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Seen on the Street: Mindfreak

Today they were giving out these lenticular luggage tags to promote a new show called Mindfreak. I’m not sure what Mindfreak has to do with luggage, but as an inexpensive, 4-color promo it’s not a bad idea. They’re a whole lot sturdier than the flimsy paper ones at the airline counter. mindfreak


A lot of red flags went up…

This is what happens when we get to many 3M Post-it flag samples…



Kraftwerk Promotional Casio VL-80 Pocket Calculator

By pressing down a special key it plays a little melody…

The coolest imprinted promotional product of all time? It’s hard to imagine something cooler than this promotional taschenrechner – a Casio VL-80 Pocket Calculator – from Kraftwerk’s 1981 tour. They even included instructions on how to program the calculator to play your favorite Kraftwerk songs. Sadly, they did not have them for sale at the merch table when they played the Hammerstein Ballroom last month.

Casio VL 80 pocket calculator


Wizard Stress Ball Sales Up Ten Million Percent!

wizard stress ball

Actually that’s not true, but with more than ten million copies of the new Harry Potter book about to hit the shelves, the wizard stress ball would make a pretty good giveaway for bookstores this summer. After all, flying broom would be too expensive, and magic wand – unless it’s actually magic – is just a stick.


dot-com Flashback and Spelling Lesson’s word of the day for January 19th, 2000:



Taking Over Google…

…one cube at a time. Looks like we need a Promo Cubicle of the Month contest. googlecube