Logo Lessons from Big Brands

Businessweek recently published their list of the top 100 global brands, and Webson took the time to identify commonly shared features of their logos. After all, they must be doing something right, eh? Below are a few of the findings. Click through the article for a list of the companies that were compared. Overall, it seems that short and simple are clearly valued. Strong brands also seem to share a common bond of being meaningless (besides their own identity), hence all the made-up words and acronyms.

  • The name does not describe the product sold (94%)
  • The by-line tag is not included in the logo (90%)
  • The font style is clean and clear (84%)
  • The logo design uses one colour only (74%) (white & black not counted as a colour)
  • The logo design uses letters only without the symbol (74%)
  • The logo design is a made-up name or ACRONYM (72%)
  • The logo design is rectangular in shape (66%)
  • The logo design is one word only (62%)
  • The logo design includes the trademark symbol (54%) and is placed in the top right (48%)
  • The name is 6 letters or less (52%)
  • The name uses upper & lower case (44%) (excluding ACRONYMS)
  • The background is filled and solid. (52%)

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