Me: The 2,831st Most Influential Person in America

I got this package of chocolate-covered grasshoppers yesterday. By FedEx, no less. It was addressed to me care of Everybody Loves Free Stuff, so it seems this blog is the primary source of my influence. According to some research by Mike from our marketing department, “5000 of the most influential people in North America have been sent five chocolate grasshoppers with the hope that they will inspire, engage conversation and raise awareness for the services of”

What can I say? I’m not going to disagree with them. I was already a fan of the grasshopper tacos at the Galaxy, so I’ll definitely eat them. I don’t necessarily need an advanced phone number for entrepreneurs…yet, so I don’t have anything to say about their service. Still, this was a creative promo featuring a product that was unusual and tied in perfectly to their brand name, and they clearly took the time to send it out to folks who could give them plenty of online exposure. Well done, gentlemen!

chocolate grasshoppers

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