2011 Custom Calendar: National Foundation for the Deaf

The end of the year can only mean one important thing – it’s the official season for creative promotional calendars! Here’s the first of many: a direct marketing campaign executed by DDB New Zealand on behalf of the National Foundation for the Deaf.

To raise awareness among home handymen about the dangers of working without proper ear protection, this custom calendar seeks to make earmuffs a little more appealing.

Like similar calendars featuring scantily-clad models in various exotic settings, this imprinted calendar features sets of earmuffs in provocative poses (…never thought I’d hear myself say that).

Not only will this calendar remind handymen about ear protection all year long, but it’s also going to bring in some much needed revenue. The limited edition calendar will be available for $10 in New Zealand, and all proceeds will go directly to the National Foundation for the Deaf.

promotional calendar

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