Cooler Than/Then a Boom Box

It won’t replace my home stereo, but I thought the sound and volume were great for a boom box that runs on 4 AA batteries. I didn’t actually listen to radio, but I did use the built-in functionality to connect my iPod. I give it extra points because the iPod connector is in a zippable pocket, which protects your iPod from sand, or when people are splashing in the pool. I liked it because it was portable and easy to use, but the, er, coolest thing about it is that it’s a boom box and also a cooler. For me, that’s enough to take it from “handy” to “pretty darn awesome.” Also, the batteries lasted a long time. How long? I don’t know, but at least 20 or 30 hours of play time at a pretty high volume.

cooler-boom box

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