Bear Market: After Hours Trading – The Wrap Up

Okay, so we’ll wrap up our multi-part feature of Bear Stearns promotional memorabilia from eBay with a few more items, starting with this calculator, which you can use to see how much money you lost when they went under. More after the jump. bear stearns calculator

Playing cards, ’cause nothing says we’re gambling with your money like playing cards:bear stearns card deckWeird antique bank statuette, which is actually kinda cool:bear stearns infrastructureKeylight, useful when they shut of your electricity:bear stearns keylightMousepad:bear stearns mouse padPuzzle cube, which is fun, like figuring out what the hell is in your CDOs:bear stearns puzzle cubeRisk advisory towel, shows the four parts of their foolproof risk management practice:bear stearns risk advisoryBunch o’ stress balls to help you with your bunch o’ stress:bear stearns round stress ballRather cool notebook with a step and repeat logo on the cover:bear stearns promo itemsThe shirt off your back:bear stearns promo t-shirtAnd the clock on the wall that shows when time ran out:bear stearns wall clock

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