4 Reasons March is All About Marble Journals

We know your smartphone is never out of reach – literally. But, sometimes, you’ve got to write it down. And you aren’t alone. Taking handwritten notes can help with everything from processing to curating content to long-term recollection – that’s likely why we’re seeing more and more people sporting chic, portable journals in and out of the office.

Our pick? This month it’s these Marble Journals. Here’s why…

Our Marble Journals

#1. It’s a unique design that speaks for your brand

The marble pattern on these promotional journals is as trendy as it is versatile. Ideal for any business be it more corporate, more creative or somewhere in between, these marble journals are a perfect promotional premium that speaks to your business and your on-trend approach. More importantly, as your customers tote these notebooks around, you’ll get added impressions – and added credit for delivering such a cool, useful premium.

#2. They’re perfect for anyone – and everyone

Customers, vendors, staff, prospects – these journals are great giveaways that cut through the clutter of traditional premiums. Very simply, people want, and will use, these promotional journals. And every time they do, you’ll crank up the positive brand connection and reiterate your positive, productive partnership.

#3. They’re super sleek without being too much

Whether you’re a fashion brand looking for a trendy premium to distribute to your high-end clientele, a law firm angling for a bold but useful corporate gift or a new business bursting onto the scene and looking to make a splash, these journals get the job done. With a cool marble design and stark black or white cover, these branded journals have a chic vibe – without going overboard.

The net net: these Marble Journals look cool and are cool, but can easily transition from photo shoots to board rooms to PTA meetings. That’s a tall order for promotional premiums, but it’s one these notebooks easily fill.

#4. Your employees will be all over these

As your team is out pounding the pavement, there’s nothing better than organic, brand-building moments – and these notebooks are perfect. Imagine your team jumping into their next client meeting and each whipping out a matching, and super cool journal. Not only is it a powerful statement but, no doubt, your customers and prospects will want their own – which, of course, you can deliver.

Still not sure? Watch Nick, Our Customer Experience Manager, give you an up-close look:

Get in touch to learn more about these Marble Journals and start designing your own.

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