2010 Women’s Refuge Appeal Week: Promotional Keytags

Women’s Refuge Appeal Week is an annual event in New Zealand which aims to draw attention to issues regarding domestic violence and psychological abuse. To increase attendance at the 2010 conference, Women’s Refuge put together an edgy guerrilla promotion they knew would command plenty of attention.

In lieu of traditional invitations, the organization decided to use promotional keytags. Each keytag was attached to a key left in the lock at the invitees’ homes. Upon seeing the myserious key in their doors, people instantly gave this startling promotion their undivided attention. Only after reading the imprint on the custom keychain did recipients realize what was going on. The imprint reads: “What if a violent criminal had a key to your door? Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 NZ women. Open this tag to help them live without fear.”

These unconventional invitations garnered nationwide media attention, and Women’s Refuge reported that attendance rose by 60% compared to previous years.

promotional-keytag-womens refuge.jpg

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