Meet A Promo Expert At ePromos: Clint VanVickle

Here at ePromos, we believe in celebrating outstanding promotions. We also believe in celebrating the promo know-how of our outstanding team members. That’s why we launched an internal recognition program: My Work Matters. Every month, three winners will be selected for the fresh, creative promotional campaigns they develop for their clients. And every month, we’ll spotlight the winners right here on ePromos’ blog. Read on to see who reached the pinnacle of promo know-how.

Quality. Craftsmanship. Style. It’s what sets the Brera Orologi watch brand apart. Naturally, the brand wanted promotional products that exuded its unique flair. With an upcoming jewelry expo, the brand had a big opportunity to stand out.

ePromos’ Clint VanVickle had just the idea to do it: custom USB drives. But these wouldn’t simply be customized with a logo – these would be custom-designed to look like actual Brera Orologi watches. They would be promotional replicas of the timepieces themselves.

custom USB drive

Clint pitched the idea of custom-molding a 3D image of the watch face on to the flash drives. As with any creative process, there were revisions along the way. Clint worked tirelessly with the client over the course of several weeks (and time zones) to get the custom USBs just right.

On the other side of things, Clint also worked closely with the vendor to confirm design capabilities.

The client was delighted. “Each time a proof was sent, the customer was genuinely pleased and proud to present to her group,” Clint reports. “She was also very pleased to hear that we could make her timeframe work even with all the changes needed.”

The custom USBs were a great success at the expo, allowing Brera Orologi to stand out with a unique giveaway that tied in perfectly with its brand.

Plus, the flash drives were loaded with sales and product information, making them not only distinctive, but functional. The brand was able to relay important information without having to hand over a stack of papers.

Clint’s creativity and consultative conversations with his customer resulted in a promotional giveaway that’s distinctly Brera Orologi.

Clint’s insight:

Clint VanVickle

This promotion was a success because … the client had a great product to represent the shape and design of the USB. And because we talked through her project, we selected a very unique item that would stand out at their event. It was also successful because we started designing the proofs for the order well in advance.

The biggest challenge was … making sure all the intricate parts of our clients design would work for the custom mold. We needed to make some minor changes in response from the decorator. Along with that challenge was the delay in the revision process due to communicating across time zones.

It was rewarding to see … how well the final product turned out. Also the delightful feedback from my customer and my colleagues.

I’m passionate about helping my clients to … achieve their goal of having the most effective product for their projects and making sure their branding looks amazing.

The key to a successful promotion is … determining the right product for the target audience. And a product that will allow the customer to showcase their branding.

To me, winning the My Work Matters award … reaffirms that I have earned the trust of my customers and peers by showing my caring expertise as a promo know-how person.

Clint’s promo wisdom: There are many attributes to being a great Brand Consultant and earning the trust and appreciation of your customers. Listening to their wants and needs, asking great discovery questions, and understanding their business/event/project are the key factors that will ensure a great promotion and a successful project.

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