By keeping a large volume of pens on hand, you can easily participate in the #KeepThePen initiative while helping to spread your brand’s message of community and compassion long after a customer exits your space.

Initiate #KeepThePen at Your Business

If you’d like to create your own #KeepThePen initiative, Motivators has hundreds of pens on sale to fit the needs of your brand. Many can be purchased for pennies per pen, and can easily be included in a direct mail campaign.

Our Ad Pen with Stylus

If you’re looking for an option with a bigger wow-factor, consider our popular ad pens. These triangular-shaped pens feature three sides for printing full-color logos and images with maximum visibility. They’re like a billboard for your company that your customers can carry in their pocket or bag and easily be reminded of your brand throughout the day. For example, this tri-ad pen is an excellent choice and features a comfortable grip to help ease physical hand tension during use. There’s enough space to easily include a logo, tagline, brand name and even a motivational message to help keep your customer’s spirits high during this complex time. Opt for the version with a stylus and they’ll find themselves thinking of you as they use it to assist at the ATM or grocery store. Looking for more on pens? Check out these Ten Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Your Business which includes stats on promos including the lifespan of writing instruments. Then call us and we’ll help you choose the right pen to fit your brands needs.


Fuel the Economy by Purchasing USA-Made Products

The COVID-19 pandemic began as a public health crisis—but now, it’s quickly transforming into an economic crisis for many Americans as well. Between employers cutting hours or being forced to let their workers go, the detrimental economic effects of COVID-19 are touching millions of households in the United States.  

Although we’ve seen record unemployment benefits being applied for as the pandemic spreads, we’ve also seen the economic damage extending to businesses as well. Across the world, shut downs and social distance measures are disrupting supply chains and leaving businesses with no means to manufacture their products.  

Looking on the upside, there are a handful of ways we can help and do our part! Purchasing USA-made products not only keeps American factories and businesses afloat, but it also keeps workers employed so they can support their families. We have compiled a list of our favorite USA-made products you can purchase to help stimulate and support our economy. 

Patriotic Products that can Help Stop the Spread 

As our economy has seen better days, it is important to be reminded of how we can do our part and help be the fuel. The pace at which the economy grows is based on how fast our currency changes hands from producer to consumer within the US. Fortunately, we’ve got a few items in stock that may help keep you properly equipped and safe for the everyday endeavors.  

Face masks are part of nearly everyone’s everyday uniform now, and stores can’t keep them on their shelves—consider stocking up on these 100% USA-made cotton face masks while supplies last.  

Another great option for personal protection with some USA spirit? This American Flag Adjustable Face Mask. The World Health Organization warns that touching your face is one of the main ways you can contract COVID-19, so these masks are perfect for curbing that habit and increasing your chances of staying healthy.  

A Few Work-from-Home Essentials 

If COVID-19 has initiated you into the work-from-home club, you might be lacking a few of the essential office supplies needed to stay productive. Stock up on the following for yourself or send out to your employees to support them as they work remotely. Check out this collection of Products made in the USA to help complete your new home office. 

Working from home has so many possible distractions and interruptions, it can be tough to stay on task and remember every single detail as you did when you were in your former work space, in work mode. But with the help of these Full-Color BiC® Sticky Notes, you won’t forget a thing. Their 3″w x 3″h size is perfect for jotting down small reminders and tasks and sticking them on easy-to-see spots like your desk and computer. Plus, you can imprint them with your company’s logo, and even send them to your employees in a care package. 

Another USA-made product that can help you stay organized while working at home is our Monthly Academic Planner. Each month has a two-page spread and provides plenty of room for writing down meetings, phone calls, and project reminders. The planner comes in fifteen different colors, and you can also imprint your company’s logo on the front and send it out to your employees and clients. 

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to fuel up our economy, our high-tech Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook provides an eco-friendly, innovative way to jot down all your ideas without paper. It comes with thirty-six reusable pages that can be wiped clean with the included cloth. Once you take your notes, download the Rocketbook App, scan your notes, and send them to be stored safely in the cloud on Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Welcome to the future of taking notes. 

If you’re looking for more products to purchase to support the American economy, browse our full inventory of USA-made products here. We have nearly 1,300 products you can purchase for yourself, your employees, or your clients that will not only be incredibly useful on a day-to-day basis but will also serve a bigger purpose during this pandemic.  

For Patriotic products, not necessarily made in the USA, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Our team is standing by to ensure you have the products and information you need to keep your business running forward. 


