Drawstring Gear Bag Is My Snorkel Buddy

If you’re about to invest in some promotional products for your customers, you probably want to have some idea how useful they really are, right? After all, your brand will be imprinted on it. While I’m obviously a biased reviewer, I promise to only review stuff that is good, so I can be honest about it being good.

My first review is this drawstring gear bag, which I used to carry my snorkel gear in St. Martin. It was roomy enough to carry two sets of snorkels, masks and flippers and had a good-sized zippered pocket for valuables. Mesh pockets on the side worked great for bottles of water to prevent dehydration. Sturdy? Yup, and it looks great on the balcony. My only criticism was that it was a bit tricky to put on as a backpack at first, but it was comfy once it was on.

drawstring-gear bag

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