Five Great Promotional Products for Summer

The start of summer is just days away and ePromos has some great ways you can create the perfect outdoor event or summer promotion with custom logo products. The kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful, and people are excited to get out of homes and offices and go outside to beaches, parks, and campgrounds. A good marketing campaign takes advantage of this seasonal enthusiasm.

1. Promotional Beach Bags
promotional beach bagBags of all kinds are great promotional items. In the summer, bags like the one pictured are specially designed for the beach. A mesh bottom lets sand escape, leaving it at the beach instead of in cars and homes. It comes with many other great features like a shoulder strap, drawstring closure, and outside pockets. It’s an excellent promotional bag that families will keep and use for many summers.



2. Promotional Baseball Caps
promotional baseball capCaps are great year round, but are especially effective summer time giveaways. It’s the time of year when people spend time at ball parks, either watching a professional game, playing themselves, or watching their sons and daughters in little league. ePromos can help create custom baseball caps for a team or logo caps for a business giveaway.



3. Promotional Fun Flyers
promotional frisbeeWhether a brand named Frisbee, or a generic flying disc, these items are lots of fun and a great product to print a logo on. Both kids and adults can enjoy throwing a disc around outside. A customized Frisbee with a large logo on it is great for a promotional giveaway or for use at events like company picnics or summer camps.



4. Promotional Beach Balls
promotional beach ballFew promotional products are more fitting for summer than a logo beach ball. It’s another great item to get for an outdoor event like a picnic or a trip to the beach. People also like to pass them around at outdoor concerts and music festivals during the summer. Why not sponsor one of these shows and hand out logo beach balls to the crowd?



5. Promotional Can Coolers
promotional koozieA can cooler or brand named Koozie is a must have for any outdoor event. No company sponsored barbeque is complete without them. They are great giveaways throughout summer, but especially effective when used around peak grilling holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.




Contact one of ePromos’s promotional specialists today to help plan the perfect summer promotion or outdoor event. Whatever the business or event, ePromos has a wide range of summer related products that will help make it special and memorable.

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