Pick Your Power: Our Go-to Power Banks Side-by-Side

Face it: We’ve all left home in the morning without our faithful phone charger. And it’s not good.

You’re not alone. No doubt your clients, vendors, partners and employees have been stuck out and about without that all-important cable or portable charger. That’s why we’re all about having these power banks on hand. Slim, sleek and designed to toss in your bag or pocket and go, these custom chargers will keep smartphones and tablets ready for action – and, when you’re pounding the pavement, that’s a must.

So, then, the big question: which power bank to pick? Here’s how they stack up, side by side…

Our Two Best Selling Powerbanks


Slim Honeycomb Power Bank – 3000 mAh

SPECS: Powered by a 3000 mAh polymer lithium battery, this power bank can get your device fully juiced and ready for whatever the day tosses your way.

WHY WE ❤: It’s all about the pop of color with this power bank. Choose from pink, red, blue, black or white on white – or go crazy and mix and match colors so you’re well stocked for last minute meetings, client gift backs and end-of-year “thank yous.”

MY IDEAL USER: Functional, fun and very easy to use, this power bank is perfect for any client or partner who claims they aren’t so tech-savvy. Simply charge it up and you’ve got enough power to get your phone or tablet back up and running – it couldn’t be easier.

FUN FACT: While most power banks are pretty small, this one is especially slim and sleek. Slip it in your pocket and it’s instantly undetectable.

GET CREATIVE: Before giving your custom power banks out, be sure to charge them up. Recipients will want to use them right away and, if they can’t, your premium might wind up relegated to a drawer…not ideal.


Faux Leather Power Bank – 6000 mAh

SPECS: With double the storage – and more charging power – this on-trend power bank looks and feels upscale and high-value. And, like its honeycomb counterpart, it’s slim, sleek and totally portable.

WHY WE ❤: Two words: faux leather. This power bank looks as cool as it is, with a sleek, executive-inspired finish.

MY IDEAL USER: The executive on the move – the faux leather makes this power bank an ideal on-hand item for the jet-setting CEO who needs his/her devices ready for action 24/7.

FUN FACT: This power bank charges not one device but TWO. iPhone® and iPad®? “Work”: home and “home” phone? Kid’s tablet and Apple® Watch? Check and check.

GET CREATIVE: This is the perfect corporate gift on its own, but, if you want to kick things up a notch, consider creating a “to go” kit around a power bank. Ideal for the constant traveler or road warrior, toss in all the good stuff she’ll need for her next adventure – a power bank, passport holder, stainless-steel bottle and other on-the-road essentials.

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