Campaign Update: Campaign Collectors on the Trail

For some Americans, every four years something remarkable happens: US presidential campaigns create tons of political memorabilia. For collectors like Carl Toepel, it’s a busy time. He also sends letters, along with a $2 to every candidate running for senate, asking for campaign promos. And he’s not alone. According to a recent New York Times feature, about 300 collectors attended the 2008 American Political Items Collectors National Convention at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.

campaign-shwag convention

According to the article, this year’s conference is especially energized by trinkets from the Obama campaign. A promo button from his campaign kickoff in 2007 even sold for $150. But overall, collectors are hoping the campaign gets more young folks excited about collecting, and antique dealers are hoping $2 Obama buttons act as gateway memorabilia that eventually gets folks interested in the expensive stuff.campaign-schwag convention

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