Cancelled Trade Show or Event? Here’s How to Stay Connected this Season

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused seismic shifts across industries, closing schools, public events, and much of the spring conference and trade show circuit. As our clients stabilize their emergency operations and protocols, they have already begun to turn to us and ask questions. What happens when events are cancelled? What happens when we can’t visit our customers? What happens when stock runs out, and replacements from overseas are delayed for months? How do we continue to build culture and relationships with a remote workforce?

Here are just a few ideas for keeping up your marketing momentum, including what to do with all those promo products you ordered.

Repurpose Already Purchased Event Products

As events around the country continue to get cancelled, you may wonder what happens if you’ve already ordered branded products. One option: find a new delivery route. A thoughtful promo product that arrives at just the right time can be all you need to make an introduction or build a connection—even from many miles away.
We can help you package these goods with special messaging and ship them right to a recipient’s doorstep. Now a missed face-to-face interaction becomes an opportunity for a memorable connection.

Freshen Up a New Workspace

Working remotely can be a big adjustment. Help create a smooth transition for your customers by sending custom kits filled with a curated collection of branded items perfect for working from home. Here are some of our favorite products that can help your brand sit front and center as a fixture of someone’s home office:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Screened devices emit blue light that can result in blurry vision and painfully dry eyes. Blue light can even trigger insomnia, preventing you from getting that great night’s sleep that helps you stay healthy. These glasses are comfortable and durable, protecting your vision during long at-home work sessions.

Wireless Earphones

Working from home presents unique challenges when it comes to staying connected with coworkers and colleagues. With Bluetooth® technology, comfortable headphones free you up while plugging you in to music, meetings, or important calls.

Travel Mugs Without the Travel

With so many options to choose from, we opt for travel mugs to keep that delicious coffee or tea in the mug and safely away from your home keyboard.

One of our personal favorites? This cork-bottom stainless-steel custom tumbler. Comes in black, blue, titanium, silver and white and can be produced in just 5 days!

Our Cork bottom tumblers

Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is also a Qi charging pad and a phone stand, which results in less clutter and more productivity—not to mention a full charge on your smartphone.

Refillable Phone Sanitizer Spray

Speaking of your smartphone, it’s important to keep it cleaned and disinfected. These refillable spray packs come in a variety of colors but, most importantly, the spray kills germs and bacteria on contact. Looking for other preventive healthcare items? Click here.

Surprise and Delight with Personalization

This is also a perfect time to capture a consumer’s attention with a personalized gift. Consider adding to the excitement of your promo box collection by including an item that features the recipient’s name alongside your branding. Best sellers for personalization include drinkware and calendars.

Prepare for Price Increases

As popular promo items repeatedly go out of stock due to aggressive buying (looking at you, travel hand sanitizer), it’s likely that later this year we’ll see the price of those items increase due to larger demand. Keep this possibility in mind as you make decisions about any promo items you’re planning to order in upcoming seasons.

Continue to Think Long-Term

Disruptions make it easy to lose sight of our long-term strategies. Instead, think about what you can do in the meantime to stay proactive. For example, if you’re struggling to capture clients’ home addresses for product delivery, try going back to the basics with a direct mail or continuity campaign. Or maybe you have your own list of high-value promo items you’d like to stock up on now in order to take advantage of lower prices.

Strengthen Existing Relationships

Consider other ways you can nurture a customer relationship without an in-person exchange this season. Replace phone calls with video chat meetings or touch-based videos when you can. Or show you care by taking a few extra minutes to send a handwritten birthday card to clients. These small, thoughtful actions can go a long way in cultivating loyal brand advocates who will stick around through unexpected challenges.

Ready to get creative about marketing this year and think outside the box? Call us, the Promo Know-How People, to ensure your products make an impact—no matter where they’re going. Stay safe, everyone, and know that we are here for you when you need us.

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