Custom Products Allow Domino’s Old Logo To Live On

What’s old is new again – at least for Domino’s Pizza. The pizza giant has launched a program that turns its old-logo materials into custom products.

promotional apparelRather than all those old pizza boxes and employee uniforms winding up in the trash, they’re being upcycled into some pretty cool promotional items: notebooks, scarves, quilts and more.

It’s all part of the Domino’s “Second Hand Logos” program. Ten artists were selected to repurpose Domino’s old memorabilia into keepsakes for the brand’s die-hard devotees. Their masterpieces are displayed on Domino’s Pinterest page.

custom notebooksRussell Weiner, Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in an article: “We are truly giving our fans and customers the chance to own a piece of Domino’s history. It’s incredible how quickly our old logo has become cherished as a throwback, which is a credit to both our new branding direction as well as the nostalgia of the old logo.”

As if the idea isn’t cool enough, Domino’s isn’t requesting a slice of artists’ sales of the promo items. The group of artists gets to sell their handmade goods to a national audience and keep the dough. From logo t-shirts to custom notebooks, they are not holding back when it comes to awesome ecological office products.

What a smart move by Domino’s. Not only is it creating positive press by upcycling its old products, it’s ensuring that its former look lives on in the form of custom products.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and fans are eating it up. Domino’s had global sales of more than $7.4 billion last year, and the brand has more than eight million Facebook likes.

Does your brand have a loyal following of fans? Give them what they want: custom products.

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