BRANDSTORMING: A Virtual Client Showcase

This year has been one for the books. So many things have changed—the way we work, how we educate our kids, and how we vacation—just to name a few. One thing that has not changed is the value of a true connection.

Less facetime means it is more important than ever to connect with your clients, through more creative ways. Luckily for brands, connections need not happen in person. We’ve found that quality, unique or trendy products sent to clients during this time have been extremely well-received and appreciated, with clients sharing more and more photos on social than ever before.

With that being said, while ePromos is no stranger to hosting in-person events, on August 4th, we hosted our first-ever, interactive and exclusively virtual showcase aptly called… Brandstorming.

ePromos Brandstorming Virtual Showcase

This was an epic opportunity for our clients to gain insights, intel and info on the latest trends and must-tries dominating the branding universe. Registered participants had a chance to see front and center our innovative products and brandable essentials while sneaking a peek at what’s new and notable – and, of course, to score some amazing prizes from the ePromos team.

So, what did we cover? Here are just a few of the themes you missed: 

#1. Staying Fit AND Enjoying Nature

We all know the benefits of regular exercise on our physical and mental health. Now that people are working from home more, they can and should engage in exercise when possible. The experts at Penn Medicine recommend scheduling your exercise and using what you have at home to support your workout. For most people, that’s not typically much. Why not incorporate fitness gear into your programs this year? Here are just a few of the many items mentioned:

Our Square Foldable Yoga Mat. Unlike regular mats, this one can be folded to fit perfectly into your go-to tote or purse. Same product, different shape means you’ll get people talking. We’re also loving our Core Slider set (so much fun), which comes in a set of two that can be used either on a carpet or a hard floor:

For your mid-day swim: Our Dripz Waterproof (yes, waterproof!) earbuds – so you can jam out while you get your Michael Phelps on:

#2. Keep The Pen

Most people learned that sharing is caring when they were in pre-school, but we are now having to unlearn that lesson when it comes to germs. One of the easiest ways to do that is to tell customers to #KeepThePen to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19. This presents a great branding opportunity in addition to a safer option for clients and employees. ePromos has a large selection of pens that write beautifully, and show off your brand name, logo, or colors in a way that’s memorable and safe. Here are a few options we didn’t want you to miss:

The Illuminated Javelin, Our Ombre Soft Touch and the Max Glide

#3: Working from Home Until Further Notice

Seems as if for too many of us non-essential workers, this is our new normal. Establishing the proper workspace is key here, not only for productivity but also for privacy.

We’re loving this privacy webcam combopack, which comes with a microphone jack to prevent people from listening to your conversations, in addition to a slide webcam cover. Available in black or white.

For the ultimate noise-canceling headphones, which for many are essential to drown out kids, pets (even spouses!) while you are trying to knock out a project are these Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones. Beautiful in full color, and on-trend in our tone-on-tone option, with additional name personalization available as well.

Another notable and unique must-have: The Moniclip™ Phone Holder. Named the ultimate multi-tasker, it clips to the side of either a monitor or a laptop, so that your phone can stay eye level, even while charging. It allows for a beautiful full-color imprint on a dome, so recipients will be sure to have your brand front and center.

And, our personal favorite (since lunch is often taken at our desks and we find ourselves snacking all day long): The Crumbee™. This teeny little vacuum can sit on your client’s desk, stay in their car, or be taken anywhere. It’s a complete buzz-worthy game changer that we’re selling off the shelves!

#4: Bringing Your Brand into the Kitchen

With so many restaurants closed, and families being home now more than ever, people have begun to unlock and explore their hidden culinary talents.

We love recommending kitchen items for clients since they are so useful and well-received. Here are two of our favorites that are off the beaten path:

The Jarby, which is used to get the very last spoonful of your favorite condiments out of a jar, and oven mitts. Oven mitts are such a simple and everyday staple in one’s home, yet such an under-rated opportunity for year-after-year exposure. We’re digging this frosted silicone one (which is great for both righties and lefties) and for opening jars!

#5: Always Loved: Made in the USA

All companies feel good about purchasing products made in the USA. It fuels our economy (especially during a pandemic) and gives us a sense of camaraderie for our beautiful country.

The first item worth highlighting in this category: Coolies for everything.

Join the slim can revolution (because White Claw is “it” these days and you’ll want to keep them cold):

They’re even available for ice pops. Yes, you heard that right.

And of course, we can’t go even a few hours without talking masks. This USA-Made one is a great option for any brand since it’s completely customizable for a fantastic design to sport your logo. Love the idea of promoting The US of A? Here’s an American flag stock design, which is always a hit.

Like we said, this is just a snapshot of what was covered in our virtual showcase, and we sure wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! Interested in seeing more — and getting to meet some of our team? Here it is:

We’re always available to help put together any of your promotional marketing products that keep your clients safe, healthy, happy, while keeping your brand top of mind.

Contact us, the Promo Know-How People to talk through your next promotion or idea! Interested in reading more tips to engage virtually? Here are four creative ways to do it..

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