4 Ways January’s Product of the Month Will Keep Your Clients’ Resolutions on Track

With 2020 approaching faster than expected, we’re all starting to think about New Year’s resolutions to focus on. Some ideas topping our list are living a more eco-conscious lifestyle and reducing our plastic waste – two resolutions that just so happen to perfectly coincide with January’s Product of the month: the Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw!

Not only are these reusable straws the perfect incentive to get going with green living, but they also encourage other resolutions that may top the list, such as seeking additional social connections, improving one’s health, saving money, and more.

The wire brush included with the straw makes cleaning a breeze, and the handy carrying case protects it from germs no matter where you take it. Plus, the removable silicone tip makes every sip a comfortable sip for any beverage of your choosing. And the best part? It’s completely collapsible, so it takes up minimal space.

You can even adorn the carrying case with your company’s name or logo. Since everyone needs a straw at some point, it’s the perfect promo product to get your brand out there.

Keep reading to see how these straws can be your tokens of motivation in the new year!

For the Person Who Wants to be More Eco-Conscious

In 2019, the green living trend exploded as people (and even businesses) adopted more sustainable practices that focused on less: producing less waste and garbage, creating fewer carbon emissions, minimizing material possessions, and more.

Although this trend took off quickly and may seem like a fad, we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. If you’re looking to live a more mindful lifestyle in 2020, these stainless-steel straws are perfect to kickstart your efforts to create less plastic waste.

Next time you dine out with your coworkers and order an iced coffee, make sure you’ve got this reusable straw in tow so you can sip and save the world at the same time.

For the Person Who Wants to Drink More Water

Since most of us are constantly on the go, we don’t always remember to sip on H2O between errands and obligations – and some of us forget our water bottle entirely. However, this straw is so practical and on-trend you won’t be able to leave the house without a full cup. You’ll be sipping on and refilling your water more than ever before. Cheers to a resolution you can (finally…) keep!

For the Person Who Wants to Make New Friends

Let us repeat – reusable steel straws are IN! Along with cloth grocery bags, rinse-and-repeat-use straws are popular sustainable items quickly becoming essentials for many.

If you’re looking to strike up more conversations in 2020, get yourself a reusable straw – who knows, you might meet someone at the gym, in the grocery line, or at work who has one too! Or even better, you may inspire someone else to take up the eco-friendly trend. Who knew that something as simple as a straw could broaden your network?

For the Person Who Wants to Save Money

Using plastic straws every day is not only wasting plastic and causing pollution but also wasting your money. Although straws don’t cost much, it can add up quickly, and every cent counts when you’re trying to be a better money manager.

And since stainless steel straws are reusable, it makes sense to invest in something that’ll provide long term value and return (rather than a plastic straw you’ll throw away).

So whether your clients want to save the world with each sip, amp-up their H2O intake, or make some new friends in 2020, our Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw will  help them kick their resolutions into gear. Every little action and effort counts! Happy Gifting!

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