Sayonara Fukuda, Hello Promotion!

So, I wasn’t going to mention the sudden resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, because I figured everyone here in the US is probably sick and tired of hearing so much about it. But, it turns out Mr. Fukuda has become something of an icon overnight. When a reporter at a press conference suggested Fukuda seemed detached, he replied: “You said I sounded detached, but I am able to see myself objectively. I’m different from you.” (But, you know, he said that in Japanese.) Anyhow, Anata to wa chigau n desu (”I am different from you”) has become a hugely popular catchphrase and now it appears all over the Internet and even on products in stores, some of which are having “Sayonara Fukuda” sales. I think we may be looking at some choice movie roles for this rebellious former Prime Minister, not to mention a full line of Fukuda logo products. Heck, he may be the next Hello Kitty or Pokemon. Stay tuned. (via Pink Tentacle)

sayonara fukuda

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