Promo Know-How World Edition: Thailand vs. Malaysia

According to the Malaysian National News Agency, Malaysian businesses have the products, but not the promotion, to compete in international markets. According to the article:

Malaysian products, despite having all the qualities to make it big in the international market, are losing out due to poor and unattractive promotion tactics, according to a Thai businessman.

He said Malaysian companies have the capability to produce quality products and possess the technical expertise but are weak in sales and marketing, especially during international expos.

“They have good products of world standard but when it comes to soft approach, they don’t seem to be improving on whatever marketing skills they have to keep up with technology and fast-changing market demand,” said the businessmen who declined to be named.

Having vast experience dealing with Malaysian companies for the past 15 years, the businessman said attracting potential clients during international expos was important, citing the successful methods and approaches used by Thai businessmen.

He said Malaysian companies normally would put up well-structured booths, with technically competent people manning them but hardly able to pull in the crowd.

“It’s like dead or static exhibition. Most of the time, company officials just sit and expect people to come and enquire about their products or services, or just hand out brochures,” he noted.

The businessman said a good example are Thai companies which have been able to attract the crowd with their lively presenters using loudspeakers, free gifts and personal interaction.

“During expos, Thai companies normally hire presenters who will be calling out to the crowd to come to their booths. They will also introduce the company’s products and hand out samples or free gifts or paper bags,” he pointed out.

Looks like it’s time to invest in some trade show giveaways

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