Promo News: World Edition

In Taiwan:
“Those who criticize President Chen Shui-bian (???) for not working hard enough to bolster the country’s economy may soon have to acknowledge that his family and aides are picking up the slack. In recent weeks, in its own unique “style,” the president’s scandal-ridden family has helped create over 1,000 new business opportunities by sparking a local fashion craze, with son-in-law Chao Chien-ming becoming a popular icon for graphic designers and Internet entrepreneurs alike.”

“To promote the NT$800 computer mouse featuring a picture of Chao in handcuffs, the designer cleverly wrote, “By having a Chao mouse, you can single-handedly make sure he will always be under your control.” ”

From Sweden’s The Daily Roxette:
“It was at the very beginning of the “Nordic Rox” show on Sirius satellite radio last Sunday night that Per Gessle premiered the brand new “The Rox Medley.” It could be considered the public launch of the Rox 20 anniversary. We here at The Daily Roxette are pretty excited about the whole Rox 20 thing and feel like celebrating… and what better way to do that than to team up with Sirius and give some more stuff away!?!”

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