Frivolous Promo Lawsuit Begets Frivolous Lawsuit Promotion

Fox News brings some fair and balanced coverage to minor league baseball team the Altoona Curve. After a recent lawsuit was filed by a man who was denied a promotional Mother’s Day tote at an Anaheim Angels game, the team created a promotion called “Frivolous Lawsuit Night.” According the article:

In case they, too, are a little miffed about being denied any Mother痴 Day freebies, the first 137 guys at the park will be given a pink tote bag.

The first 137 thirsty but thermally unaware women in attendance will get burn-proof lukewarm coffee.

And the kiddos have a treat coming their way too. The first 137 inexplicably hungry children will get a beach ball, complete with a warning not to ingest it.


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