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dot-com Flashback and Spelling Lesson’s word of the day for January 19th, 2000:



Taking Over Google…

…one cube at a time. Looks like we need a Promo Cubicle of the Month contest. googlecube


There’s Still Time to Order Space Shuttle Stress Balls

With the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery temporarily delayed by a sensor malfunction, NASA still has time to order shuttle shaped stress balls for the shuttle crew and ground staff. Speaking of which, can we please go back to the “worm” logo that they used from 1975-1992? Not only was it cooler than the logo they’re using now, it was also a 1-color imprint. Plus, it’s painted on the side of the Hubble telescope and I think it will be a while before they get around to re-branding that. space shuttle stress ball


Everybody Loves Free Stuff

Welcome to our promotional products blog, Everybody Loves Free Stuff. In addition to the product features and promotional marketing tips you’d expect from a blog by ePromos, we’re also going to feature some (hopefully) more entertaining pieces about promotional products in the news, on the street and everywhere else you look these days.