Snack-Worthy Promos: Why Now?

Looking for a fresh way to stay connected during this period of distancing? Take this unique opportunity to brighten the monotony of days at home for your customers, clients, and employees with a fun snack experience. Show consumers you’re thinking of them with the perfect gift: something delicious.

As the country begins the long process of opening back up, many individuals will continue to shelter in place to varying degrees. A quality treat brings extra fun and novelty right to someone’s front door, giving you a way to reach people’s hearts through their stomach—and keep your name fresh in their minds.

Send a Branded Gift Basket

For loyal customers and members of your team, consider creating a snack gift basket that’s as special as they are. If you prefer preassembled selections, we have a wide assortment of gift baskets, from cookies and chocolate to savory snacks that can make an extended time at home a little more enjoyable.

For example, you can send an assortment of three coffee-flavored treats in a box that’s printed with your full-color logo and brand name. And though these peppermint bark treats are especially popular during the winter holidays, they’re delicious enough to be welcome any day of the year.

Looking for something more themed? For the taco lovers on your list, check out this gift set with assorted taco seasonings and an attractive branded apron in a fun canvas tote bag that ensures recipients are ready for the next #TacoTuesday.

Snacks and Something Extra

Some gift baskets also include additional gifts to help you express a little extra appreciation.

For example, this gift set includes over a pound of four deliciously sweet gourmet treats, including: chocolate-covered almonds: creamy caramels with dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt: buttery almond toffee and fresh roasted mixed nuts. And the box becomes a treasured keepsake, with space for a special photo.

Or, if your recipients prefer something a little more savory, this gift set includes a half-pound of mild Wisconsin cheddar cheese and a 5-ounce package of beef summer sausage. These mouthwatering treats also include a bamboo cutting board with your fire branded logo and a cheese knife. This set is perfect for anyone who’s flexing their muscles in the kitchen with their extra time at home.

Create Some Family Fun

For families at home with kids, this time is both an unexpected gift and a sudden challenge. A snack box can bring joy and levity to a difficult time, helping families create new memories or de-stress over the weekend after balancing a fraught week of telework and distance learning.

Send everyone into the backyard for a makeshift camp experience with an Artisan S’mores and Campfire Mugs Gift Set. It includes just about everything a family might need to make ten delicious s’mores treats, right down to the matches, as well as two 12-ounce MiiR camp mugs, all packaged in an eco-friendly craft gift box. Added bonus: MiiR gives 3% of revenue to trackable giving projects, so every MiiR product purchased through us comes with a Give Code that allows you to experience the story behind your purchase. They’ve also just gone “Climate Neutral” which never urts. Add in a few plush blankets in a classic plaid pattern to increase the camping-at-home factor during chilly spring nights and you are golden!

Or you can encourage the entire gang to get together for a family movie night with this Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set. Recipients can enjoy a variety of three kinds of popcorn and assorted seasonings, as well as the thoughtful inclusion of a popper bowl for an easy, convenient treat.

And don’t forget the family pet. This gift bag comes stuffed with four ounces of dog treats for four-legged friends. It’s a small but thoughtful addition that’ll make your recipients smile.

Delight Them with Personalized Snacks

No matter what the interests or preferences your target market might have, you can find or create a thoughtful gift bag/set that will delight recipients and ensure they’ll remember your name. Not convinced? Check out the Five Reasons Gourmet Food Gifts Win Year Round. Then get in touch today to choose the perfect promo snack gift to send.


Why Brands Are Customizing Plush

Plush animals have a way of wrangling their way into your heart—and never leaving. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on that childhood teddy bear (okay, maybe yours was a dog, an elephant, a koala, etc.) that safeguarded you from bad dreams and hurt feelings by simply being the most adorable, lovable, squishy friend you could ever have. Plush animals provide comfort; something we could all use right about now. In this piece, we’ll discuss why customized plush animals make a terrific promotional gift from your brand—for kids aged zero to 100.

Why Your Brand Should Use Promotional Plush Animals 

Plush Animals Are Universally Loved

There aren’t many promotional gifts that work for all ages as well as plush animals do. A child will be delighted; an adult will appreciate the customization of it (team/company logo/colors that make it mean more)—and hey, they can always pass it on to a child in their life. But, don’t assume adults won’t keep a plush for themselves—84% of men and 77% of women own at least one stuffed animal. And since all plush products are CPSIA compliant for children ages 0 and up, you can rest assured whomever will be doing the snuggling won’t have to worry.

