Wireless Charging Is Only Getting Hotter: Why this Enduring Trend Makes an Ideal Promo Gift

Looking for the next trend in promotional wireless charging? Consider the distinctive aesthetic of a logo-illuminated wireless charging station.

wireless charging pad being used to charge two devices

The global wireless charging market is poised for continued growth, with expectations to hit over $20 billion within the next three years. This helps explain why Mashable touted the move to rechargeable lithium ion batteries as “one of the great advancements of the 21st century.” Yet the most compelling reason for why wireless charging accessories are the perfect promo item in 2020 is simply how practical they are.

Read on to learn why wireless charging devices are still at the top of our list for best promo items in the new year.

What Makes Wireless Charging a Top Pick?

While there’s certainly a time and place for just-for-fun promo products, an item that has functional use can really boost your brand power. Practical branded gifts tend to stick around a little longer for consumers, which means more overall impressions and more value for your dollar.

As connected as we are to our devices, the way we stay charged is an important consideration. This is good news for brands, because it most likely means recipients will give their promo items plenty of use. In fact, data from ASI on promotional power banks shows a lifetime of 900 impressions or more. You can expect most consumers to use their wireless chargers about once a week for a year (with 40% of consumers extending useage beyond the two-year mark).

Functional promo products leave consumers happier, too. Wireless chargers are a high-quality item that solve a major annoyance – they can be a lifesaver for busy professionals, travelers, or anyone frequenting a space where access to outlets is limited. The Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad is an excellent pick because it’s slim and lightweight, making it portable and easy to use in almost any environment.

Even better, with the ability to work universally across devices, almost any recipient will benefit from the convenience of a wireless charging pad. As a result, every time someone needs to power up their phone or tablet, they’ll be thinking of your brand.

All Eyes on the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad

There are plenty of excellent wireless charging devices to choose from, but the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad has grabbed our attention in the new year with its unique presentation of brand info.

Picture your laser-engraved logo illuminated at the center of this sleek wireless charging pad. The bright backlight naturally draws the eye right to your logo or company name against the all-black surface of this trendy tech accessory. The light intensity varies across it for an attention-grabbing effect that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The duo feature enables users to easily charge two devices at once, adding maximum value and efficiency to this product.

A Security Boost Worth Noting

A lesser-known benefit of wireless charging devices is the heightened security they afford users. While a compromised charging cable isn’t common, it does happen. When people share cables, especially in public areas (such as charging stations at restaurants, coffee shops, or airports), the risk increases.

Like any technology, wireless charging isn’t totally hacker-proof, but using a wireless charging pad rather than a cord can lower the risk of identity theft or other security disasters.

Want more details about the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad? Take a look here.

Bring a Glow to 2020

Are you seeking out other light-up promo products this year? In addition to the Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad, make a statement with illuminated logo items such as this sleek Illuminated Light Up Logo Stylus, or a Light Up Logo Double Wall Water Bottle.

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