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Learn the best ways to market your brand with the use of promotional marketing products. Our blog gives you the best tips on ordering the right marketing merchandise to increase brand awareness within your target market. From creative marketing ideas to case studies of how others have used promotional items to promote their brand, we give you clear direction in aligning your promotional product campaign with your overall business goals.


The Perfect Promo for Your Fantasy Football League

football The season’s starting soon, and this Football Beverage Insulator is the perfect promotional product for your Fantasy Football league. I know playing fantasy football doesn’t require any actual exercise, but you still get thirsty, right?


Advertising Candy: From the MIT Advertising Lab to Your Mouth

I saw these a while back on the MIT Advertising Lab Blog and thought they were pretty neat. Now we have them on our site. We actually had some samples here last week, too. While they look like something that could be made from Fimo, which reminded me of hippies, they actually taste great. In fact, I don’t think we have any samples left in the office. Check out the many varieties of customized hard candy we have on our site. Mmmmmm.



Promotional Product Overseas Sourcing in China

An Interview with Jeff Pinsky

A variety of changes in recent years, from adoption of technology to decreased trade barriers, have made it easier than ever to source imprinted promotional products from overseas. Our VP of Sales, Jeff Pinsky, frequently uses overseas resources to produce large or custom orders for his clients, and he took a few minutes out of his day to speak with me about overseas sourcing.

Mark: When is overseas sourcing appropriate for an order, and what types of orders do you typically produce overseas?

Jeff: Overseas production is appropriate for most orders over $7,500 that can be delivered between 70-90 days. My clients typically use overseas production for bags and accessories, pens and custom molded metal or aluminum items like gift tins.



Big Hats = Big Fun

Last weekend I went to Portland, OR to play some shows with my band, Hank Plank and the 2x4s. Our typical style includes wearing gigantic foam cowboy hats on stage, but this time we really outdid ourselves and gave gigantic foam hats imprinted with our logo to the whole audience. Looking out at them from the stage was the most beautiful think I have ever seen in my whole life.



Cool Product: Digital Photo Keychain

Here’s another imprinted promotional product that’s cool enough to be featured on a gadet blog. This time it’s a digital photo keychain (on Shiny Shiny in pendant form) that holds and displays up to 56 digital pictures. How cool is that? Pretty cool. photokeychain


Promos that are as cool as regular products…

Gizmodo, the gadgets arm of the Gawker blog empire just did a feature on this cooler with built in radio. It just goes to show how far this industry has come in terms of promotional product innovation. We actually thought this drink cooler was one of the “cooler” things we’ve seen lately, and it even has an audio input to make it iPod-compatible. boom box cooler