Seeing is Believing March’s Product of the Month: Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Face it—we’re all spending way too much time staring at a screen every day. And, even though it feels like a total necessity, all that time staring and scrolling is wreaking havoc on our vision.

Whether you spend your 9-to-5 glued to a laptop or can’t fall asleep without browsing your social feeds, studies show excessive screen time can cause eye strain and lower melatonin levels. This can immediately lower your sleep quality, leaving you groggy and less-than-your-very-best the next day. If the lack of sleep continues, you’ll likely wind up with some major side effects, including memory issues, trouble focusing and even weight gain.

That said, tossing your screens isn’t a (real) option. So the next best thing? Our March Product of the Month.

If you can’t curb your screen time—or if you’d love to limit the impact of those hours on your eyes—these Blue Light Blocking Glasses are for you. Without getting too physics-fancy, blue light glasses work because the sun, as well as many electronics, emit blue light wavelengths. Our brains associate blue light with daytime—so when we’re faced with those lights, our body literally wakes up and becomes more alert and energized. That’s fine by day when we need a little burst here and there. But at night? Those lights can totally throw off your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Blue light glasses work by blocking and absorbing some of the blue light so a minimal amount reaches your eyes. Some people opt to wear them all day—because, why not?—while others whip out a pair after sundown when they need to keep jamming on that project or just want to scroll social media without worrying about insomnia. Either way, they’re a major vision-reliever and a great way to curb the negative side effects of all that screen time without, you know, quitting your job and going on an iPhone® purge (insert gasp).

When you brand these must-haves, your clients, partners and employees will know you’re in-the-know—and that you care enough to say, “keep scrolling…we’ve got your back.”

Get in touch to learn more about Motivators product of the month and to place your order today.

These branded blue-light-blocking glasses curb the negative effects of your screen time.

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