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Today’s Dog-related Promotional News

dogathletes According to the Wall Street Journal, top obstacle-course racing dogs are getting some generous sponsorship deals these days, up to $2,000 per event just to wear or use branded items at an event. Top products include bandanas, towels, bottled water and, for their trainers, t-shirts and hats. We await the inevitable performance-enhancing drug scandal that’s bound to rock the doggy circuit any day now, and our first order for small plastic cups shaped like fire hydrants.


Amstrong and LiveStrong Win Again

Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France, and once again the big winner is the fight against cancer with his continued promotion of the popular LiveStrong bracelet. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, even these are being counterfeited in China now. ePromos also supplies custom awareness bracelets, but we won’t make fake LiveStrong ones for you.


The Overruns: Lessons We Learned on the Field

The Overruns, the first ePromos company softball team, recently finished the spring season. Although we’re not going on to the playoffs this year, we did have a lot of fun and learned some important lessons: 1) we could use a little batting practice and 2) we need scarier uniforms. Although our uniforms looked great, they weren’t as intimidating as they could have been and I think ultimately that cost us some runs. We’ll let you know what jerseys we pick for the fall season in a couple months.



Paws for Reflection

The Transmiperro (Transport my Dog) system in Bogota got some good PR from this photo. For their clients’ owners, we recommend checking out some of our paw-shaped promos. A paw-fect match? Quite paw-ssibly! Regarding the puns, please accept my a-paw-logies. Paw-haps I should have quit while I was ahead. Must. Stop. Now.



The Museum of Promotional Art Presents…

Clip art!
Intended use, meet 3-D sculptural art use.*


*These are actually really great. Not only do they come in mix and match colors, but they’re also incredibly addictive because they make a very satisfying clicking sound when you snap them.


Vintage Airline Bags: Still Flying High

airlinebags I stumbled across the Airline Bag Lounge today. Talk about promotional staying power! This site features airline promotional bags from airlines past and present, including tons that I’ve never even heard of. On eBay, some vintage airline bags are selling for over $100. Why? I’m pretty sure it’s because they look cool: great product design, great colors and great logo design and imprinting. Plus, they’re useful: they make you look hip. We actually have vintage airline-style bags on our site, too!