Promo Blotter: Burglars Love Free Stuff

From the Lake Country Reporter Police Blotter:

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin – A local company reported that more than $1,800 worth of items was stolen sometime between midnight and 8:20 a.m. Feb. 2.

The entrance door to SECO/Carboloy, a machine tooling company in the Old Theater Mall, 169 E. Wisconsin Ave., #D, was not forced open. The burglar rifled through documents and promotional items. Discovered missing were numerous baseball hats with the company name printed on them and about 300 pens valued at $6 each.

While in your typical robbery-type situation, the burglars sell the stolen goods, in this case I suppose they’ll just be giving the stuff away. (Note: I did not make up this story. I didn’t even make up the name Oconomowoc.)

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