Performance Apparel for the Masses

This post is somewhat overdue. Over the past couple months I’ve field-tested some excellent performance apparel that is also surprisingly affordable. Without going into too much detail here, moisture wicking performance apparel has quickly moved from the gym to everywhere. Many people are discovering that they love the look and feel of performance fabrics as much as the wicking aspect. At ePromos, our performance and high-tech apparel category was dominated for a while by name brands, but recently we’ve been able to source some high-quality items at amazingly affordable prices, including performance t-shirts in the $10 range with printing included and moisture wicking polos starting around $20, making them competitive with even non-performance apparel. The quality is great, often using the exact same fabrics that you’ll find in expensive retail brands, and they’re perfect for summer, or vacation! And, I’m not just making this up, I’ve worn them:

performance shirts

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