The Pumpkin Vote

As the election nears, the campaigns are focused on two things: getting out the vote, and carving pumpkins. When it comes to pumpkins, Obama seems to have the edge. After harnessing the power of the internet to reach out to an unprecedented number of donors and volunteers, it seems some freelance supporters have done much the same to tap into America’s pumpkin-carving community. The site, Yes We Carve features dozens of inspirational pumpkin carvings that prove that America isn’t made of “red states” and “blue states.” America is made of pumpkin-y orange states. The American people have shown that even in a historic financial crisis, while we’re fighting two wars abroad and facing huge challenges from climate change to the rising cost of healthcare, we can still come together for one night and give candy to kids. Happy Halloween! election-mccain pumpkins

campaign-obama pumpkins

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