Promo News: World Edition

Of course promotional products and corporate gifts are used around the world. Here’s the latest promotional news making headlines (okay, probably not headlines) around the world:

Nigeria: The Guardian in Lagos, Nigeria recently interviewed Albert Iyorah, who has a promotional products and corporate gifts business in Nigeria. Some things are the same there, “Nigerians believe in class and exclusivity. They don’t want ordinary products.” and some things are different,”The only problem that we are having now is the restriction of most of these items by the Federal Government. For example, we cannot import ball pens into this country anymore.” and some things are the same, “The most popular promotional product in this business is ball pen.”

India: Corporate gifts are big in India around the holiday season, much like they are here, but the top gifts are different as is the top holiday. According to The Telegraph of Calcutta, India, the top Diwali gift this year amongst corporations is gold, traditionally in coin form. However, gold vouchers which were introduced a couple years ago have become a huge hit, and some cutting edge companies have been distinguishing themselves by giving platinum. Jewelry is also a top corporate gift category because, “With the metrosexual man still holding his status as the year’s fashion icon, corporate interest in male jewellery has been high.” Of course!

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