History Made

Last night a campaign that seemed like a real long shot two years ago made history. While a stock market crash, two unpopular wars and a sitting administration of record-breaking unpopularity all had a part in helping Americans decide, the campaign itself was a historic success. There was record-breaking online fundraising, and tremendous get out the vote efforts including over one million calls made yesterday and one million doors knocked upon in Ohio on November 3rd. There was, if not exactly Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy, serious campaigning in many more states than has been common recently. There was unprecedented use of text messaging, email marketing, event giveaways  and online tools for volunteers. Today, Sarah Palin surely has a much better idea what a community organizer does, and many of the marketing tools and tactics used by the campaign will be adopted by other campaigns, not-for-profit organizations and businesses, including great use of political promotional products.

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