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Learn the best ways to market your brand with the use of promotional marketing products. Our blog gives you the best tips on ordering the right marketing merchandise to increase brand awareness within your target market. From creative marketing ideas to case studies of how others have used promotional items to promote their brand, we give you clear direction in aligning your promotional product campaign with your overall business goals.


Innovations in Promotional Umbrellas

We’ve turned the traditional umbrella upside down and inside out! Finally, there is a solution to those umbrella issues! The Inverted/Reversible Umbrella is an absolute improvement on the standard umbrella because this umbrella opens upward. Your business will stand out from all the other companies giving away boring versions of this awesome umbrella.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 8.50.30 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 8.51.10 AM


Sell the smarts of your company!

You can sell the innovation of your company by gifting this unique design works perfect for confined spaces such as when you are entering or exiting your car. When getting out of your car, slide the umbrella through a small gap in the door opening and push the button to open. You won’t get drenched! When entering your vehicle, the umbrella collapses upward, so you’ll stay sheltered until the car door is almost shut.

The 46” arc is wide enough to keep you and someone else dry. In addition, while closing the umbrella, the inverted design faces the wet side of the umbrella inward, exposing only the dry side. This creates a waterproof cone, keeping you, the floor, your bags and your car dry. The water stays inside the folded umbrella and you simply have to flip it and drain the remaining water instead of letting it drip.

And, if your customer need more conveniences, the embedded push-button switch is easy to operate and will not pinch when you open the umbrella. You simply pull to close. Plus, the straight rubber grip handle is grooved to fit your hand for easy carrying.

There is one last great feature you can tell your customers about. The unique inverted design allows this umbrella to stand on its own when closed. Keeping your umbrella handy makes it much more practical as there is no laying, leaning or leaving your umbrella somewhere inconvenient!

This umbrella is made of two layers of durable, high-density water-repellent polyester fabric that is wind resistant so you don’t have to worry about the rain or the wind! The uniquely constructed skeleton rib is made of durable fiberglass for longevity and to enhances the windproof effect. This is an umbrella that’s been created for rain, wind and sunshine, protecting from ultra-violet rays.

This exclusive umbrella is available in Black, Red, and Royal, great colors serving as a backdrop for our logo, which has a huge 9”x5” display area. Ask your Brand Consultant if you want something special such as additional imprint locations. Stay dry!

Weather Rain or Shine – There’s an app for that

Every umbrella purchased comes with a free smartphone Rain Alertz app. Not only is this giveaway branded with your logo, every time there is chance of rain, Rain Alertz sends your company’s customized message to the recipient stating there is rain in the forecast. RainAlertz, a mobile app that has been featured on the Today Show and the Home Shopping network, comes standard with this promotional umbrella.

A hang tag on each umbrella has directions and an access code for the Rain Alertz app. When the chance of rain is greater than 40%, the app sends a message such as, “Bring your (business name here) umbrella.” Rain Alertz also provides a branded five-day forecast that is branded with your logo…a constant reminder of you every time the weather ranges from drizzle to downpour.

Savings of up to 17%, only at ePromos. Get them while supplies last. A Brand Consultant will provide you with all the details.



5 Water Safety Promotion Ideas

All over our planet, people enjoy beautiful waters and beaches – canoeing, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, surfing, jet skiing, swimming. Fun on the water is always an amazing adventure; however, remember with sun, sand and surf, you need to be safe on the water and in the water!

You can bet if you are dusting off your flip flops and heading to the water, your customers and employees are doing the same! So, why not give your promotional campaign a water safety refresher? As a business, one of the best things you can do for a customer is to show them that you care about them and their families’ well-being. A gift of safety is a very good reminder of those feelings and a gift for water-front activities is just the ticket because they are appropriate gift all year long.

Security for Customers and Employees

The United States Coast Guard has requirements for safety equipment – basic items crucial in emergencies. However, there is other “equipment” that is not necessarily required by law, but may certainly keep the people we love safe or even save a life on the water. Here are water safety promotional products that should be a part of every adventure on or near the water.

1. Waterproof Cellphone Pouch

Recently, a waterproof promotional product was in the news when two young men called 911 after one of their kayaks sank on Lake Michigan. The call was possible because the cellphone was in a Waterproof Cellphone Pouch. Help arrived soon after the call and the young men were rescued. Many items you bring to the waterfront, besides your cellphone, need to stay dry. Giving a useful gift such as a Waterproof Dry Sack will keep towels, clothes, documents and cameras safe from the water. You can start your summer promotion off right with these perfect ideas for attracting customers.

