3 Ideas For Using The Pantone Color Of The Year 2014

Pantone, the global authority on color, has announced Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid as its Color of the Year for 2014, replacing the 2013 color, Emerald.

The purply-pinkish hue, a “captivating, magical, enigmatic purple” according to Pantone, is set to pop up everywhere from consumer products to fashion runways.

pantone's color of the year

“It’s a little different, it’s a little off the beaten path, and it’s not a primary color,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a news release. “It’s an invitation to innovation. The purple family offers an opportunity to do creative things.”

So how did Pantone arrive at this hue, anyway? The forecasting process begins in the spring, when Pantone’s color experts begin tracking trends.

“To arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences,” the company said in a statement. “This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions.”

While last year’s Emerald was symbolic of prosperity, growth and renewal, Radiant Orchid is on the other end of the color wheel, inspiring imagination and captivating the eye.

For marketers, Pantone’s Color of the Year is an opportunity to freshen up their brands. Even if your logo and branding don’t have a hint of purple, you can still incorporate Radiant Orchid into your marketing. Here are a few ways how:

1. Give it.

One of the best ways to show that your brand is in line with the latest trends is to give promotional products in shades of purple. Pens, tote bags, mugs – there’s a world of options for every marketing campaign and every budget.

2. Wear it.

You don’t need to overhaul your corporate apparel program, but consider weaving purple into employee uniforms or your company’s apparel giveaways. When it comes to fashion, Pantone recommends pairing Radiant Orchid with turquoise, light yellow or olive green to make a bold statement.

3. Infuse it.

Add pops of purple to your store, waiting rooms, conference rooms, or website. It could be incorporating purple décor elements such as vases or artwork, or refreshing the look of your website with purple banners or buttons. The key is to subtly add touches of purple so your brand feels relevant and fresh.

What do you think of Pantone’s color selection for 2014? Will you incorporate it into your marketing?

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