Flu Season: Tips on Staying Healthy and Keeping Your Brand Top-of-Mind

This flu season has been no joke. At home, we’re in the midst of what experts are calling one of the worst flu seasons in decades, with 19 million Americans impacted so far. Those warnings paired with the arrival of the coronavirus state-side, and it’s no surprise people are scrambling to get late-season flu shots and figure out how to stay protected from whatever virus is lurking.

The good news? Despite the in-your-face headlines, staying healthy this winter doesn’t mean putting yourself on cold-weather lockdown. By integrating some basic precautions, you can curb your risk—and your customers and employees’ risk—of getting sick this season.

#1. Meet Your New BFF: Travel-Sized Soap Sheets

Aside from washing your hands and getting vaccinated, there are other measures you can take to keep germs under control and reduce your risk of getting sick. If you work in a shared environment or go out in public, it’s especially important to frequently disinfect your hands after touching items in common-use areas such as breakrooms, bathrooms, retail stores, elevators, cafeterias and more.

Finding hand-sanitizer (branded or not-branded) is nearly impossible at the moment if you need it shipped ASAP. Our favorite alternative? These Carry-On Compliant Soap Sheets which can be carried in your purse or briefcase for germ-protection all day long.

image of our soap sheets in their case

Choose blue or clear and brand these hand sheets with your logo —you can hand them out around the office to encourage others to maintain a healthy work environment. Or, send your clients a care package with them tucked inside. No doubt you’ll get a “thank you” call, especially in this climate!

#2. Grab Some Tissues and Antibacterial Wipes

The coronavirus is usually spread through the air via coughs and sneezes, by personal contact, and by touching infected surfaces—so keeping tissues and antibacterial wipes handy is imperative to keep germs at bay. Be sure to have lots of tissues and antibacterial wipes laying around your workplace so employees and clients can easily access them.

Leave a few packs on the front desk, in the break room, in the hallways, on each desk, and in other high-traffic areas to encourage others to disinfect their hands and cover their cough. Our Tissue Packs are perfect for desks, tables, and bathroom counters, and they are customizable with your logo in full color—so you can show you care and stay on brand.

Another item perfect to hand out to everyone in your office, or to clients who pass through, are these adorable Mini Tissue Packets. Plus, these non-alcohol based Hand Sanitizer Wet Wipes should be lying around as well—they’re great at killing germs without drying out your hands, and they work well for surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and desks.

#3. Keep the Chill Away

If you or your customers live in a colder state, staying healthy means staying warm. Decrease your chance of getting a cold by properly protecting yourself from the snow and rain. Keeping your chest, head, and feet warm is the best way to shield yourself from sickness-inducing weather.

Bundle up with one of our warm scarves—each one comes in a variety of colors that will match any outfit for multiple occasions. Add your business’ logo and take advantage of campaigning your brand when the clouds and rain roll in!

This acrylic Two-Tone Pom Beanie is a fashionable and functional addition to your commute ensemble, and perfect for snowy weekend adventures. The leatherette patch is a great place to add your logo and a modern way to show off your brand. Our Embroidered Knit Beanie will also do the trick—choose from nine colors, and embroider your company’s name on the front for a perfect combination of promotion and function.

Even the smallest measures of prevention can be impactful when you want to steer clear of sickness. Make sure you cover all your bases with these essential healthcare products to help keep you, your clients, and your employees safe this season!

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