ePromos Tours Norwood

ePromos’s new St. Cloud team got a chance to learn about the world of promotional products as they took a behind-the-scenes tour of Norwood’s facility in Red Wing, MN. Norwood is one of the largest manufacturers of promotional products and one of ePromos’ top suppliers. This special tour was given to new sales employees as part of a hands-on training program designed to teach them about the fundamentals of the industry.
The new employees followed the production process from start to finish, learning about inventory management, imprinting processes, fulfillment, shipment and product delivery. Seeing and experiencing this process first-hand is just one way ePromos aims to create not just sales people, but Promo Know-How People!

During the tour, new employees were able to watch products like golf balls, water bottles, magnets, and awards get printed and engraved. Seeing this process in action allows our new Promotional Specialists to offer accurate advice and knowledgeable customer service to their clients. These facility tours make it easier for sales staff to help customers pick the products that match their exact needs when it comes to custom printing, quantity, cost, and delivery date. Thanks to Norwood for the tour, and for contributing to the development of new Promo Know-How People!

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