Golden Globes Promotional….Pig?

Long ago, savvy advertisers realized that giving free stuff to celebrities was a pretty good investment. If you’re lucky enough to have someone famous photographed while using your products, you’ve got a high-status endorsement. This line of thinking is the reason behind the elaborate celebrity schwag bags that are given out at big awards shows like the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and Golden Globes.

This year’s Golden Globes bag featured the usual assortment of custom designer apparel, high-end cosmetics, and desirable fragrances. But, there was something unexpected as well (besides an IRS tax form) – a miniature pet pig. For all celebrities willing to take a one hour course on caring for pigs, a company called Patty’s Royal Dandie Miniature Pet Pig decided to waive the usual $5,000 fee and give away free miniature pot belly pigs.

Here’s to hoping Paris Hilton doesn’t find out.

golden globes mini pig

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