Novelty Ski Hat Is Like ‘Better Off Dead’ in Hat Form

Holy smokes. Visor-enabled ski hat led me directly to this novelty ski hat. Is it promotional? I have no idea, but I don’t care. How fresh is this patent?!?! What is claimed is:

“A novelty ski hat, comprising in combination, a cap and a novelty ski pole extending through said cap, said novelty ski pole extending in a horizontal direction through said cap with a prong unit thereof in front of said cap, and a handle unit thereof at a rear of said cap and propeller means being provided on said novelty ski pole, means for removably connecting one of said units from the ski pole to permit removal of the ski pole from the cap for placement onto another cap, said ski pole including means to pass between an underside of cap and underside of a wearer’s head, while said units are aligned through a forehead of said wearer.”

patently-novel-ski hat

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