Corrections Department: Macromedia Promos Baton

Peter Elst (see the original Macromedia promos entry below), was kind enough to correct a couple things from my last post:

Peter is from Belgium. So the good news is that the breadth of this phenomenon was even wider than I had indicated. The bad news is that I assume everyone is from the United States, which is sadly typical for an American.

Also, according to Peter, 99% of the people who participated in the baton were not actually Macromedia employees, but people active in the online community. Again, this is a testament to the power of this idea and the community that Macromedia has fostered, and promotional products have helped bring together not only Macromedia employees, but the greater community that surrounds the company and industry, which is even better than what I thought originally.

Also, I need to fix the typekey thingamajig so people can post comments. Thanks Peter!

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