Headvertising jumped the shark when it showed up on the Simpsons, but don’t worry. Childvertising has come to pick up the human body advertising slack. (Predictably, via flickr.) flickr baby

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  1. free advertising

    Is this a child labour?

  2. I think it’s more like child grafitti.

  3. Cyron

    Bah, it wasn’t like that. He was wearing the tattoo because my family and I were at a local flickr meetup. Given that I was helping organise it, we were wearing flickr type stuff so that others could identify us. It just so happened that a baby with a flickr tattoo also made a good photo subject when surrounded by amatuer photographers…

  4. Ha. I actually did a post about flickr giving away stuff for meet-ups, so I had figured out the origin. But I really wanted to use the word childvertising. Plus, I am evil.