Waterproof Pouch

PVC Custom Waterproof Pouch


2. Safety Whistle

Another personal safety tool that is simple and extremely reliable is a safety whistle. The U.S. Coast Guard regulations state that if a paddle board is operated outside a surfing, swimming or bathing areas, they are “vessels” and operators must have a life jacket and a whistle. A safety whistle is an effective way for customers to be listening to your promotion while making sure they are heard in case of an emergency or to warn boaters in the vicinity. Whistles fit into any type of budget and could be the perfect choice for your customers. In addition, to stay legal on the water, the U.S. Coast Guard regulations state that if you’re on the water after sunset, you need to have a flashlight, or similar lighting device.

Safety Whistle

3-Tone Plastic Custom Safety Whistle


3. First Aid Kit

Safety also includes being able to easily handle small injuries, scrapes and cuts with the help of a first aid kit. Gauze, bandages, tweezers and antiseptic should make the trip every time you venture to the beach. So, if you’re looking for an easy gift appropriate for water safety and more – problem solved! This is an affordable idea with a collection of protection that can be found in a variety of first aid kits customized with your logo.

Functional Promotional First Aid Kit

Functional Promotional First Aid Kit


4. Sun Protection

Fun on the water usually means sunshine. Too much sun can result in a painful sunburn or lead to more serious health issues including premature aging, eye damage and skin cancer. More than one million cases of skin cancer are reported in the United States each year. Your customers are free to enjoy time in the sun because you are helping to protect them from overexposure with a variety of carefully chosen giveaway ideas including: SPF30 sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, baseball caps, bucket hats and also UV protection/performance clothing.

SPF 30 Promotional Sunscreen Spray - 1 oz.

SPF 30 Promotional Sunscreen Spray – 1 oz.

Keeping your eyes safe from the sun is important. The bright summer sun is a great time to bring out summer promo gear to protect your customers! Shield your customer’s eyes from harmful rays, whether they are on a summer vacation or simply spending the day in a boat. Give sunglasses away as a picnic favor, inside a summer festival gift bag or at a sporting event. Or, how about the wide canopy of an umbrella to keep away from the sun at a golf event, celebrity baseball game or field day excursion.

Gradient Tinted Lenses Custom Sunglasses

Gradient Tinted Lenses Custom Sunglasses


5. Water

Sometimes safety is as simple as staying hydrated. When it’s warm, people head outdoors to enjoy the weather. Dehydration can creep up quickly on hot days full of fun and action. Giving away water bottles will be a simple reminder to stay safe during outdoor activities. Drinkware is a practical and durable safety gift that will be used by customers and seen for months, providing you with repeated brand exposure.

Matte Double Wall Custom Tumbler w/ Straw - 16 oz.

Matte Double Wall Custom Tumbler w/ Straw – 16 oz.


These innovative products are simple and effective, plus they are an amazing way to show your appreciation for customers and employees. Wherever there is water and recreation, your brand will be in front of people who are in “enjoyment mode”…the perfect way to positively connect with your target audience with greater impact.



Good Health Giveaway- Sweaty Bands® Headbands

Fitness promotional products are a great way to show you care about your customers and your employees. One of the top products in fitness are Sweaty Bands® Headbands. Right now you can have your logo imprinted on this trendy product previously only found in retail stores.

For companies where wellness is a priority (which should be every company), these antimicrobial performance hair accessories keep anyone looking and feeling great! From running errands, to running at the gym to running marathons, these athletic headbands are guaranteed not to slip. They stay in place no matter the activity.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 10.31.36 AM

Sweaty Bands® creates quality headbands for women that will keep your business in shape. They are a great idea for yoga studios, fitness centers, gyms and sports clubs, and these are only a few of the companies that will benefit from these creative giveaways. These cost-effective promotions are perfect for any women’s event, fitness-focused activities, or to pump up the fun in workplace wellness.

A Sweaty Bands® headband is carefully hand sewn to ensure quality. Each custom headband is lined with velvet for a comfortable grip that does not pull hair.

Approximately 20″ in circumference, businesses will have brand exposure benefits by using the entire headband to imprint their full-color logo on a white background. The inner lining colors include aqua, black, orange, pink, red, royal blue, turquoise and yellow.

The rest of the details? These headbands are made in the USA and consist of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent elastic, so they are easy to wash and drip-dry quickly. In addition, there’s no need to worry about sizing because one size fits most. And, the bonus…at ePromos, there is FREE setup on every one of these headbands SKU:10006922.

Ready to get Sweaty?


Essential Oils-Promote Beyond the Senses- Product of the Month

Essential oils are a paradise for the senses and provide many health benefits. Essential oils ease the mind, diminish the stresses of life and take the body on a relaxing journey. They energize and promote positive moods. All this goodness from you, brought directly to your customers and potential clients.

