Get This: Our UV Germ-Free Phone Sterilizer Box Comes with a Wireless Charger

AS COVID-19 persists, society is becoming more conscious about germs and preventing them from spreading. Protective equipment like face masks, face shields, and counter barriers, are now part of our daily life as society works to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And so, when brainstorming August’s Product of the Month, we had no doubt that it’d be something you can use to fight off germs—but it’s not what you’re expecting.

Enter our UV Germ-Free Phone Sterilizer Box w/Wireless Charger, a product that’s more effective and more necessary now than ever before. We live in a very tech-driven world, so it’s not a huge surprise there’s a little germ-fighting pod you can use to clean your phone—but it’s still pretty impressive.

Cleaning your electronics is a hassle, especially since you have to be careful using water and other liquid cleaning products that can damage them—and that’s why you need this little sterilizing box in your gadget collection.

Not only does it sanitize your phone, but you can use it to sanitize other things as well. Stick your keys, your jewelry, your earbuds, and even pens into the sterilizing box, and they’ll be 99.9% free of germs in only five minutes. No water, no mess, no damage, and no labor required on your part—it does it all for you.

On top of that, the box charges your phone too—its 15W wireless charging mechanism will power up your phone in no time. The wireless design is super convenient especially since you likely have dozens of electronics to charge and don’t want your countertop littered with tons of wires.

And, when you do need to charge the actual sterilizing box itself, you can use the type c charging cable that’s included.

Another noteworthy feature is this device’s auto shut-off design. When five minutes have passed and your phone is completely sanitized, the box will power down automatically—no need to worry about wasting power. Seriously, what doesn’t this little box do?

When it comes to keeping harmful germs at bay, you can never be too careful—especially during a pandemic. And what better techy gift to fight a pandemic in the 21st century than with this innovative germ-killing gadget?

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