ePromos Announces Partnership With Constant Contact

Today I’m excited to officially announce that ePromos has partnered with  Constant Contact, the best in the business when it comes to email marketing solutions. Working together we plan to offer our customers a full suite of marketing tools to help businesses connect with customers and grow. Since both businesses cater to companies that rely on event marketing, the partnership is a natural fit that benefits everyone involved. ePromos customers will have access to Constant Contact’s email marketing, survey, and social media tools, while Constant Contact’s customers will have a source for promotional products to supplement their campaigns.

For more information about the partnership, you can read the official press release.

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  1. alanna

    Congrats on the partnership! Sounds like a great idea.

  2. rcw_1988

    This could be very interesting. I think this could be a big change in how email marketing companies operate and will set constant contact apart from other services.

  3. Mike Samosa

    Nice! I have used ePromos for some promo clothing, but have been using Constant Contact for a couple years now for my list.