Blogworthy Promotional Products

Bloggers will write about anything and everything, including their favorite promos. Here are a few blogworthy promos that I’ve come across recently:

a small foldable set of screwdrivers, useful, fun and well made.
a 128MB USB key, very useful and fun.
a light that plugs into a usb port and has a flexible neck, very useful, very shiny, very fun, very well made.
(from digital detrius)

a 256K flash memory dongle that I use a lot.
a really nice conference bag that has big pockets, but it wore out after like 10 years of use. It was from the 1996 Netscape Developers conference.
(from get real)

Intel 64 sports sweater.
(from lewis moten)

Way to go Netscape Developers Conference tote! Think about it, a promotional product that the recipient was writing about ten years later. Now that’s some powerful branding.

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