Pre-election Wrap Up

You know the Senate election is tight in Minnesota when Al Franken pulls out his most powerful secret fundraising weapon: a cute puppy wearing an Al Franken campaign t-shirt. Just seeing this puppy makes me hear the sound of wallets opening. election-franken dog

Meanwhile, both campaigns are working hard to get out the vote. John McCain is doing seven different rallies today, plus making dozens of additional appearances if you include cardboard cutouts of him:

election-mccain cutout

In Brooklyn, there are street vendors selling unlicensed campaign schwag, ’cause that’s what street vendors do in Brooklyn:

election-schwag brooklyn

And some clever person came up with a way to add a political message to regular vending machines. But please remember: VOTES PLACED ON VENDING MACHINES DO NOT ACTUALLY COUNT IN THE ELECTION.

election-vending-machine st

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