9 essential oils

Business Giveaway: Essential Oils

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are a great giveaway for spas, fitness gyms, chiropractic offices, massage centers, private clinics, treatment centers, hotels and more!

These oils have a value-added benefit of showing “care for customers” and are a unique gift from realtors, financial institutions, insurance agents, non-profits, dance instructors, or any other professional service that appreciates customers! In addition, for any organization, essential oils encourage healthy employee habits.

Essential oils are the perfect gift for massage therapists, homeopathic physicians, wellness consultants, specialists, fitness experts and more. These practitioners can also use these essential oils within their businesses as aromatherapy, stress relief, healing, fragrant perfume or simply dilute the oil with fractionated coconut oil and these promotional products can be used as massage oil. Using the same product you are giving away shows clients how much you believe in your choice of promotional products.

Whether you are an event organizer, sponsor or participant, essential oils are a year-round giveaway Individual Packagingthat will not only benefit the event, but they will also benefit the recipient – and keep your brand in good health too! Imagine healthy marketing “tools” at prevention seminars, health fairs, nutrition events, health-related conferences, safety awareness classes, wellness workshops, practitioner meetings, community nights out or a goodie bag insert for any women’s-themed seminar. Customized essential oils are an incredible way to help attendees feel better mentally and physically while promoting your brand.

ePromos has these unique, wellness-enhancing, therapeutic oils that come in a 15ml Bottle with a twist-off cap and dropper for applying the oil. The bottles have a 1.5”x.75” imprint area on the label for your company’s crisp, full color logo or marketing message. An option is to add individual display box packaging with a clear-view cover. Easily apply oils with less mess using a 10 ml. Rollerball Bottle. Available in every aroma.

Essential Oils ON SALE!

Savings of up to 17%, only at ePromos. Get them while supplies last. A Brand Consultant will provide you with all the details.

These 9 aromas are proprietary blends of natural occurring compounds made in the USA and found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other plant parts. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant with wellness-enhancing scents:

PEPPERMINT promotes healthy respiratory system. No tint.

LAVENDER is a soothing aroma that’s known to help encourage a serene atmosphere. No tint.

TRANQUILITY relaxes the mind and body by combining Lavender & Chamomile, plus marjoram, ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar and lemon. No tint.

EXHALE, as the name suggests, promotes clear respiratory function using mostly Eucalyptus & Peppermint. Laurel, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon and ravensara. No tint.

CLOUD9 consists of Lemongrass & Sandalwood, with touches of lavender, tangerine, elemi, bergamot, ylang ylang and cedar. Look to Cloud9 to elevate the mood and increase vitality. Oil has an orange tint.

LEMON: is Lemon only. Health benefits that range from healthy hair to an immune system boost. Oil has yellow tint.

IMMUNITY: Orange, Clove & Lemon…The clean scent not only smells great, but also boost the immune system. Grapefruit, mandarin, patchouli, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Oil has a yellow tint.

INVIGORATE is a combination of Grapefruit & Vanilla and this combination energizes and positively affects mood, taking away all the day’s stresses. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine, and vanilla. Oil has a yellow tint.

FOCUS consists of Peppermint & Pine with touches of lavender…promotes balance, calmness and well being. No tint.


Tips and Ideas for Customized Essential Oils

The health benefits of these oils are never-ending and they are easy to use. They can be used through a diffuser for the power of health and wellness in homes, offices, wellness education centers, new mom reunions, healthy lifestyle meetings or parent consultations. Essential oils can be applied to wrists, ears, temples and back of neck. They can provide support for a healthy immune function and help relax your mind and body. Specific oil benefits may include relief from muscle aches, tension/everyday stresses, migraines, jet lag, exhaustion, heartburn and even bug bites! Add a few drops to your bath water to make an immunity boosting spa experience.

Essential oils have many additional uses. They can be used to freshen your kitchen, bathroom, carpets, bed linens and laundry. Or, just add a few drops of essential oils on a cotton ball and place it under the seat of your car for a refreshing smell. Use a few drops of Peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball to repel unwanted houseld pests (like mice or spiders) just as effectively as harsh, foul-smelling pesticides.


Topping the Promotional Giveaway List: Shinola Journals- ePromos product of the...

Shinola 2Shinola, an American luxury brand that is popular in retail stores worldwide, creates fine quality journals customized for your brand. Shinola is dedicated to creating lifestyle products built to last.

