For Easter, Eggvertising Revisited

We cracked the eggvertising story back in February, but what better time to revisit than Easter? And, just in time, we have some commentary from Read between the Ps (and check out the whole post, because it’s worth it):

Attribute? Consumers’ apprehensions and their scrutinizing of the Eggs pre-purchase, entailing time engagement with the eggs; This results in high visibility of the eggs, which can be considered to be a marketable touch point and hence, can be leveraged to advertise!
Well, in simple terms, eggs are to be used as another Advertising Medium – How? When? Why?Where? .. are still not formalized, since there is not much of a mature market for it yet. But yes, what is appreciable is the ideation, innovative thinking and workability of the entire concept.

Taking advantage of the fact that the eggs attract high visibility and the time spent per egg is more since the consumer checks the eggs properly has encouraged EggFusion to promote Eggs as a media vehicle. Thus, emerged the concept of “Eggvertising”!


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