Campaign Logos – 1972

Logoblink was thoughtful enough to collect about a zillion presidential campaign logos from 1960 to today. The selections from the 60s are not terribly remarkable, aside from Hubert Humphrey’s HHH logo and one that just says “Rocky!” Here are the selections from 1972, including a couple really adamant Nixon logos – “President Nixon.” and “Nixon Now.” – each ending with a big period. (In 1968, he used the more lighthearted and soft drink-like “Nixon’s the one!”) Some of my favorites from 1972 are from candidates I know nothing about: Chisholm’s “Unbought and Unbossed,” Ashbrook’s oh-so-subtle no left turn graphic and Hartke’s oh-no-you-didn’t heart-shaped key graphic. I miss the days when a candidate’s logo could still be their nickname with an exclamation point. campaign-logos 1972

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