Promo News: World Edition February

There’s been some pretty important promotional products news rocking the music industry lately. Here’s your update:

Albequerque, NM: The band Zagadka was chosen for high school battle of the bands. Adam Abeyta, 17, Matt Garcia, 18, and 17-year-old Jameson Ray make up the band, which means “enigma” or “puzzle” in Russian. All are honors students at Grants High School. The band plays a mixture of what Matt Garcia calls “experimental/progressive” rock with an emphasis on positive messages. The contest is this Saturday, and all attendees will receive free “goody bags” containing promotional items.

Lethem, Guyana: According to the Starbroek News, the Junior Mash Calypso competition in Region 9 was poorly advertised. The magnitude and impact of this occasion was lost on the community due mainly to poor advertising which resulted in poor knowledge and attendance of the event. The only advertising was a virtually invisible (and poorly designed) banner. There may have been other promotional items but they were probably too inconspicuous to note.

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