Promotional Products Make Employees Proud at Macromedia

macromedia goodies

Of course we give promotional products to existing and potential clients, but they’re also a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and loyalty amongst employees. Case in point is the recent blog baton being passed around by Macromedia employees to describe their favorite Macromedia promos. Since Macromedia was recently bought by Adobe, there’s some speculation that “all our Macromedia gear may be worth on eBay some day,” but more importantly, according to Kim Cavanaugh, who started the baton, “I’m sure there are plenty of other folks who proudly wear the “M” logo, and will miss it when (and if) it goes away.”

A round-up of some of the top products from employees around the globe after the jump…

Selections from Kim Cavanaugh’s list:Total Macromedia Shwag in your possession:10 t-shirts (My brother once asked me if I owned any shirts that didn’t have the Macromedia logo on them.)Oldest Macromedia shwag in your possession:A white t-shirt with the two-color MM logo circa version 4 of Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash. It’s been relegated to the lawn mowing t-shirt pile, but I haven’t brought myself to part with it yet.Most Unusual Shwag:The lap blanket is pretty unique. I think it goes to big shots who visit the MM mothership for sales meetings. At least that’s how I got mine. 🙂Shwag you wear/use most often:The Macromedia backpack. I use it everyday carrying stuff back and forth to work and for whatever laptop I’m using at the moment.5 Favorite Macromedia schwag items:Fleece jacket. I don’t get to wear it that often, but it sure is comfy when things cool down.The original “” Contribute shirt. I have four of those, and they’re in constant rotation.The backpack of course. It’s just the right size to hold the common things I carry around–iPod, magazines, Tums, Advil, notebook and other odds and ends I don’t want to be without.Team Macromedia long-sleeve cotton shirt. Great fishing shirt. Really. Nice and cool.Ball caps. Keeps that patch of bareness on the back of my head covered in the sun and looks cool to boot. Abdul Quabiz in India writes lists his favorite items, and adds:It is a good feeling to get any Macromedia goodies but it used to be great feeling when I received these for my contributions, answers, efforts…It has been more than five years, I have been associated (externally and now internally) with Macromedia, I can proudly say Macromedia is a great company.Back in America, Peter Elst has some similar thoughts:There are apparently some cool MM branded coffee mugs around as well so will definitely have to try my best to get hold of one of those. I can’t wait to see the experts on the ‘antiques roadshow’ talk about the value of all my goodies in 50 years time, I’ll be a wealthy man I tells you. That and the profound inner peace of having worked with the greatest darn bunch of people known to mankind, thank you Macromedia! Obviously, the promos alone aren’t what made employees love Macromedia, but a combination of factors, including using promos and creative ideas like passing blog batons to discuss them, made Macromedia employees feel like they were an important part of the company. Promotional products are tangible items that become a part of employee’s everyday lives and their role in the process shouldn’t be overlooked. Sure, it’s just stuff, and there’s nothing expensive or extravagant on the best of lists I’ve seen, but they’re gifts, and a way of welcoming employees into the Macromedia family. More than just stuff, they convey a thought, and it’s the thought that counts.

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