Promotional Hat in St. Martin Election Hijinks!

I’m headed to St. Martin tomorrow for vacation, so what better time to feature some election promo news from that very island. Coverage in the St. Martin News shows that all the major parties have invested in promotional t-shirts in their party colors, although I must give special props to the National Alliance for their colorful, well-designed election wear. The real news, however was when the People’s Progressive Party leader tried to trick the election chairman into endorsing her by handing him a PPA promotional cap:

“After the PPA list was accepted, leader of the PPA Gracita Arrindell then dished out a sports cap of the PPA and offered it to the island’s Election Chairman Franklin Richards, saying just in case you change your mind Mr. Chairman you can join us, and this cap she said will help with the hot sun.

Richards quickly threw his hands in the air with a loud chuckle, as a close political trick was played on him, however, he was on target and prepared making sure he did not touch the cap. ”

Nice try, Gracita, but it looks like the Chairman’s quick thinking got the better of you this time!

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