The Value of Journals: Encouraging Creativity and Leadership in the Workplace

We can’t believe it’s March already. Some of our employees’ New Year’s Resolutions have fallen to the wayside (mostly personal goals, that is). Professional goals, however, are in full-gear. Some of that success can be attributed to the adoption of an old method of keeping organized: Swapping the electronic To Do List for a good ole fashion written one.

Writing with a pen or pencil stimulates brain activity, in a different way than typing does. This year, encourage creativity and leadership by gifting a journal for recipients to use and enjoy. Our favorite? The Junior Executive Tech Journal.

Junior Executive Custom Tech Journal - 5.75"w x 8.5"h SKU:10008484Why a journal? Turns out, journals are a really helpful tool in developing those habits exercised by leaders. That makes them a fantastic giveaway for many professionals – whether gifted to staff in-house, offered to partners and clientele, or used as a giveaway to promote your brand.

A company that holds the secret to hiring, keeping, and developing great employees, OutMatch assessed tens of thousands of candidates for leadership positions, and determined that top executives share 7 distinct personality traits that make them successful leaders of companies. Here’s how your recipients might use the Junior Executive Tech Journal to capitalize on all traits:

1. Vision

The highest levels of leadership are responsible for defining the overall vision and strategy for the company. A promotional gift for your leadership team will help them coordinate their strategic thinking and roll out new initiatives for your company.

2. In-depth problem solving and analysis

Leaders must carefully evaluate information and find possible courses of action. A notebook to jot down brainstorming ideas helps leaders find good solutions to difficult problems.

3. The ability to champion change

Change is good. Leaders spearhead organizational buy-in and support their teams through the changes in the company. Taking notes on how to successfully transform ideas into actions is what this notebook is all about.

4. The ability to drive for results

Once your company’s vision has been defined, it’s time to drive for results…make things happen. Encourage each team member at your organization to use this journal to keep on track with quarterly goals by documenting successes, roadblocks and new ideas throughout the year.

5. The art of influencing and persuading

Generating enthusiasm for new ideas is very much a skill. Leaders typically perfect this skill over time through practice, coaching, reading and writing. Encourage employees to jot down ways to improve a process, make work more fun, or simply just stay organized.

6. Ability to manage others and manage time

Leaders at all levels must effectively direct the activities of others, encourage performance, and hold people accountable to timelines. Whether considering personal or professional performance, imprinted notebooks hold great thoughts and prioritize those thoughts.

7. Organization savvy

Leaders must have a keen understanding of not only organizational politics, but how to maintain organization to accomplish objectives. Organization is where this product shines! For every meeting, business professionals carry a something for notetaking, a pen in hand and, of course, a cellphone is nearby. All three can be efficiently organized and carried to every meeting using this promo.

These characteristics have proven time and again to separate strong senior executives from those who lack effectiveness. Interestingly, these same traits could also apply to the products you choose for your next promotion.

More about the Junior Executive Tech Journal

Lists, doodles, ideas, tasks and reflections—collect them all inside the cover of our featured journal. The tech junior journal is a go-to tool for business meetings and conferences. One of the best features of this journal is the textured elastic closure and integrated cellphone holder. There is also a pen loop on the front of the journal. Keeping these items neat and orderly without dropping them on the floor is essential.

Beautifully made from microfiber this journal is 5.75w x 8.5 h in black with 80 lined, cream-colored pages. The pages are the perfect thickness for writing on without any ink bleeding through the page. It will easily fit inside a briefcase, handbag, laptop bag or backpack, but it’s been a go-to for men to carry solo since it so conveniently holds a pen and a cell phone.

Individuals will find the Junior Executive Journal useful at company “town hall” meetings, seminars, trade shows, new hire orientations and informational lectures. Additionally, employees will find an organized notebook extremely useful at their desks.

Think this journal is right for you? Nikki, our amazing Senior Account Executive, gives us an up-close look:

Call us now to customize our Junior Executive Tech Journal – and consider adding of our personalized pens to this promotional padfolio to complete the gift!

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