Predictions 2060: Promotional Products Industry Disappears


Okay, this prediction is a little further out there, but eventually, we’ll all have 3D printers and we’ll be able to make our own stuff whenever we need it and have no need for promotional products. Right now, these machines expensive (about $25,000) and I think they’re mostly used to make prototypes of stuff for manufacturing (they call it “rapid prototyping,” but someday there will be one in every garage. If memory serves, there are a couple kinds of these, one that adds thin layers of material to build up an object and one that starts with a block of material and lasers it away in layers to create an object. If you’re wondering which one I’d want for my birthday, I would be totally stoked to get either. (via MIT Advertising Lab’s blog, where they blind you, Thomas Dolby-style, with advertising.)

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