Promo Technology: Starbucks’ Magic Valentine’s Day Promotional Cup

New technologies like smart phones, QR codes, and social media are breathing new life into traditional promotional products, giving marketers exciting new ways to make their messages more memorable.

Last year, Starbucks broke new ground with custom coffee cups designed to interact with a special smart phone app they created. Using the app, users could view the cup through their phone’s screen and watch as the imprinted designs came to life.

The snowmen on Starbucks' holiday cup sing and dance when viewed through the Cup Magic smart phone app!

The app-cup interaction is made possible by a smart phone technology known as augmented reality. Augmented reality software can see what you’re phone is looking at, and then superimpose graphics, text, other information on your screen in real-time over whatever it is you are viewing.

Days ago, Starbucks updated their Cup Magic augmented reality app to support their newest promotional coffee cup – a Valentine’s Day design that features hearts and cute love-related phrases. The app even has the ability to interact with special store signage and some of the seasonal coffee bags for sale in Starbucks stores, adding even more appeal and potential for the campaign to go viral.

The recently debuted Valentine's Day coffee cup.

The Starbucks Cup Magic app is an awesome example of the creativity is possible when you combine emerging technologies with tried-and-true promotional items. We’re looking forward to the future and the tremendous opportunities it will bring for marketers that want new ways to engage and interact with their audiences!

Click below to watch the Starbucks Valentine’s Day cup come to life in their Cup Magic app:

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