Desktop Real Estate and the Return of Push Media

I just noticed an article in Adweek about advertisers trying to get content on their customers’ desktops. The article is about computer desktops and the return of “push” technologies (remember PointCast?) that send content to the user. I thought this quote from the VP of a photo-sharing service was interesting:

“If you can actually get any real estate on the desktop and have a persistent presence, it’s the Holy Grail.”

At ePromos we believe the exact same thing, but we’re interested in the actual desktop, not just the virtual desktop. Physical desktop real estate is just as valuable for advertisers and isn’t subject to the changes in technology or computer usage patterns (remember PointCast?). Great desktop promotional items grab valuable desktop real estate consistently and retain it over time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be interested in the return of push media, just never forget your customers have two desktops.

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