All the journals feature smyth-sewn binding. Not only do the pages lie perfectly flat when opened, this superior hand-sewn binding technique improves the overall durability of the book. For all 192 lined pages, Shinola uses 60 lb. acid-free, archival-quality paper that won’t feather or bleed.

ePromos gives you many options for these linen-covered journals. Choose a hardcover or a softcover in a variety of colors, and select the size you want. The Small Custom Journal (3.75”x5.5”) is a convenient size and can easily be transported in a bag, purse or briefcase. The Medium Custom Journal (5.25”x8.25”) is perfect for personal or business contacts or to-do lists. A Large Custom Journal (7”x9”) can be used for business notes, appointment summaries and ideas for upcoming meetings. The options are endless for the recipient-business strategies, travel notes, creative ideas, recipes, meeting notes or inspirations.

Shinola 3Shinola 4

Adding to the sophisticated look of the journal, a bookmark ribbon, gusseted back envelope and an elastic band closure have been added to mark essential information, keep additional documents and hold contents securely closed. Plus, your logo will literally shine when you pick a silver, gold or black foil deboss. Or you can choose a blind deboss.Shinola 1

All the journals are produced from US-sourced materials, including paper from managed US forests. Trust Shinola to make sure every detail of each journal has been considered!

These journals come with more customizing options to market your business. A full-color promo page can be added to the journals. Imagine the recipient opening their gift and turning to a full-page “advertisement” marketing your business. You can also add a full-color belly band wrap for the outside cover of the journal. Belly bands are an attractive way to package your gift and a prime space to communicate your message. Ideas for the removable belly band include offering a special discount or introducing a new product/service, or maybe you want to announce an event for your company. In addition, a pen (either with your logo or unbranded) can be added to each journal. For all these options, a Brand Consultant will provide you with all the details and costs.Shinola 5


Cellphone Holder Stylus Pen – ePromos announces this Clever Product of the...

#1 Clever Product: 4-in1 Stylus Pen Cellphone Holder
ePromos bringing conversations to you!

Promotional products need to be more than practical – they need to be clever. This muColor Selectionlti-function Phone Holder Stylus Pen needs a bit of explanation…so it won’t automatically be thrown in a swag bag. Prospective clients may stare at this gift for a minute before asking “What’s the hinge for?” There, the conversation has started! When you explain all of its hidden features, suddenly an ordinary pen becomes more. Now it’s a powerful marketing tool that represents a company as innovative, creative and effective.


This tech accessory was designed to do it all. It has four functions: a pen, stylus, cellphone holder and screen cleaner…all in a slim-sized tool.

One end of this tool is a twist-action ballpoint pen that writes smoothly in fine black ink and has a comfortable grip. And the pen retracts into the stylus. This stylus has a rubber silicone tip which has a soft capacitive touch…just a big word that means this stylus uses the same electrical properties of the human touch to detect the user’s touch, allowing much finer scrolling precision. A stylus also reduces fingerprints on touch-screens.Pen and Stylus in 1

At the other end – on the top of the tool is the microfiber screen-cleaning tip. This cleaner easily wipes away excess oil and dirt from the screen. And, the best benefit is the cleaner is always ready to use, right on the spot.Screen Cleaner

In between the stylus/ballpoint pen and the screen cleaner is the pen clip that fastens to a book cover or stack of papers to carry anywhere throughout the day. The clip also has another unique use.

Here’s where this tool gets cool. Before the explanation, imagine an easel for tech devices. The unique barrel bends on a ratcheted hinge and with the adjustable pen clip, this stylus/pen/cleaner becomes a cellphone holder to prop up a phone at just the right angle for viewing in portrait mode to watch a favorite movie or play a video game.

Hinged Phone Holder

Available in colors to match any brand, this 4-in-1 device is 6” high and ½” in diameter providing a big ¼”x1-1/2” imprint area on the plastic barrel. Imagine your logo and company information on the barrel for maximum exposure. These innovative pens work with an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Galaxy, Android…nearly all touch screen devices. This product information wouldn’t be complete without saying this tool folds to fit into a pocket or bag.

For a tradeshow, convention, conference or college fairs, these multi-functional promotional pens will certainly make a long-lasting impression on anyone!

If your tradeshow giveaway can’t do all this, call a Brand Consultant today and take a stand with this 4-in-1 device! Best yet, ePromos offers Free Shipping on this 4-in-1 pen, too!

Note: The Phone Holder Stylus Pen is one of the products in the ePromos Perfect Tech Kit Gift Set. The Set includes the exciting pen, Power Bank, Car Charger, Cellphone Wallet, Cleaning Cloth, Clip Tablet/Smart Phone Stand, Earbuds with pouch and a carrying case.