Plush Animals Are High Quality

A plush animal is a higher quality gift, especially when you consider price points. You can find many at only a few dollars apiece, yet they’re wonderfully durable. They can’t break and are easy and cost-effective to mail. Frankly, it’s pretty darn hard to break one, like this high quality knit plush teddy bear. Additionally, plush animals are long-lasting. People may keep them for years and they’re as cute on day one as on day 1,000.

Plush Animals Prominently Display Your Logo

When looking for an item that clearly displays your logo, plush animals are the way to go. For starters, if an animal is part of your brand, it’s wonderfully complementary (and potentially a literal symbol of your industry); for example, a dairy company opting for a plush cow. Some of our most popular choices include:

Further, your brand/logo can be customized on any number of accessories on the plush animal, like a tiny cap, t-shirt, bandana, and more. You can also fully customize the colors used to match your brand’s artwork.

Fun fact

 “Teddy Bear” was named after President Theodore Roosevelt. During a hunt he came across a defenseless black bear. He refused to kill the animal. The story was heard by a toy maker who decided to make a stuffed bear and call it “Teddy Bear”. An extra fun fact is that Roosevelt didn’t like being called Teddy at all.

Uses for Promotional Plush Animals

Plush animals are a fun way to (literally) show your brand’s softer side. They’re perfect for any number of celebrations and events. A few ideas below…


Gifting a customized plush animal as a holiday gift is a playful touch for clients and employees alike. In particular, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are especially good holidays to gift a plush animal as they are more tender celebrations. To really spruce up your holiday gift and leave a lasting impression, consider pairing a plush animal with some custom chocolates—a totally sweet pair.

Trade Shows

A custom plush will stand out at a trade show as a unique giveaway, which is what all brands seek at these events. Another bonus of gifting plush animals at trade shows is they typically require some level of travel for participants, meaning parents have to leave their kids for a few days. Gift a plush toy that they can bring home to their children (and serve as a reminder of your brand). Even for adults without kids, plush animals can be a thoughtful gift. They’ve been linked as a stress reducer when traveling. In fact, 1 in 4 men are said to travel with a stuffed animal.

Corporate Gifts

Looking to spread some internal brand love and spirit? Consider gifting a plush animal as a corporate gift to employees. This could be to welcome new hires, commemorate a certain number of years with the company, or to celebrate the team hitting a landmark number, like all-time-high year-end sales. A cute plush animal is a great way to boast morale, not to mention to spruce up any workspace.

Charities and Tournaments

If your brand is involved in any sort of friendly competition or tournament, often to raise money for a charity or other good cause, consider having plush animals made to commemorate the fun day. This is an especially great gift if the event is family-friendly, as you’ll have a gift that will appeal to all ages. Throughout the year it will serve as a reminder of the fun day. If it’s an annual event, the plush animal can change each year to become a collectible for employees. If it’s a bigger event, consider including a plush animal in any gift or sponsored prize basket.


Should your business find itself working in a hospital or other medical setting, consider gifting plush animals. They can be wonderfully uplifting gifts for children in the hospital, who need comfort and some joy more than ever. A cute plush animal is the perfect gift—and it’s also practical and appropriate in a hospital setting. Check out these cuddlers, which are plush animals with a soft blanket attached. Not only are they adorable, but they will help keep patients warm and cozy in cold hospital rooms.

Custom plush animals are a fun, lighthearted promotional gift for clients and employees alike—and, as mentioned throughout, perfect for folks of all ages. While quarantining during COVID-19, teddy bears were seen as part of the “Teddy Bear Hunt” trend, where kids would mimic the famous storybook by Michael Rosen, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” around their neighborhoods.

And If You’re Looking to Give Back

The “Hey Buddy™ Bear” was created in memory of Francis “Fran” Ford, Jr. The Hey Buddy Bear was designed with hearts on its paws and a “Hey Buddy” imprinted t-shirt (which comes in almost every possible color). A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Hey Buddy Bear go to the Promotional Productions Education Foundation, a scholarship fund available to promotional products employees and their children. 

With tons of different choices and total customization available, ePromos is ready to get to work on your plush animals. Scroll through our website, give us a call or email, or check out our live-chat feature right on our homepage. Our dedicated representatives are ready to walk you through each step of the process to ensure you have a smooth and happy experience ordering your next batch of customized plush animals from ePromos.